Volunteering Guidelines
Volunteers must act responsibly and sensibly towards the communities
Volunteers must take responsibility for their safety as well as the safety of their family members accompanying them for the volunteering activity
If a volunteer knows that he or she is going to miss or be late for a session, he or she should let the co-ordinator of the organisation know
In case a volunteer wishes to leave a particular programme, then he should give adequate notice to the concerned co-ordinator
Volunteers should treat every individual equally and not discriminate on the basis of age, race, culture, religion, caste, disability, gender or sexuality
Volunteers should not show any kind of affiliation to any religious or political institution
In case any sensitive / personal information is received during volunteering hours, it should be treated as confidential
Volunteers are advised to refrain from making statements to the media / press without express permission of the organisation
Volunteers are advised to take permission of the NGO partner and the beneficiaries before taking photographs at the volunteering venue
Volunteers are advised to avoid smoking at or around the venue of a volunteering activity
Volunteers are advised to maintain proper conduct as they are representing the organisation. They should refrain from any activity that will affect the reputation / image of the company or Tata group