Skilled-based volunteering allows you to use your talent, abilities, contacts and resources to strengthen a non-profit organization’s work and impact. You use your skills in your jobs every day to benefit yourself.
While volunteering for a non-profit, you use these skills to benefit the ones who need it more but lack the resources, and maybe even the know-how.

The things you must know about Skill-Based Volunteering:

1. You can be the change agent:

Your engagement as a volunteer can drive stronger community impact. When people know of others involved and volunteering for a cause, they tend to join in too.


2. Volunteering helps you become a better version of yourself:

Using your skills at a non-profit can help you build your portfolio and help you grow. It shows that you deploy your skills to the best of your abilities and that you are engaged in something beyond yourself.


3. Be resourceful:

Understaffed non-profits can save their resources; financial as well as time and effort based, and utilize them to impact the cause they stand for. Skilled volunteers, like us, can reduce an NGO’s effort in training resources.


4. Get refreshed:

For the volunteers, skill based volunteering provides a refreshing change of doing what they are already great at. It gives a creative way of applying your skills to benefit the non-profit and its cause.


5. Bridging the gap:

Some bring experience, some bring skills, some bring creative enthusiasm, and some, bring them all. Skilled based volunteers have an ignited mind and can tactfully bridge the cultural and demographic gap that prevails in society.


6. Discovering your hidden talent:

You not only learn to be a better version of yourself but you get a chance to excel in the skills that you thought you never had. You get a chance to discover multiple skills, such as leadership or mentoring individuals. You just have to be open to grab an opportunity that comes your way.


7. You learn more about Management:

Management is an art. There are various aspects during a volunteering experience that need management. When you work with different kinds of people, you have to co-ordinate and manage various expectations to achieve a desired goal set for the program.



You’ve spent time and money honing your skills. It’s a gift. Share them, make a difference. It’s Time to ProEngage.