Tata Volunteering Week 8
The eighth edition of Tata Volunteering Week (TVW8), begins on 5th September 2017, and will end on 7th October, 2017. TVW8 offers a range of company-organized volunteering opportunities for all Tata group employees, their family members and retirees from across the globe. If you’re a newbie to volunteering – join in this edition. Everyone’s already doing it, now it’s your turn
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Skill based volunteering
Projects under the sixth edition of ProEngage, the skill-based volunteering format under Tata Engage, were offered on 15th June, 2017. ProEngage 6 offered over 220 projects across 35 cities and 100 non-profit partners. By the time applications closed on 7th July 2017, we received over 715 applications from Tata employees and family members. Currently, the volunteer selection process is going on and selected volunteers will be intimated on July 13, 2017.
A full-time, full-pay
volunteering option
With exciting, six month paid deputation volunteering projects to offer, this is the most ambitious of all Tata Engage programmes and is slated to be launched in the near future.
Open Volunteering
Launching Soon
Open Volunteering shall offer a platform to connect volunteers with volunteering opportunities available at various non-profit organisations throughout the year.
Tata Engage
KAPIL Dev | Titan Company
Volunteering At Jaundice Homeopathic Center Chandni Chowk Delhi-110006 ( Kapil Sharma)
Renjith Rajan | Indian Hotels
Session on Risks involved with poor diet, unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise
Renjith Rajan | Indian Hotels
Health Check Up
Nitin Singh Thakur | Tata Power
An evening well spent at Orphanage
Anusha Dubey | Indian Hotels
Soap for Hope