Let’s change the world one volunteer at a time!
ProEngage, is a skill-based volunteering program that enables Tata employees, their family members and retired Tata colleagues to volunteer their time on weekends (mainly Saturdays). They work on structured projects with NGOs, using their business/ managerial skills for one to six months duration.
Volunteers who are already engaged with NGOs in an individual capacity can also route their skill-based projects through ProEngage.
We invite project submissions from June 15 to July 13, 2020
Before submitting the project, please ensure that it meets the following criteria:
You have part time commitment (i.e. on Saturdays, holidays towards the project)
You are using your personal or professional skills (e.g.: Developing a marketing plan, designing an MIS, creating social media presence, updating HR policies, developing a website, conducting dance lessons for beneficiaries, etc.)
Your project duration should be one to six months (i.e. the project should get completed if you work on it for 4-5 hours every Saturday for at least one month and up to a maximum of six months).
Please fill out your project details in the downloadable project format below and email it to us for review at tataengage@tata.com.
We shall add your project to the ProEngage program and you will be auto-assigned as a volunteer to the project.
Download Project Format