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Dear Colleagues ! While thinking of volunteering, an inspiring thought of Swami Vivekananda on 'Serve man as God' strikes to my mind. "The poor, the down trodden, the ignorant – let them be your God" was the path he had showed to his followers. I request all of you to follow the path and volunteer some part of your life for those who require your support.
— Dr. Arup Kumar Chattopadhyay, MD

We are all fortunate for we have all that we require to lead a quality life. But all are not that fortunate like us. There are a plenty in our society, who require a little bit of support from the fortunate ones. You can make a difference in their lives by volunteering a few hours for them. So connect with the society by volunteering for the society. Register in large numbers as a volunteer on
— P. B. Panda, COO

Nothing is more pleasing and beautiful than the smile of a small child. You can play your part to experience the pleasure. You can bring a change in the lives of thousands of children who are deprived of love, affection, education and motivation. Volunteer yourself for showing the path of education and knowledge to the children in the society.
— C. S. Das, EVP & CFO

All of us live for ourselves or for our family members. He who lives a while for others becomes special. It is their service for the society that makes them special.
So be special, be engaged and be connected with the society, connect with a cause. Tata engage gives a platform to volunteer for the society. When each of you come foreward, your combined efforts can definitely make a change.
— Sharad Sharma, EVP (Mktg. Tech. Svs. & ICT)

No Joy can equal the job of serving others. How true this is ! Volunteering is something which comes straight from heart. A volunteer is somebody who cares for others, who devotes time for others and he is the one who develops and cherishes a common bond with others to make things better
— Dr. Tarapada Dash, VP (HR & Admin.)