Volume No. 16      
  Kids’ carnival Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Kolkata
TSPDL celebrated its Flagship Event- Kids’ Carnival with the children of two organizations – Udbhas and Jhamapukur Sri Sri Ramakrishna Sangha. The program began with welcoming all the children dressed up in colourful jerseys followed by the inauguration ceremony by VP operations with an inspiring address to all the children. A filling breakfast was served to the children, followed by the various sports events organised for all of them. All the children participated enthusiastically and winners were given prizes. A football match for the boys and a musical chair event for the girls rounded up the sports program. After a sumptuous lunch, an energetic magic show was conducted for the children. Children enjoyed the magic show and were amused to see the magic tricks performed by the magician. The event concluded with gifts distribution to all the children.
  Preparing water feeders for birds Tata Communications  |  Chandigarh
Volunteers from Tata Communications, Chandigarh celebrated World Sparrow Day by preparing water feeders for birds. These feeders will be handed over to schools and will be maintained by school children as a community project. Around 40 volunteers participated in the activity along with their family members.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Communications  |  Hyderabad
Tata Communications' volunteers from Hyderabad visited an old age home and helped the staff to cook and serve food to the aged people. The volunteers also engaged with the senior citizens through music and games, bringing smiles to their faces.
  Friendly cricket match for children Tata Communications  |  Bangalore
Volunteers from Tata Communications, Bengaluru organized a cricket match with visually impaired cricketers to celebrate International Day of Happiness. Despite having the advantage of sight, the team of volunteers lost the match, learning the spirit of turning one's disadvantage into strength.
  Interaction with children Tata BlueScope Steel  |  Jamshedpur
12 volunteers went to Bagunhatu Ho Samaj wherein they interacted with the small children and their parents. They spent time with the kids by listening to their poetries, playing quizzes and discussing on importance of education and going to school. The kids themselves were very excited and answered enthusiastically about the good habits and value they learnt in school. The activity concluded with distributions of notebooks, stationaries and chocolates for the kids.
  Road safety awareness Tata BlueScope Steel  |  Jamshedpur
7 volunteers of Tata BlueScope Steel went to ARG club, Bagunhatu for spreading awareness on Road safety. The club members are mostly young boys aged between 15-25 yrs. The Safety officers happily volunteered for this activity and made them aware and educate on safe driving, following traffic rules and the road accidents statistics. They discussed the causes of the road accidents and made them aware and sensitized that most of the accidents today occur due to use of cell phones while driving, not wearing helmet, rash driving and drunken driving, which sheer lack of awareness, negligence and least respect for life. They discussed the fatalities in accidents concerning two-wheelers and the importance of wearing helmet. The boys were encouraged to share and spread the road safety awareness with their near and dear ones. After the session some refreshments were arranged for all the members of the club.
  Awareness drive Tata Global Beverages  |  Bangalore
World Tuberculosis Day was observed at the Kellyden Estate and Polypack. The Senior Medical Officer of the Estate came to the Polypack and gave a talk to the workers on TB illness. The discussion covered Its symptoms and early signals for prevention and detection along with the social stigma associated with the illness & need to voluntary declare the illness. The officer also shared preventive and eradication steps available and regular medication / diet to be observed.
  Sharing happiness Ginger Hotels  |  Bangalore
The employees distributed butter milk to the general public to help them stay cool in the heat of the city.
  Cleanliness drive Rallis India  |  Lote
Volunteers including contract workers from Rallis India, Lote Unit undertook a cleaning drive at MIDC Lote Industrial Belt. They cleaned roadsides of Lote Industrial belt and collected four bags of waste from the road side.
  Conducting sports activity Rallis India  |  Lote
Eight volunteers of Rallis Lote unit organized a physical fitness and sports activity at Municipal Ground, Chiplun. All the volunteers demonstrated practical exercises for the boys and took part in football and cricket match with them.
  Visit to a hospital Ginger Hotels  |  Jamshedpur
A team of 20 Volunteers from Ginger Hotel Jamshedpur visited the Meherbai Cancer hospital. Volunteers engaged with patients and their families and spread awareness about cancer and distributed fruit packets.
  Health check-up camp Rallis India  |  Mumbai
Rallis Volunteers organized a health check-up camp at Kelcha Mal near Chirner, Uran. 6 volunteers participated in the camp helping the team of doctors for registration of the villagers, taking weight, height and age. 70 villagers took the benefit of this camp.
  Blood donation camp Ginger Hotels  |  Mangalore
Around 50 donors took part in the blood donation camp organised in the hotel. This activity was organised in partnership with Red Cross Society.
  Visit to an orphanage Ginger Hotels  |  Mangalore
The volunteers visited Bhagini Samaj, an orphanage and engaged themselves in cleaning the entire outside areas, served snacks, drinks & packaged dinner for the 45 children. Games were organised for children & a cultural program with many group/ individual dance performances by the staff’s brought smiles & laughter on all the children faces.
  Education awareness session Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
Group of volunteers from the technical services conducted the session with chief education officer to strengthen the quality of education through school assessment framework having grading and other school engagement activities to map the school bench strength. Volunteers also interacted with the community health ambassadors working as Bed side assistant in the hospital/clinic after undergoing skill training.
  Water awareness session Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
Quality team under the leadership of the quality head Pantnagar plant conducted community meeting and home visit to create awareness about the safe drinking water. 12 senior volunteers from the quality department held participatory meeting with tribal community of the Bhookshora village and also conducted home visit to have first-hand information about the water management and practices.
  Interaction with girls Ginger Hotels  |  Mysore
Volunteers from Team Ginger Mysore visited the “Government Children’s Home for the Girls” which is located at Lalith Mahal Road Mysore. Volunteers gave a motivational speech on exam preparation. Volunteers explained different tactics on stress management, shared tips for easy preparation on the subject. Volunteers also explained about Cleanliness, Hygiene, Road Safety, Food Safety etc. Students enjoyed the session and found it very useful. They played games with the little children there such as lemon & Spoon, fast walk etc.
  Visit to a school Tata Motors  |  Pune
A team of 63 volunteers from Gear Factory under the guidance of senior leaders visited Jagruti School for Blind Girls at Alandi and contributed INR 13000/- to the school.
  Awareness on clean drinking water Tata Projects  |  Hyderabad
Tata Projects, Hyderabad has taken an initiative on creating awareness on health, hygiene, water and sanitation in the RO plant installed village to make a positive contribution to the society. This program helped in creating awareness to the rural community who are partially aware of Safe drinking water related to health and clean sanitation. Volunteers has taken door to door feedback from the beneficiaries in the prescribed format on the utilization of RO purified water. A total of 52 volunteers participated in the program and impact came out in and around of 4,800 members approx. in two different villages.
  Health awareness session Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
A group of 11 dedicated volunteers including company officials & family members organized a successful health awareness program in the village of Lahanda, Joda Block, Odisha. Around 50 village ladies from nearby villages attended the program. The volunteers stressed the need for female health & hygiene for betterment of society. Sanitary napkins provided by Vidya Shakti Niyas, women's voluntary wing of Tata Sponge, were distributed among the present ladies. VSN also felicitated women who recently opted for family planning.
  Environment awareness session Tata Technologies  |  Bangalore
5 enthusiastic volunteers from Tata Technologies visited Champion Girls Home in Bengaluru and spent 2 hours to create environmental awareness among school children and do creative work with plastic bottles making plant vas, dustbins etc.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.