Navneet Agarwal, Tata Consultancy Services

This column is for anyone who is either entering the ProEngage world as a fresher or is already at some mature level in a Tata Group company. Not to leave anyone who’s interested in knowing the ProEngage world of volunteering and it’s hidden benefits out of it.

I have tried this by using a common character – Path Pradarshak (Named – ‘Aditya’). The same common character acts like a ‘path pradarshak’ or ‘guide’ to all our readers or colleagues.

We update our knowledge and self for a reason, and sometimes without a reason. In this small section/column, you will find some insight to better understand – ‘what you can update in your knowledge and self,’ particularly in your professional world and by additionally contributing as a volunteer.

Everyone updates his/her maturity levels with their observations and experiences. Similarly, Aditya in his professional and ProEngage volunteering world gets to observe and experience different maturity levels. After going through all the work experiences and volunteering events in his career, he reaches the next maturity level.

Updating maturity levels is challenging, because we rarely acknowledge what and how much we can gain from the events in our daily life, or for that matter from helping and supporting others. Knowingly or unknowingly, through different volunteering activities in the areas of “People, Profit and Planet”, Aditya is achieving additional maturity levels.

We all know similar things. At least, this is true for people of the same age and education level. The difference comes only in how we see things based on our different maturity levels, that we gain through our varied experiences.

Then there are things like confidence and patience, which play an important role in our life. We all know the same formula – ‘being confident and patient enough in situations demanding high confidence’. What we tend to forget by default is – whatever efforts we make to bring confidence and patience to demanding situations, we can not match the definition of being confident that comes with age and varied experiences of our life. Even confidence and patience get boosted differently based on our age and maturity gained through our real-life experiences.

We need to remember one thing – whatever comes naturally to us can define us. And whatever we try to control is naturally not desirable.

ProEngage projects help in gaining these real-life experiences, that can boost our maturity and confidence levels. I urge every reader to experience at least one volunteering activity. This will surely boost their maturity and make a difference to how they see the world.