Tata Volunteering Week 18

Together, we are unstoppable

Alone we can shift a stone, together we can move mountains. When volunteers stand together, great things can happen.

At the Tata group, our volunteers do much more than that. With the Tata Volunteering Week (TVW), we amplify the spirit of giving, where Tata employees, current and retired, as well as their family members come together to engage with communities by contributing to causes close to their heart. These group volunteering activities impact the community at large and bring out the most genuine smiles, while at the same time providing an opportunity to volunteers to share joy.

Launching on 5th September, also observed as the International Day of Charity, Tata Volunteering Week 18 (TVW18), will bring together Tata employees, family members and retirees to volunteer for the greater good.
This edition of TVW will run up to 7th October 2022 and provide a range of unique, company organized virtual and on-ground opportunities allowing volunteers to pick causes close to their heart, gather family members and colleagues and join the volunteering tribe.
Message from the GCSO's desk

This year’s theme is ‘Together, we are unstoppable’ and celebrates the power of collective action of more than 9,00,000 Tata employees.

“Great, when did the Tata group start Tata Volunteering Week?”
Tata Volunteering Week, the event-based volunteering format of Tata Engage was launched on 3rd March 2014 to commemorate the 175th birth anniversary of our founder, Jamsetji Tata.

“I’m intrigued. What’s new this edition?”
TVW 18 brings a host of new and unique activities for Tata employees, current and retired as well as their families. This TVW will acknowledge and celebrate the power of collective action of more than 9,00,000 Tata employees. The theme will focus on coming together and being unstoppable, especially now, when the world needs more and more of care and goodness.

Additionally, the Tata Engage Volunteering App will empower each volunteer to choose causes and NGOs to support, create their own volunteering activities, seek volunteers and participate in any Tata company curated activity.

“Yes, count me in! But where do I start?”
To participate, all you need to download the Tata Engage Volunteering App for android and iStore and browse through the volunteering activities available. You can sign up for any Tata company’s activity and participate in as many as you like, along with your family!

Alternatively, you could browse through the volunteering activities listed on the ‘View Opportunities’ page under TVW on Tata Engage website and get in touch with the contact person of the activity that interests you.

You can also find ideas to put together your own volunteering activity with the ‘DIY Volunteering Guide’ and add the activity on the Tata Engage Volunteering App to get other Tata colleagues to join you.

To find out more about activities being conducted by your company, do reach out to your company volunteering SPOC (Specific Point Of Contact for volunteering).

“How can I report my contribution?”
After you participate in an activity you signed up for on the Tata Engage Volunteering app or website, you can log your hours on the Tata Engage Volunteering App. You can also report your hours to your company SPOC.

So, let’s come together and be the unstoppable change.

Happy Volunteering!

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