Company Stories

Tata Coffee

Tata Coffee organised several activities to encourage their employees to volunteer during the Tata Volunteering Week. These included the empowerment of women, education for the blind, spreading awareness about nutrition, and training activities for the segregation of plastics, among many others. These initiatives have helped enrich the lives of not only the beneficiaries but also the volunteers

  • Employees from Tata Coffee organised a training activity of segregation of plastics and explained the importance of an eco-friendly environment at Velonie Tea Estate, Anamallais

Volunteer speak

Kavya and Sajitha shared a few dance steps with students from the Karnataka Welfare Association for the Blind:

Kavya Shetty: A truly memorable experience! People spend their entire life in searching for happiness for themselves. It is sometimes better to see the happiness in helping others. Teaching dance to blind children cannot be explained in words.

Sajitha S Nair: Kindness is the language which the blind can see. It was a wonderful experience in teaching them a few steps. Feeling blessed.