Gaurav Kumar – Tata Motors Ltd.

Our project had a very specific mission to begin with. We were aiming to train and place 150 disabled youths from Jharkhand into regular employment in the retail industry, within a span of 6 months. We were working under the banner of the Jharkhand Skill Development Mission Society, which is in alignment with the Prime Minister’s Skill India campaign. The Selected youths were required to undergo a 60-day training period in English, Computers, Accountancy, Life Skills and Retail as a vocation. These training programmes were purely residential and no fee was collected from the identified youths.

Through this project, I was able to make a small contribution towards the nation’s growth. ProEngage provided me a great platform to work for the benefit of our society and in the process strengthen my Tata values. The experience was truly enriching and it was indeed a privilege and an honour for me to represent the Tata Group.

HR has always been a challenging division, simply because human behaviour is highly unpredictable. Our motivation was to do something good for the society keeping in mind our Tata values. There were many challenges along the way. During the initial days, attracting, mobilizing and retaining disabled youths proved to be a big challenge. On top of that, the non -profit was located on the outskirts of town. It took us 5 hours to locate and reach it the first time, but we still had difficulty finding our way home. However, in the end it was all worth the effort.

In our busy life, we sometimes forget that our time, words and acts can make a real difference in our society and can bring about loads of happiness and smiles in someone else’s life. The experience was unparalleled and unforgettable. I look forward to the next iteration of ProEngage!