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Tata in China

The Tata's donate a library to Kulong Elementary School

On March 6, 2014, nine volunteers from Tata Sons and NatSteel Xiamen jointly donated a library to Kulong Elementary School, Zhaoan County, Fujian Province. This is the ninth library donated by Tata companies in China.

Kulong Elementary School, with more than 80 students and 7 teachers, was in urgent need of extracurricular books and library facilities. Understanding their needs, Tata volunteers brought them more than 750 books suitable for students from various age groups, library facilities — including bookshelves, tables and chairs — and educational toys and small gifts. Tata volunteers also helped set up the library, equipping it with tables, chairs and library materials, finally transforming it into a perfect place for students to read and study.

The employees of Tata Sons and NatSteel Xiamen responded actively to the library donation, and nine volunteers participated in the donation. The new library was highly welcomed by local students, who showed great interests in the new books and educational toys brought by the volunteers. These books range from science, to reference books and fiction, teacher's books were also included, which will not only enrich the students' lives, but also help the local teachers to enhance their teaching skills.

In the following engagement session, students and Tata volunteers enjoyed a great time reading together. The students joyfully read their new books under the guidance of the teachers and volunteers. After reading, the students played games with volunteers.

Impressed by the students' enthusiastic response, a Tata volunteer said, "I am so glad to be here, this visit to this rural village elementary school made me think a lot. The children here are smart and eager for knowledge. With poorer facilities and limited reach to studying resources, they couldn't gain abundant knowledge compared to children in urban areas. I hope these books we brought here can open a window for them to the big world outside. We really hope that our efforts can help the students achieve their dreams. "