ProEngage is a part-time, skill-based volunteering programme, which offers Tata employees, their family members and retired Tata employees, the unique opportunity to contribute their domain expertise and helm exciting projects that can help NGOs achieve their goals faster.

Most importantly, ProEngage gives volunteers an opportunity to explore or get back in touch with talents they never really got a chance to explore thanks to the daily grind; or get back to hobbies that are an extension of their skills – writing, art and craft, dance, coding – things that get pushed on the back burner due to limitations of time, opportunities or circumstances. Here are some of the biggest reasons why you should ProEngage, all derived from the success stories and recommendations of the volunteers that made ProEngage what it is, today:


1. Allows you to explore your creative side

ProEngage offers many projects where you can actually apply your creative side to help NGOs achieve their goals. For e.g. You could sketch for a children’s story book or write a film script


2. Assists you to use your latent talents

So many of us have been gifted with talents which we hardly get to use in our day to day life. ProEngage gives you an opportunity to utilize these gifts for the betterment of others. For eg. You could conduct dance sessions for children or take photographs and videos


 3. Enables you to fine tune your skills

ProEngage projects make you analyse your skill set and how it can be applied to a different environment. For eg. You could Create a Social Media Strategy or Draft a HR Policy


4. Assists you to be part of a bigger story

For the NGOs, your project is many-a-times implemented across the organisation, leading to a much bigger impact than you could ever imagine. For eg, __developed a website that enabled fund-raising that helped educate more than 1000 under-priviledged children till date!


5. Empowers you to achieve your professional goals

ProEngage projects have been known to hone your leadership, interpersonal and communication skills. Volunteers find that they are able to apply skills gained during ProEngage at the workplace, leading to faster achievement of professional goals!


In addition to adding value to a resume, what ProEngage does do is give volunteers a chance to achieve these many personal goals through interest matched projects.

Wake-up to fresh volunteering opportunities with ProEngage.