Responding to communities in need, post disasters, has been an integral part of the Tata tradition and continues to strengthen the group's legacy of leadership with trust, today, tomorrow and beyond. The Tata group possesses a vast workforce, across geographies, with staggering breadth of expertise and functional competence. The varying competencies and capabilities of our people are of great significance when disaster strikes.
In an effort to maximize the group’s potential of responding efficiently to a disaster situation, Tata Sustainability Group is training a new cadre of Disaster Response Core Volunteers from across Tata companies.
Who Is A Core Volunteer?
A Tata employee who will be called upon on priority as a volunteer, when the Tata group responds to a disaster.
They will be -

  • Trained Tata employees deployed for at least a week to ten days on ground, for a Tata disaster response
  • A core team member working with trained Project Managers from the Tata group to set up systems and carry out relief efforts
Want To Be A Core Volunteer?
Tata Sustainability Group will be hosting a series of Disaster Response Core Volunteer Trainings across cities. A one-day training for selected core volunteers to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out relief efforts in disaster affected areas under the guidance of a trained Disaster Response Project Manager.
Watch this space for upcoming training programmes and nominate yourself for the city that suits you best.
What Does It Take To Be A Core Volunteer?
  • A Tata employee, currently working in a Tata company
  • Registered as a volunteer on the Tata Engage platform (www.tataengage.com)
  • Willing to be deployed within 48 hours for a period of 7-10 days on-ground
  • Physically fit and able to work under stressful conditions for long hours
If you fulfill all the above criteria, feel free to nominate yourself. We will get back to you if you are amongst the shortlisted candidates.
To explore the opportunity, click on your preferred ‘Upcoming Trainings’ below
Upcoming trainings

Limited seats! Selection on first come-first served basis.
You could also apply, through email. Write to tataengage@tata.com with the following details:
Body of email: Name | Designation | Company | City | State | Date of Birth | Gender | Mobile number
For more information, write to sumedh.patil@tata.com | ipsita.das@tata.com