Nipun Garg, Tata Consultancy Services

Volunteering under Tata ProEngage has been more like trying to simplify complex policies/strategies, design people-friendly policies/strategies and spread happiness to the lives of others.

It was in January 2015 when I got selected for a project under the Tata ProEngage programme. It was a new programme and an orientation session was organised by the Tata Group with the help of an NGO to apprise and sensitise volunteers about the way NGOs work. The orientation session detailed the various levels of volunteering and the huge impact one can make as one progresses towards the topmost level of volunteering.

I was assigned a project to review existing policies and help in the development of new ones for an NGO. I feel that policy changes can have a huge impact on the levels of satisfaction and happiness of people associated with an organisation. It seemed to be a wonderful opportunity to bring positive change in the lives of others through development of people-friendly policies.

Usually on weekends, I used to visit the NGO and interact with their staff to understand their concerns and expectations. Initially, it was a challenge as the staff used to be busy with work and was reluctant to speak up. Gradually, through the encouragement of the Director of the NGO, the staff opened up and we discussed their concerns and expectations. This helped me in preparing the draft for the policies based upon non-discrimination, appraisal, work management, etc.

Later, I came to know that many other funding organizations had expressed a desire to revise the policies of the NGO before they could decide on funding it. There was a sense of achievement and contentment when the NGO staff appreciated my work and told me that they able to garner support from many other funding organizations due to transparent, community-sensitive and people-oriented policies.

Such a gratifying journey; one that has filled my life with happiness!