Participate in ProEngage, a part-time, skill-based volunteering programme, which offers you the unique opportunity to contribute your domain expertise and helm exciting projects that can help civil society organisations achieve their goals faster. ProEngaging not only helps you grow as a professional, but also as an individual.
Under ProEngage, TSG provides exciting volunteering projects in areas such as HR, finance, business planning, IT, web design, social media and marketing, mentoring and coaching to help non-profits build and sustain their capacity.
Duration of the activity can range from one to six months and volunteering is mainly during weekends and holidays.
Who all can ProEngage?
Tata Employees    |    Their Family Members     |    Retired Tata Employees
Volunteers who are already engaged with a non-profit in an individual capacity can also route their projects through ProEngage by sharing the project details here.
ProEngage projects require skill-based volunteering and while applying, volunteers must ensure that they possess the requisite skills as per the project details.
Time Investment
Volunteers need to work during their own spare time on weekends, holidays and after-work hours. They will get two working days off from work in a quarter and a total of four working days off for a six-month project, as mutually agreed between the volunteers and their managers, subject to the volunteers’ company’s policy.
How We Go About It?
A number of non-profits have the access and methodologies to carry out their noble deeds, but often fall short when it comes to professional expertise. Being a major industrial group, the Tata group houses some of the best talent and expertise across disciplines.
ProEngage is a platform wherein volunteering projects of non-profit organisations are announced every six months, on 15th June and 5th December. Tata employees, their family members and retired employees can apply to volunteer for a project that matches their skill set. The non-profit reviews the applications, selects the best fit individuals and forms a team for the project.
The duration of projects range from one to six months and the volunteers work with the non-profits on a part-time basis on weekends, holidays and after-work hours. To maximise outcomes, a mandatory orientation workshop is conducted for volunteers and non-profits before the start of the project and their progress on the project is tracked and reviewed. Volunteers are advised to draw out a clear action plan, with a stringent focus on timelines and keeping the objectives in mind.
Role of Tata Sustainability Group
Tata Sustainability Group anchors the entire programme. Its role includes:
Sourcing meaningful projects | Inviting volunteer applications
Conducting orientation workshops for selected volunteers | Periodic tracking throughout the project duration
Awarding certificates to successful volunteers | Documentation and knowledge banking
ProEngage happens twice a year with the two editions kicking off on the 15th of June and 5th of December respectively.