An exciting, full pay, six-month, by invitation, volunteering opportunity wherein you will be on a full-time deputation with a non-profit and spearhead a project of significant social importance.
Most of us have an innate desire to make a difference to the world we live in. We wish to contribute in meaningful ways to society, beyond just financial donations. But meaningful change demands sustained engagement and focus. Thus more often than not, this fervour to 'do good' gets put on a back burner because factors such as work hours, deadlines, deliverables and professional growth take precedence.
Society ends up losing the services of competent professionals who through their skills and expertise can herald accelerated change.
To remedy this anomaly, Tata Sustainability Group has launched Engage+, a platform wherein selected employees with the requisite professional skills and experience, will be awarded a full-time deputation for up to 6 months, to lead an important non-profit project and bring it to successful completion.
During this period you will be actively mentored by an eminent domain expert - someone from the senior management of the Tata group or a veteran from the industry. Thus not only will you be leveraging your professional expertise for a lasting social cause, you will also grow as a professional.
Who Can Volunteer?
Must possess professional skills as required by the project
Should be a permanent employee of a Tata group company
Must have minimum five years of total experience and should be associated with the Tata group for at least three years
The eligible employees will be invited individually through email
The employees who receive an invite, need to apply through a specified form (available with company HR / CSR)
TSG will review the applications and shortlist the candidates. The shortlisted candidates will undergo two rounds of interviews
The chosen volunteers will undergo an intensive orientation workshop
Career Growth and Appraisal
To ensure that Engage+ volunteers continue to enjoy their deserved career growth, the volunteering project will form an integral part of their annual appraisal.
Volunteers shall have the privilege of being actively mentored by an eminent domain expert - someone from the senior management of the Tata group or a veteran from the industry
As part of the mentoring process, the mentor will conduct a mid-project review in January 2016 and provide constructive feedback to the volunteer
On completion of the project, the volunteers will have the platform to present their achievements during the project to a panel consisting of representatives from TSG and Tata Trusts as well as the NGO partner
Based on the inputs received from the mentor at the mid-project review and the performance as per the final presentation, a rating will be determined
This rating will be shared with the company HR and will be considered for the volunteer's annual performance appraisal and bonus
Role of Tata Sustainability Group
Tata Sustainability Group anchors the entire program. Its role includes:
Sourcing meaningful projects | Centralised marketing campaign | Provision of individual communication units
Application review | Facilitating mentors | Candidate selection for individual projects
Periodic tracking throughout the project duration | Managing post-project support | Documentation and knowledge banking
Will be launched soon.