Volunteering with a non-profit can sound overwhelming. For all the benefits we could bring to someone’s life, we also constantly wonder:

“Will I mess up?”
“Will I have enough time?”
“Am I capable enough?”

What we want you to know is that it is not as intimidating as you think it is. All you need to do is take that first step forward!


The non-profit you volunteer with will appreciate your efforts. What is more important is showing up and having the right attitude. Keeping this in mind, here are a few qualities every non-profit needs their volunteers to have.

1. Be Goal Oriented

Everything we do should work towards the result we want. Always remember; everything you do at a non-profit is aimed at creating a positive impact. This includes campaigns, fund raising, engaging with other volunteers, executing programs and even getting other skilled volunteers to sign up.

So, have an increased sense of purpose and let it guide your actions.

2. Be Passionate

You excel at your work. Now, bring that same passion when you volunteer. Passion is contagious. Thus, it is important to volunteer with a non-profit that you care about and also has need for your skills.


3. Change is the Only Constant

Being dynamic is being ready to adapt to the changes.  Be ready to adapt and find creative ways to get the best out of any situation.

4. Clear Communication

As a volunteer, you must firmly communicate with the Non-Profit regarding the scope of your capabilities and the assistance you expect from them.

5. Player? Yes, Team Player!

Everybody loves a team player. Volunteering involves dealing with different types of individuals. Being friendly, will get you those extra brownie points. Volunteering also helps you become a better team player, both, in your work life and at home.


6. Have an Opinion. Have a Voice, but with respect

Being a team player doesn’t mean that you need to agree with everything that is being spoken. It also doesn’t mean you completely overlook every opinion that the Non-profit has. You are there to share your experience and your expertise. So, have a voice. Bring in new ideas. Share your stories and suggestions. Share meaningful opinions, but with respect

7. Be a Manager and an Artist 

Creative ideas are always a boon. Yet, it needs to be coupled with the ability to plan, organize, execute and get the work done. Having a ‘Get-Stuff-Done’ attitude is the most important quality you need.

8. Selfless Souls are always inspiring 

Being selfless is the key. You volunteer to benefit someone else, not yourself. And whatever you do for the benefit of others helps inspire someone out there to do their bit for society as well.



Volunteering is an experience unlike any other – a combination of excitement, adventure, learning and growth. As skilled working professionals in our field we have immense drive and technological prowess to make a difference.

It is Time to ProEngage!