About Tata Sustainability Month

Tata Sustainability Month (TSM) is an annual initiative led by the Tata Sustainability Group to deepen the understanding of sustainability among employees across Tata companies. Each June, TSM catalyzes actions and learning about how individuals can significantly impact sustainable development. By focusing on fresh themes and campaigns each year, TSM encourages Tata employees to adopt sustainable habits that foster meaningful changes in both professional and personal realms.

The 2024 Edition

The 2024 edition of Tata Sustainability Month is "Smart LiFE," emphasizing a Smart Lifestyle for Environment inviting Tata employees to take small and decisive steps to imbibe a more sustainable lifestyle. The monthly activities are divided into weekly sub-themes such as Demystifying Sustainability, Decarbonization, Resource Efficiency, and Biodiversity, each offering tailored content and activities that align with Tata's Project Aalingana pillars.

Watch this video to know about TSM 2024

Interested in volunteering during TSM 2024?

Join 1 million + Tata colleagues, family members and retirees to make a direct impact on the community and environment. Participate in a volunteering activity of your choice from the menu below.
  1. Access the ‘Do it yourself ideas’ using the DIY KIT
  2. Participate in company curated activities. Reach out to company CSR/Volunteering SPOCs for more information.
  3. Participate in Tata Engage facilitated “One Tata” volunteering opportunities