Tata Volunteering Week 12


Tata Volunteering Week (TVW) is back with its twelfth edition! From September 5 to October 7, 2019 companies across the Tata group will be offering various volunteering opportunities for employees, family members and retired Tata colleagues.

These activities will range from interacting with children and teach them good habits, conducting road safety awareness and cleanliness drives to planting trees, capacity building of women SHGs and much more. You can view the volunteering opportunities and participate or use the Do-it-Yourself toolkit to plan an activity of your own. There is always something for everybody.

In FY19, we clocked 1.4 million volunteering hours as a group, placing us amongst the top ten corporates in the world in terms of volunteering hours. We need your support to make it even bigger!

If you’re ready to join in, contact your CSR / volunteering team, today! You could also log into your account to view available opportunities in your city and get in touch with the relevant contact person of the activity that interests you. You can participate in any Tata company’s activity, and in as many activities as you like.

You could use the DIY volunteering toolkit if you want to plan something on your own and inspire others.

So, come on, join us and volunteer your way into spreading joy this TVW12.

Click here to view group Chairman’s message on TVW12

Click here to check out how TVW works and join the volunteering wave.

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