“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” Most people will be familiar with this famous quote. It also happens to be one of our favourites. These words were part of President John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address and they’ve been used to illustrate the impact of clear, crisp and concise communication. They were meant to inspire the American people to contribute towards public service. Sometimes, such strong words are required to drive people towards action; and sometimes not. There’s a part of us, no matter how small, that wants to bring about a positive change; but how?


Skill-based volunteering:


In our busy lives, we barely have enough time for our friends and family, let alone our society. And even if we were to volunteer for change, we wouldn’t know where to begin. That’s what makes skill-based volunteering so different. Unlike traditional volunteering, it doesn’t just ask for your time, but also your expertise. It enables you to leverage your skills and help nonprofits achieve their goals. In the process, you polish your skills and probably learn a few new ones. The format also enables you to use your time in a more meaningful way and embeds in you a sense of pride for helping bring about lasting change.   




ProEngage is one such skill-based volunteering platform launched by the Tata Sustainability Group in December 2014 (International Volunteer Day). It was started for Tata employees, their family members and retired Tata employees to use their skills and expertise to empower nonprofits. Every year, ProEngage showcases its projects on 15th June and 5th December. During each ProEngage cycle, volunteers complete over 80 projects that have a positive impact on our society.  


Radical happiness:
For ProEngage 4, the theme chosen is ‘Radical Happiness’. It’s based on a simple truth, when you do something good you feel good. This year, we hope to embed each Tata employee with the concept of ‘Radical Happiness,’ so they can help spread it further. Are you ready to engage or do you still need strong words to motivate you? If so, then read the first sentence of this article again. We hope you make the right choice and volunteer today.