Sankar Ganesh, Tata Motors

I used to do a lot of volunteering and participate in many social activities. But the ProEngage project with Bhumi changed my perception completely. While being part of this project, I realized there were many pre-activities such as recruiting, orientation, etc. that needed to be done before the volunteering began. The project allotted to me by Bhumi was documentation of volunteer orientation. During the project, the interaction I had with the Bhumi team was quite interesting. The Bhumi team explained the existing process to us (my team partner Janet and I) perfectly. It helped motivate us to take the project forward. Unfortunately, Janet wasn’t able to continue with the project. I had planned to do the documentation exactly how we did it at our organisation. However, I was able to further simplify it for the NGO.

I enjoyed working with the Bhumi team and am looking forward to working on a similar kind of assignment in the future. I would also like to express my gratitude to the Sustainability team of the TATA group for changing my perception about volunteering.