ProEngage is a skill-based volunteering program that enables volunteers to lend their skills & expertise to non-profits and communities for capacity building in specialized functions like HR, Finance, Business Planning, Marketing, Resource Mobilisation etc. It was launched on 5th December 2014 (International Volunteer Day)

TSG sources projects through non-profits and makes them available on the Tata Engage website twice a year, 15th June and 5th December respectively. Registered Tata Engage users (including family members and retirees) can apply for projects of their interest.

The duration of projects ranges from one to six months and the volunteers work in groups of 2 or more with the non-profits on a part-time basis on weekends. These volunteers are typically from different Tata companies with complimenting skill sets to help achieve the project outcomes. ProEngage, volunteers from different companies work on the same project for 6 months, and become lifelong friends, not just with each other, but also the non-profit team. To maximise outcomes, volunteers are provided a half-day orientation and their progress on the project is tracked. Volunteers are advised to draw out a clear action plan, with a stringent focus on timelines and objectives in mind. They are also encouraged to provide sustainable solutions to non-profits through their volunteering effort.

ProEngage 6 will be launched on 15th June 2017. Tata employees, their family members and retired Tata colleagues can apply for a project of their choice from 15th to 30th June 2017.

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