Jamsetji Tata’s foresight went far beyond pure business. His spirit of selfless giving and philosophy of constructive philanthropy became a tradition for the group he founded.
While every Tata employee, and Tata company, is distinctive, what binds them is the Tata values and the ethos of giving back to society.
At the Tata Sustainability Group, we believe that the Group's legacy of 'giving back' can best be practised by rolling up our sleeves and being the change that we wish to see in this world. Volunteering is one of the key mechanisms that we have chosen to channelise our most valuable assets, our people, towards societal good.
Over and above directing professional expertise and rich experience towards pressing environmental and social issues, volunteering also enhances social cohesion and strengthens communities.
Tata Sustainability Group set up Tata Engage to institutionalise volunteering across the Group, in a manner whereby its efforts are invested in areas where they are needed the most and planned in such a manner that the outcomes are more fruitful and sustainable.
Tata Engage is a brainchild of the Tata Sustainability Group that introduces and invites people to associate and engage themselves with important causes in order to create a positive impact on the lives of many.
Today, Tata Engage has emerged as a vibrant platform that kindles, nurtures and channelises the volunteering spirit at Tata and amplifies outcomes by
Bringing together
not only Tata employees, but also their families and retired Tata employees
Connecting the volunteers
with not only the causes close to their hearts, but also the NGOs who work towards the cause more competently
Helping employees
to donate not just their time, but also talent to bring about a greater difference
Curating volunteering opportunities
ranging from a one-hour experiential activity to a six-month professional project
Designing programmes
that not only contribute towards community development, but also towards the volunteer's professional and personal growth
To encourage Tata volunteers around the globe to engage with the community by contributing their time and skills.
The Purpose
Help Tata employees, their family members and retired employees identify volunteering opportunities through the three flagship programmes of Tata Engage – Tata Volunteering Week, ProEngage and Volunteering for Disaster Response.
Enable partner non-profits to seek volunteers by uploading requirements through Tata Engage website.
The Programmes
Meet the Tata Engage Team

Shrirang Dhavale
Cluster Head and General Manager
Social Services Cluster

Gauri Rajadhyaksha
Deputy General Manager
Social Services Cluster

Supriya Ramachandran
Social Services Cluster

Bindu Duraikannu
Deputy Manager
Social Services Cluster

Sonia Mascarenhas
Senior Officer
Social Services Cluster