At first you probably wondered what all the fuss was about; then you felt, first hand, the sense of fulfillment everyone talks about after doing a good deed; then there’s the realisation that you never tried this before and now you can’t see why you shouldn’t. Yes, we hear you, Volunteers go through myriad emotions in their journey of giving.

Here’s a quick list of all those moments through TVW that probably hit you right in the feels.

Should I? Or, Shouldn’t I?

For first time volunteers, it is the most important question. It becomes a choice of involvement or observing from the periphery for them. And then, after the plunge, you know it was the right thing to do.

Wooaaaahhhh!!! So much needs to be done here!

Oh yes! You go on the field and you realise how fortunate you are. And how much you can do to change the plight of those you are trying to help.

I am proud of myself!

The feeling of accomplishment seeps in once you have chased the change and got it. That feeling of pride that you were instrumental in bringing about that significant change is something that is unique to you.

Another one? Where? I’m right in.

Another volunteering activity running? Why wasn’t I told about it? I want to participate. Where? When? What needs to be done?

Once you get a taste of volunteer work…you just can’t let it go! You simply have to be a part of another one. Soon

Dude, you have no clue what you are missing out on!

When, your friends say, “Volunteering again? What are you doing, really?”

You give them a misty-eyed look and say, “Dude, you have no clue? Here’s why….”

And the rest is history.

Thank god for my volunteer experience!

This feeling comes in when you recognise the skills you picked up along the way – Leadership, handling pressure, teamwork, co-ordination, empathy and more. Volunteering, helps more than you can imagine.

Oh! But why did it have to end so soon? I could have done more.

And when your day ends at the site, you feel drained. But at the same time, you want more time there. You know in your heart that with a bit more time, you could have done more.

Tata Volunteering Week has now come to an end, officially. In the last few weeks, you – our volunteers – have chased the change you wished to see and I’m sure you’ve felt all of these emotions and more. Think we’ve missed out something on the list? Comment your ‘feelings’ below – we’d love to hear from you.