Volume No. 12      
  Hygiene awareness session Rallis India  |  Lote
Volunteers arranged an awareness session on hand wash and personal hygiene for associates. They explained the importance of personal hygiene and proper hand wash to keep oneself healthy, neat and clean. The team also conducted a practical session on proper hand washing & personal hygiene.
  Promoting livelihood through tribal tourism Rallis India  |  Mumbai
A women tour was arranged to promote livelihood through tribal tourism. Village ladies welcomed our group with haldi kumkum.Women group have visited village and have seen water availabilities through well & jalkunda. Women group have interacted with tribal women and students of the village. Volunteers played lezim with the students and played various games like lemon & spoon, fugdi. Volunteers have distributed solar lights to villagers. All volunteers had delicious lunch with the villagers. Volunteers have learned the varli art from villagers .Event ended with tarpa dance with tribal women.
  Fun games for children Rallis India  |  Panvel
Volunteers visited Kolkhe village near Panvel and conducted some fun games for tribal children. Students were very excited to play games like by watching the picture, make the spelling of that picture with the help of plastic cubes, various additions, subtractions through picture cards, arranging the puzzles.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
TCL employees and family members visited the Chandra Bhaga settlement near Dwarka and organised a cleanliness drive. This site features an archealogical monument and a temple nearby and is frequented by tourists. Volunteers collected plastic and other wastes and swept the area clean.
  Visit to a school Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
TCL volunteers and family members visited the Ashram school, a residential school, at Vachhu village near Mithapur and spent time with the students. All 153 students were gifted a set of steel plate, bowl and spoon. Volunteers also organised a prayer meeting and talk on self-development and party games.
  Habitat improvement for wildlife Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
The coastal sand dunes at Mithapur provides habitat for a varied wildlife species. The intensity of coastal erosion here has been rising over the last few years. A program for stabilization of coastal sand dunes and wildlife habitat improvement was launched by Tata Chemicals volunteers and family members. Work for plantation of local species of Euphorbia cactus was initiated as part of this drive and this will continue through the week. This cactus provides refuge to reptile and bird species which form a prey base for raptors and carnivores.
  Donating meals Tata Communications  |  Mumbai
More than 100 volunteers from Tata Communications made, packed and delivered 620 refreshment boxes in Mumbai. These boxes were distributed to young community children and students from a municipal school during their lunch break. The idea was to provide a nutritious and healthy meal to the children.
  Making bird nests Tata Communications  |  Mumbai
26 volunteer and family members from Tata Communications, Mumbai participated in a Mangrove Trail and bird nest making activity at the Pirojsha Godrej Marine Ecology Centre. They were accompanied by 55 school children from a municipal school as they walked through one of Mumbai’s most unique ecosystem. After the trail, the group made bird nests which will be put in the school premises.
  Awareness on women safety Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Chennai
Women employees of TCE Chennai visited ITI and conducted programs on women safety and awareness. Women self-defense techniques were practically demonstrated to the students and the teachers of ITI. Students and teachers enthusiastically volunteered and performed them. Safety tips while travelling, handling social media etc., were discussed with the students to create awareness and to provide an idea as to how to tackle such situations. A safety quiz on women awareness was conducted. The school members and the staff members were interactive throughout the program and requested TCE to provide such sessions very often.
  Blood donation camp Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Delhi
Tata Consulting Engineers, Delhi in collaboration with Rotary Blood Bank, Noida organized a blood donation camp in Green Boulevard Campus, Noida. There was an overwhelming response and 45 units of blood was donated against expectation of 25 units of blood. Donors were very happy.
  Visit to a village Tata Motors  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from Technical Services, TML Jamshedpur visited Tupudang Village. The team has adopted village Tupudang as a part of “Lab to Land” project and reviewed the progress of Bee Keeping projects at beneficiary’s houses. On this occasion they also distributed new boxes to women SHG members to expand their bee keeping project.
  Health awareness session Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
Group of girls volunteers from the paint shop visited the One Stop Center catering the services of the women’s in area like health, medical and other support during the time of crisis. Girls volunteers interacted with centre team and understood the scope of services to replicate the model and support the destitute women’s. The learning and the exposure of the center helped the volunteers to reach the slum area. Girls also volunteered their time to slum women training center.
  Promoting rural handicraft Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
Head HR along with his team members shared the volunteering time to support the rural tribal women products by providing sales technique, coordination and feedback for the quality product during the kishan mela held at Pantnagar. The post feedback of the product collected by the volunteers helped the tribal group to enhance the quality and variant of the product for the customer. 45 volunteers in three day kishan mela participated and share their feedback to the group and also purchased the product for the economic upliftment of these groups.
  Teaching young children Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
Group of volunteers from the ER and Time office department of the Tata Motors participated in the school teaching session at the government schools. The volunteers taught them the concept clarity in the subject like maths, science and shared the thoughts over civic science.
  Blood donation camp Tata Motors  |  Pune
Tata Motors Pune, GDC team arranged a blood donation camp wherein 70 colleagues from GDC donated blood.
  Visit to a village Tata Motors  |  Pune
A team of 57 volunteers from E Block Factory visited Dehugaon. The team cleaned the banks of Indrayani river and collected 75+ bags of waste for disposal. The volunteers appealed the villagers to maintain cleanliness around the river banks and support wholeheartedly to the country’s “Swachh Bharat Mission”. Volunteers from Kalasagar team enacted a skit on “Save the Girl Child” in the village market. The skit was greatly appreciated by the audience.
  Medical check-up camp Tata Motors  |  Pune
114 people from Chinchwad Plant team visited Chandar Pathar in Velhe district. The team organized a medical camp in a tribal area. They conducted medical checkup of more than 300 villagers. The team has also distributed 200 Sarees.
  Drawing competition Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
Udaan team organized a drawing competition for children in an orphanage. Around 40 residents participated. They distributed crayon colors, pencils, erasers and drawing sheets. The residents were encouraged to draw the “Village scenery”.
  Health awareness session Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
A team of 18 volunteers of Tata Sponge Iron Ltd., including Officers and family members of employees, visited Basudevpur Girls’ High School and conducted an awareness session on Menstrual Hygiene and efficacy of using Sanitary Napkins. The volunteers briefed the students, who were from the rural areas, on Menstruation, ensuring proper hygiene during the period, use of sanitary napkins, its disposal, etc. The volunteers also interacted with the students to clear their individual doubts on the subject. At the end of the session sanitary napkins were distributed to the 125 students of the school.
  Visit to a medical centre Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Kolkata
A group of volunteers from TSPDL visited Tata Medical Centre, Rajarhat, Kolkata. Volunteers donated blood during their visit. They spent time with children suffering from cancer residing at "Premashraya", a patient care centre of the hospital. A drawing competition along with screening of cartoon movies were organized for the children. Refreshments were distributed among the children at the end of the program.
  Helping farmers Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
The villagers with the support of Tehsil office identified a community land, where 2100 hybrid mango saplings were planted jointly by the villagers and Tata Sponge volunteers. 10 volunteers from Tata Sponge went to Sankarpur Mango Plantation and discussed with villagers regarding formation of a Committee, future plan, marketing and maintenance of plantation etc.
  Visit to a university Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
Two volunteers visited ICFAI UNIVERCITY and addressed the MBA students to motivate them to pursue a career in the hospitality sector.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Kolkata
TSPDL volunteers visited Premdaan, a Centre which is managed & run by the Missionaries of Charity. Premdaan primarily houses destitute from the streets of Kolkata & around. The volunteers spend quality time with the residents, talked to them, laughed with them & listened to their stories. They also helped with cleaning of the walkways, drying the clothes, making the beds of the inmates and tending to their needs. Team TSPDL had carried goodie bags consisting of biscuits, juice, wafers and chocolate. The volunteers also helped in serving lunch to the people and helped in feeding them.
  Linen donation Ginger Hotels  |  Manesar
A team of 12 Volunteers from Ginger Hotel Manesar donated hotel linen to the needy people in slum areas of IMT Manesar. Young children along with their parents were very happy to receive hand towels, bath towels and bed sheets.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.