Tata Volunteering Week 16

The power to change the world is in your hand


As the 16th edition of Tata Volunteering Week comes to an end, we cannot help but talk about the overwhelming response that TVW 16 received this year. Launched on September 5, 2021, this edition successfully concluded on October 7, 2021 after a month full of excitement and enthusiasm of give back to the society.

More than 47,000 volunteers contributed their time, efforts and expertise to causes ranging from women empowerment, mentoring and counselling the youth, COVID awareness and precautionary measures, ecological conservation to creating access to education and more. Our volunteers clocked more than 190,000 hours, reaching out to over 100,000 beneficiaries. More than 3,300 volunteering activities were conducted by 35 Tata companies across 100+ cities to support non-profits, orphanages, local self-governments, schools, hospitals, villages and communities.

Activities were structured to engage employees at home and ranged from awareness sessions, workshops, webinars, community visits and more covering a range of issues. Companies also took the initiative to curate on-the-ground activities such as tree plantation and cleanliness drives, food and clothes donation, while keeping all Covid precautionary safety guidelines in mind. The spirit of volunteering shined through as employees across the globe stepped up along with their family members to participate in the activities. This was a special edition as we launched the Tata Engage Volunteering App that helped amplify the power to change the world.

Take a look at all the action by our volunteers on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages and in the TVW16 newsletter (The Daily Vibe).
To continue contributing towards causes close to your heart and become a volunteer, download the Tata Engage Volunteering App or register on www.tataengage.com

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