Cleanliness drive Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Mumbai
For the 6th consecutive year, TCE Mumbai organized a cleanliness drive on Juhu Beach in Mumbai. Post Ganapati Visarjan, the beach was filled with waste materials abandoned after the celebrations and the washed-up fragments of the immersed idols were strewn across the beach. 18 TCE employees helped to clean the beach and put in great efforts to unearth and respectfully dispose of the idol fragments.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
80 Volunteers of Tata Power – DDL in association with NGO partner conducted Nukkad Naatak on Safety Awareness; Session on Legal Rights for Senior Citizens, Health Talk and Nutrition Awareness, Consultation, BP and random sugar checking for 120 beneficiaries at an old age home.
  Blood donation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Thane
9 volunteers came forward to donate blood for a good cause. The blood collected will be given to a blood bank that helps patients in need.
  Health and hygiene awareness session Tata Global Beverages  |  Bangalore
12 volunteers from the TGBL Bangalore office visited Lakshmipuram Village in the Kuppam district of the Andhra Pradesh. Health and Hygiene awareness program was conducted to promote health and hygiene and raise awareness about good hygiene habits such as washing hands, taking bath every day, cutting nails once in a week, using a toilet for defecation and adopting safe drinking water practices. A quiz was conducted amongst children on health and hygiene topics and rewarded them with the stationary kit as a prize. In addition, they also distributed solar lanterns for some families who do not have access to electricity.
  Energy conservation sensitization session Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Tata Power-DDL volunteers organized sensitization sessions for the students of 11 different government schools of North & North-West Delhi. The topics of the sessions were energy & resource conservation, climate change, electrical safety and tree plantation. Ethics and moral values were also covered in these sessions. The students whole-heartedly and enthusiastically participated and pledged to conserve energy for a greener planet.
  Fire and electrical safety awareness Tata Metaliks  |  Kharagpur
A training programme on Fire safety and domestic electrical safety was organized by the employees of Tata Metaliks wherein 150 students participated.
  River bank cleanliness drive Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Pune
TCE Pune conducted a cleanliness drive at Mutha River Ghats near Deccan-Bhide bridge in Pune. 15 volunteers including senior management contributed their time and effort to help clean up.
  Blood donation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Pantnagar
12 Volunteers from Ginger Hotel Pantnagar visited Jawahar Lal Nehru District Hospital, a government hospital where they explained the importance of blood donation and collected the donated blood. The camp witnessed inflow of over 12 enthusiastic volunteers. Due to varied health precautions, only 10 volunteers were found eligible to donate blood. The two & half hours long activity was a demonstration of complete dedication to save lives.
  ‘Save the girl child’ awareness Tata Metaliks  |  Kharagpur
Tata Metaliks organized a rally on ‘Save the girl child’ in Kunjochak village, Kharagpur, West Bengal. 38 volunteers participated and made the villagers aware.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Faridabad
A cleanliness drive was carried out by a team of 25 volunteers of Ginger Faridabad. They cleaned around the hotel side road. Passers-by encouraged the activity. A total of 55 kg of garbage was collected.
  Dental check-up camp The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
A Dental check-up camp for students of Kg to STD VII of Tinplate Khalsa Middle School was organized. A ex dental surgeon from CMC Vellore examined all students. Dental health conditions of nearly 150 students were captured which would subsequently be sent to their parents to seek medical attention of those children having severe dental problem. The medical team along with volunteers from TCIL participated in the program by providing support service and explaining to student’s good dental health practices & oral hygiene. A set of dental kit was provided to each student free of cost.
  Mentoring young girls Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
Volunteers from different offices participated voluntarily in school connect drive to counsel and mentor the girl’s students for better education. 65 volunteers participated and conducted activities like Clean India Clean School, English essay competition, personal hygiene and sanitation awareness campaign, scientific temperament logical test and counselling to scholarship awardee students Government Girls High School, Shantipuri.
  Visit to a school Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Employees from Katamati Iron Mines visited Kuldum primary school and interacted with the students. They distributed cooking utensils for mid-day meal kitchen. The team also served food to the children.
  Blood donation camp Tata Business Support Services  |  Mumbai
The Airoli office saw over 55 Tata BSS employees donating their blood. The camp received an overwhelming number of volunteers. The volunteers felt very happy to help someone is unfortunate circumstance in urgent requirement of blood.
  Health check-up camp for women Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Taking a step towards healthy mother and child, an antenatal check-up camp for all pregnant women was organised at Bhelgada village. Doctors and staff of Central hospital volunteered their time for the same.
  Blood donation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Mumbai
The team conducted a blood donation drive which was centered on helping the children who are suffering from Thalassemia Syndrome. To support this cause, the team collaborated with Sarthak Foundation, who helps these children undergo their treatment without any obstruction. Thalassemia children need blood transfusion every 15-20 days. Volunteers at the corporate office enthusiastically supported this cause by donating blood which would be helpful to 150+ children.
  Career counselling session Tata Business Support Services  |  Ambala
Tata BSS Manager -Collections along with his family members gave career counseling to over hundred students in Ambala. The students were happy to have them over for the session. Moreover, they also took teacher’s training session on effective communication. The teachers all gave very positive feedback on the session.
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Mangalore
Around 41 team members actively took part in planting saplings thereby contributing towards environmental sustainability.
  Visit to a school Tata Coffee  |  Hyderabad
A team of Tata Coffee visited a government residential school, Toopran. The team of 14 volunteers shared knowledge on hygiene and cleanliness in the daily life. The students participated in the session by clarifying their doubts and queries on hygiene in daily routine. After the program, all the volunteers along with 124 of school children cleaned the school campus.
  Water conservation awareness Rallis India  |  Lote
A group of 5 volunteers of Rallis India Lote Unit visited Chirney village of Lote Gavthan. They conducted an awareness session on water conservation, utilization of natural resources, hydro-power generation project, paddy cultivation and vegetable cultivation for the villagers and farmers. The team explained the importance of loose boulder structures and how to store the natural and rainwater in the same area so that this can be recharged to the ground and also be used for cultivation purpose of vegetables in the paddy field.
  School education drive Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
55 volunteers participated in the school education activity at Primary School, Tanda Forest Pantnagar. The volunteers engaged students in fun educational activities and rewarded the students in various events category for their spirit and performance.
  Personal hygiene awareness Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from West Bokaro collieries visited Dr B R Ambedkar School and took an awareness session on personal hygiene. The team also interacted with the students and provided them career guidance tips.
  Library day Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
Volunteers conducted a library day in the government school. Volunteers helped students read books. The enthusiastic students exhibited their talent by sharing their thoughts through poems, songs and book readings.
  Drug De-addiction Camp Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
16 volunteers of Tata Power – DDL organised a Drug De addiction Camp at Rohini, Delhi in association with NGO partner. Volunteers have visited to nearby JJ clusters/ Communities to spread information about activity and mobilise 170 beneficiaries and provide medicine and consultation from de addiction team. Cured beneficiaries also attended the program and shared their personal experiences to motivate new beneficiaries into kicking the habit.
  Visit to an orphanage Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Ranchi
11 volunteers of Tata Power-DDL have visited Aanchal Sishu Ashram (orphanage) at Ranchi, Jharkhand. Volunteers spent quality time with children and have contributed some food items & books.
  Plastic Trash Removal from Mangrove Zone Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
TCL has taken-up a comprehensive program known as "Dharti Ko Arpan" (Giving Back to Mother Earth) for conservation and strengthening of coastal and marine ecosystems and as a part of this initiative, a program for removal of plastic trash from the mangrove zone was organised at Mithapur. This plastic trash is brought down by the tidal waters of the Arabian sea and it gets deposited into the mangrove zone here. Plastic waste is a global problem and much of it ends up in the sea polluting our marine and coastal environment. There is urgent need to create mass awareness regarding this menace and involve communities in controlling the same. The purpose of the program at Mithapur was to create awareness on the importance of coastal wetland in sustaining native and migratory waterfowl and to involve TCL employees and family members in protecting the same. Retired employees too joined the program.
  Awareness on food safety and cleanliness The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
The CSR team of TCIL took the initiative to create awareness among the parents of Pre- nursery students of the C.D Centre on how to inculcate good eating habits amongst the toddlers. The motive of the program was to make the parents understand the necessity of providing healthy food instead of the ready-made junk foods which are easy and handy to prepare. The Dy. Officer, CSR along with other volunteers addressed the parents and made them understand the importance of clean and healthy food.
  Blood donation camp Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Ranchi
11 volunteers of Tata Power - DDL, in association with Indian Red Cross Society, organized blood donation camp at Red Cross Blood Bank, Ranchi, Jharkhand. The camp had a registration of 11 motivated and enthusiastic employees of which 9 units of blood was collected. Tata Power-DDL is a corporate donor of Indian Red Cross Society and have been recognized regularly for the contributions made by the employee volunteers in saving lives in distress.
  Plantation drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
A team of volunteers from Tata technologies organized a tree plantation drive at Ghorawadeshwar village land near Pune. The volunteers also created awareness amongst villagers about the importance of green areas.
  Visit to an orphanage Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
The Plant Head, Tata Motors along with other senior officials visited an orphanage. They interacted with the children. Some of the girls exhibited good performance in sports, exams and other ECA activity and were felicitated by the volunteers.
  Blood donation drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies CSR Team organized a blood donation drive at four locations and ended the drive collecting 270 blood units from location employees.
  Quiz competition Ginger Hotels  |  Jamshedpur
A team of eight volunteers of Ginger Jamshedpur held a quiz competition for the children of Andhara Bhakta Shreeram Mandiram High School. It was a very good interactive session with all the students and teachers. In the end, winners were rewarded.
  International literacy day celebration Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Around 600 volunteers of Tata power – DDL in association with ABHAs and Women Literacy Centres Instructors and 2405 beneficiaries participated in awareness rallies at various locations in North and North West Delhi. Volunteers went into the communities to spread awareness on literacy and its positive impact on their quality of life and economy wellbeing.
  Blood donation camp Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
LD#3 organised a blood donation camp with the help of Jamshedpur Blood Bank. A total of 71 volunteer donated blood for a noble cause.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.