Update No. 22      
  Sports and cultural events for children Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Pantnagar
At Doodhiya Baba Chhatravaas, a daylong event was organised where the girls of Banvaasi Kanya Chhatravaas and Dudhiya Baba Chhatravaas participated in various sports and cultural events. Ms. Prema, member of Chhatravaas coordinated the events, along with the volunteers from TSPDL. Volunteers of TSPDL spent their day with kids, encouraged the children at the time of competitions, cheered them up and talked to them about their future aspirations. All the girls participated in the events with full energy and enthusiasm.
  Blood donation camp Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
Members of Ginger Hotel Agartala visited ILS Hospital and donated blood. The team members of ILS were very excited & happy. The activity concluded with a small refreshment session for all.
  Donation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Guwahati
Ginger Guwahati Team conducted a donation drive and then 7 volunteers visited Saraswati Bagdhwani Prashikshyan Kendra. They donated linens, fruits and chocolates for the children.
  Visit to an old age home Ginger Hotels  |  Guwahati
A Team of 9 Volunteers of Ginger Guwahati visited Mother Old age Home, The volunteers donated linens and fruits to the senior residents. The team also interacted and spend some time with them.
  Soft skill training Ginger Hotels  |  Guwahati
Ginger Guwahati Team undertook Soft Skill Development of the students of Sankardev Sishu Vidya Niketan (Government School) in Hengrabari.
  Visit to a shelter home Ginger Hotels  |  Noida
The volunteers visited a shelter home ‘AASRA’ of Salaam Baalak Trust. They spent time with the children and distributed stationary kits for 61 kids.
  Say no to honking awareness Ginger Hotels  |  Noida
The team created awareness on ‘No honking’. They made creatives displaying the odds of honking. Leaflets were also given to locals requesting them not to honk, until it’s necessary to do so.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Noida
Clean India Awareness drive was conducted to motivate the nearby small shops to maintain the cleanliness of areas in & around the shop. All the participants took pledge to keep the areas in and around hotel clean and also to make others aware for doing the same.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Chennai
The volunteers conducted a cleanliness drive at Tiger Caves.
  Plantation drive Indian Hotels  |  Faridabad
A plantation drive was conducted at Vivanta by Taj- Surajkund. Different types of plants were planted in the hotel’s lawn. Team members of different departments joined in to be part of the CSR activity. The aim of this activity was to create a sense of responsibility towards the environment. They took a pledge to keep the environment healthy and keep planting. The objective of the imitative is that all saplings are nurtured till maturity stage.
  Awareness session on environment Indian Hotels  |  Goa
Taj Exotica Goa culminated the TVW7 with a session on Environment, Health and Hygiene for its partners from the Taxi Union and the villagers from the local community. Around 30 beneficiaries participated in the session where the Horticulture Manager explained the importance of protecting the environment and how to benefit from it. Session on Personal Hygiene and precautions to be taken with the summer heat and the rising temperatures were also taken for the beneficiaries. 10 Volunteers engaged themselves in imparting this session in the form of organising the hall & sound set-up, arranging for the hi-tea for beneficiaries, preparing the presentations, delivering the presentations, interacting with the beneficiaries and answering the Q&A session.
  Giving thank you cards to police officials Indian Hotels  |  Gurgaon
The volunteers from across departments at Vivanta by Taj – Gurgaon, NCR willingly joined hands and volunteered for the activity – “Thank You cards & breathing mask distribution to Police officials”. The team visited Sushant Lok Police station and traffic police headquarter with the breathing mask, thank you cards & bunch of flowers. The volunteers were very enthusiastic meeting the officials and spent quality time with all of them to end the day on a happy note.
  Donation drive Indian Hotels  |  Hyderabad
Taj Deccan team organized a drop box in the Human Resources Department for 20 days and collected clothes from Associates. The clothes were donated to an NGO - Goonj Hyderabad.
  Hygiene session for children Indian Hotels  |  Hyderabad
Taj Deccan team visited Vivkenanda School along with Taj Krishna and Taj Banjara. Vivekananda School provides free education to the less privileged children. A hygiene session was organized and at the end of the session hand wash refill packs were distributed to the students.
  Spending time with children Indian Hotels  |  Mumbai
The team of volunteers spend about 2 hours with the young adults from The Shraddha Charitable Trust. They spent some quality time with each of the residents, sharing their thoughts and feelings. They helped the residents in their daily work routine like threading beads and buttons, matching pictures of animals with their skeletons, exploring reading and writing skills, imaginary travel around the world with flash cards, solving puzzles as well helped in making some of the products that these adults make for earning livelihoods. The volunteers loved spending time with the adults and the staff and teachers at Shraddha also thanked the team for being a part of their special day.
  Mobilisation drive Indian Hotels  |  Mumbai
A team of volunteers from Taj Wellington Mews, Taj Lands End and the Taj Corporate team visited the Bandra East community to raise awareness among youngsters and their family members about the Taj Tata Strive Hospitality Skill Building Program. The awareness drive started with volunteers taking an interactive session with the youth residing in the area. They discussed the objective of the program, the courses offered, the fees, the duration, the method of teaching etc. along with any other queries that group had. The session was very interactive wherein the group asked many questions and the volunteers shared their experiences of being hoteliers and how their jobs and the Hotel Industry has benefited them and helped them earn livelihoods and provided them with platforms for growth. Next all the volunteers formed groups and went to each house in the locality and spoke to all residents about this program and motivated them to send their children for this program. The volunteers helped them understand what to expect from hotels and from their job. The residents were also taken through the various opportunities which await them in the hotel and how they should make the most of them.
  Swachch campaign JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO took the pledge of Swachch in thee Swarnarekha Ghat. Their cleaning campaign started with health and hygiene awareness to the residents in the surrounding areas and enlightened them about the preventive measures they should take in order to curb common diseases and ailments. Thereafter, the team joined hands with the residents to clean the ghat and contributed in their own way to make it a cleaner place.
  Tetvac dose for vendor employees JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO continued their medical camp for the vendor employees and their family members which included a general health check-up for all. The doctors at the medical camp gave tetvac doses to all to prevent them from being affected by tetanus. The team also spread awareness on general health and hygiene.
  Distribution of daily essentials JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO decided to make a visit to the residents of Gandhi Ashram. The team members distributed daily essential kits which comprised of refined oil sugar, pulses, rice, tea leaves, salt, soaps and washing detergents for their daily needs. The team also spent quality time with all of them to end the day on a happy note.
  Painting a school Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
The volunteers visited three schools: Namrup Railway Middle Education (M.E.) School, Namrup Railway Lower Primary (L.P.) School, Namrup Railway Anganwadi Centre. They painted the school walls, black boards, doors & windows of all 3 buildings.
  Educational tour for students JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers organized an educational tour for the students of Rajkiyakrit Oriya Madhya School. The team took them to Chandill Dam to enlighten the students on how conservation of water is done. The teachers along with the volunteers showed the students how the dam is constructed and how hydroelectricity is produced. The students were very happy when all of them were taken for a boat ride.
  Health & Hygiene awareness session JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO organized a medical camp for the residents of the Navjeevan Kusht Ashram which included a general check-up and distribution of supplements and medicines. This camp also included an awareness campaign where our team enlightened the residents about basic health, hygiene and sanitation. The team members also distributed sweets to all the children of the Ashram.
  Distribution of daily essentials JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO decided to spend the Sunday morning with the under-privileged children of Beldih-gram by singing songs and reciting poems with them. The team also distributed daily essential kits comprising of rice, sugar, salt, refined oil, soaps, detergents, cursive writing books to primary students along with pencil and pen sets, colour pencils and crayons, biscuit packets and goodies which added to the excitement in all the children.
  Visit to Gurukul-Sapra JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers made a visit to Gurukul, Sapra which houses fifty orphan children. The team members joined hands to support this activity. The team members decided to spend time with the children by distributing daily essential kits compromising of rice, pulses, refined oil, sugar, salt packets to all of them. The programme concluded with the children showcasing yoga. The visit was made with an idea to bring smiles on the faces of these children but later we realized we had bigger smiles on our faces.
  Inauguration of sitting boundary wall JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO inaugurated the newly constructed sitting boundary wall of the football ground at Parvatipur. The team constructed the boundary wall so that it is convenient and safe for the children to play and brought a major change there. They chose this special day for the inauguration.
  Magic Show at UMS Prakhand Vidyalaya JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers organized a magic show for the students of UMS Prakhand Vidyalaya which the children thoroughly enjoyed. The team members also interacted to each of the children whole heartedly and distributed goodies and snack packets to all which brought lots of happiness to all the children.
  Visit to Brahmakumari Slum Seva Project School JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers decided to visit the Slum Seva Project school at Brahmakumari to spend quality time with all the children there. The team also distributed educational kits comprising of colourful pens, pencils, crayons and sweets to all the children. The day ended on a happy note when the team sang and danced with the children.
  Visit to Gobarghati Ashram School at KPO JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers joined hands and made a visit to Gobarghati Ashram School at KPO to spend quality time with the children there. The team members distributed educational kits which comprised of books and geometry boxes to all the children. Volunteers also encouraged and motivated the children to build confidence in them.
  Visit to Aanganwadi JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO joined hands to spend almost half a day with the children of the aanganwadi at Nandup. The team distributed educational kits, uniform sets goodies and a colourful swing to all the children there. Moreover, the team interacted with the children there by singing rhymes and songs for them which the children enjoyed fully.
  Installation of Bio-gas plant JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers chose to install the bio-gas plant in the premises of Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya to cite an example of how to conserve energy. The team members set up the bio-gas plant and educated the teachers and the students there on how to use it to generate bio-gas which would help to conserve energy.
  Distribution of essentials JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO enthusiastically joined hands to visit Shishu Bhawan at Baradwari. They spent almost half a day with the infants and children there and distributed clothes, baby kits and packets of baby food, daily essentials like refined oil, sugar, salt packets, rice and pulses to all the infants. The team spent quality time with all the children and which made the volunteers go back to their childhood days.
  Drawing competition for children Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
Drawing Competition was organized by Rallis India Ltd., Ankleshwar at Gadkhol Primary School. The theme of the competition was Swachch Bharat to spread the awareness among students. 200 Students participated with full enthusiasm and joy and came up with creative way of keeping country clean and spreading cleanliness. Rallis India Ankleshwar Team volunteered actively and also had a short session on the subject.
  Painting a school Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
The volunteers painted the DamDim Primary Govt. School at North Grant Division of Dam Dim, TE.
  Dental check-up camp Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
On the occasion of World Oral Health Day, an Oral and Dental check-up and awareness camp was organised for the school going students between the age group of 3-5 years from Our Child Play School, Chabua. 45 students were examined during the camp. In addition to this, the students and their parents were duly explained about the preventive measures to keep their teeth healthy and disease free.
  Plantation drive Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
With the objective of spreading greenery in the environment, a tree plantation was organized by Rallis India Ltd. Ankleshwar unit. The team was highly excited for this activity and actively participated by spreading greenery through plantation. Senior Management also participated in the activity.
  Training women to make jewellery Rallis India  |  Kolkhe
Rallis volunteers organized a training programme on various items prepared from pearls & beads for women group of Kolkhe village focusing on developing home run business of these items. Volunteers taught them various items like various types of toran, bowl, flowers and curtain holder. Volunteers helped the women group to make the items and also shared the business tips like market for material availability, costing etc.
  Polio eradication Rallis India  |  Lote
Five volunteers from Rallis India Lote Unit participated in Pulse Polio Eradication programme along with Rotary Club, Lote at Primary Health Centre and nearby villages of Lote. All the volunteers assembled at primary health centre and along with the medical team went to the nearby villages and helped the medical team to provide polio dose to the children.
  Visit to a school Rallis India  |  Lote
Seven Volunteers from Rallis India Lote Unit visited 'Jidda' School for the differently abled children at Chiplun. They organized a Physiotherapy practical exercise session for the children. Under CSR, Physiotherapy equipment was provided to improve physical fitness of the children with a trained therapist. Children are getting trained in various activities. At the end of the session, the volunteers distributed sweets to the children.
  Visit to an old age home Rallis India  |  Lote
A group of 7 Volunteers of Rallis India Limited, Lote Unit visited the Matoshri Old Age Home at Khed. There are 16 inmates in the Old Age Home. They spent time with them, took them into the open premises and had good conversations. Finally, volunteers distributed a torch, medicines and biscuits to them. They were very happy and shared their experience with the volunteers.
  Awareness on Road Safety & Traffic Rules Tata Business Support Services  |  Pune
55 volunteers from Tata BSS conducted a road safety and traffic rules awareness walkathon in Pune. In partnership with the traffic police they visited various traffic signals and informed the by standers the traffic rules and urged them to follow standard safety measures in place. Moreover, they gave away flowers to the people who adhered to the traffic rules and regulations and were model citizens.
  Blood donation camp Tata Business Support Services  |  Multiple locations
Over 100 Tata BSS employees donated blood at the Red Cross camps organized in the office of the three centres. The camps across received an overwhelming number of volunteers for blood donation but due to various health related issues they were turned away. The volunteers felt very happy to help someone is unfortunate circumstance in urgent requirement of blood.
  Health camp for cattle Tata Chemicals  |  Babrala
328 Cattle owners participated in OPD & 352 animals were examined & treated for 196 Gynaecological, 102 General Seasonal diseases & 54 for surgical from 26 villages.
  Blood Donation Camp Tata Communications  |  Ahmedabad and Pune
In Pune, the Blood donation camp was organized in association with KEM Hospital Blood Bank. In Ahmedabad, it was organized in association with Rotary club. A total 100 volunteers participated in the drive.
  Making handicrafts with women Tata Communications  |  Kolkata
Nearly 130 Volunteers at Tata Communications, Kolkata, joined hands to celebrate the spirit of women empowerment, with women entrepreneurs from Artemis Fountain Foundation, who exhibited beautiful handicrafts. The women and volunteers also spent time together learning the art of making handicrafts, in a rather engaging activity. The day concluded with our employees also helping the entrepreneurs in chalking out a marketing plan for their products. Additionally, a few volunteers donated blood at Tata Memorial Centre.
  Microsoft Office training Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Delhi
Volunteers from TCE Delhi DC undertook an initiative to train economically weaker students in Microsoft Office. 8th, 9th & 10th class students from Yasodha Public School, Noida will be trained in this initiative. The volunteers conducted an introductory session where they briefed about the Company and the teaching module which they are going to follow in coming sessions. There was great enthusiasm in students to learn through which they can get a better career prospective in the future. From July onwards the next academic year will start, so volunteers will continue teaching program from 1st week of July 2017. The program will consist of a two hour class per week where volunteers will teach Microsoft Word, Excel, Power point, etc. The aim is to train around 70 to 100 students in Microsoft office till February 2018. Volunteers have also planned to provide career counseling to these students along with the current program.
  Visit to Cheshire home Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Jamshedpur
The volunteers donated old clothes to the children. Volunteers interacted with the children with a smile on their face and shared a few light moments, the day ended with some joyful moments like talking and singing of volunteers with all disable girls, which was full of learning, wonder & fun with each other.
  Visit to an orphanage Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Jamshedpur
Engineers working with TCE voluntarily spent with children at 'Nirmala Shishu Bhawan', an orphanage run by Missionaries of Charity at Jamshedpur. Group of engineers as they have been visiting it, the team spent around 2 hours with these children, had carried Old Clothes, Lactogen & Cerelac with them.
  Life skill training Tata Global Beverages  |  Bangalore
Volunteers from Tata Global Beverages visited Unnati in Bangalore. Unnati is an institution that offers vocational training and transformation program which helps the underprivileged youth to secure stable employment. The volunteers shared useful life skills with the students of Unnati such as leadership, life value systems, time management, communication, emotional wellbeing, planning, etc.
  Interactive Learning Session Tata Interactive Systems  |  Mumbai
Volunteers from TIS and TCS visited the Jiddh Vishesh School, a school for differently abled children, in Thane. The volunteers through simple experiments demonstrated science concepts of inertia, electromagnetic induction, and seven components of white light. They also conducted an interactive session in which the children enthusiastically participated to explain the concept of personal hygiene. The volunteers also explained a few ways of saving water. The interactive session lasted two hours. The students gifted the volunteers paper bags they had made displaying the themes of Save Water and Save Electricity.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Interactive Systemss  |  Mumbai
A group of 7 volunteers from TIS, visited Little Sisters of Poor Home for Aged. Volunteers interacted with the old age home residents, and spent some quality time with them through discussions and singing. The visit lasted for an hour and concluded with the donation of food items to the inmates.
  Essay and drawing competition Tata Motors  |  Lucknow
86 Volunteers went to Govt. school for essay and drawing competition where students from class 1 to 5 participated in drawing competition and elder students (from class 6 to 8) participated in Essay competition. Prizes were distributed to the winners. The topics for competition were given by volunteers. It was judged by volunteers as well. Volunteers later interacted with the Students and teachers for NIOS program. This program is exclusive for girls/ women school drop outs where special faculty teaches them and they appear for class 10 open school examination.
  Spectacle donation Tata Motors  |  Lucknow
An eye check-up camp was done on Women’;s Day at Alipur village where 144 villagers were screened. Out of them, 100 villagers were diagnosed with refractory errors and were advised to wear glasses. Their glasses were made through Jan Parivar Kalyan Sansthan. Volunteers interacted and distributed spectacles to these villagers. Later, they met with the village Women’s Self Help Group.
  Distribution of gifts Tata Motors  |  Pune
A team of 24 enthusiastic volunteers from Tata Motors Pune visited ‘Swadhar-Mohor’. The team had identified the need of the children and sponsored one steel cupboard and cash for fitting wall mounted fans. The team gifted children with gel pens & pencils. The team spent time with the children.
  Cleanliness drive Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
Gowala Basti near Nahorkutia Tea Estate is one of the area where due to low economic background inhabitants are not fully aware about cleanliness, Hygiene as well as savings for future, etc. The Management, Staff, Welfare & Medical Team of the Estate participated in the Cleaning Drive and Awareness Campaign on Savings & Opening Bank.
  Stargazing session for children Tata Motors  |  Pune
Employee from ERC volunteered at a ZP school in Bhor and organised a stargazing session for the students.
  Donation drive Tata Motors  |  Pune
Pathshala at Kaspate Vasti. Masti Ki Pathshala is the educational wing of Robin Hood Army Academy Pune which mainly works in the education of the underprivileged sections of society. This organization provides free weekend education to children and also provides them food. During the visit, the team interacted with the children and guided them. The team donated a tent, floor mats, white boards, markers, dusters, speakers, caps.
  Immunization and polio doses at various locations JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO conducted an awareness programme on Immunization at for the residents at various locations across Jamshedpur to educate them regarding vaccinations, prevention of diseases, mother and child care, and general health and hygiene awareness. This programme was also followed by giving immunization and polio doses to children from door to door.
  Construction of a well Tata Motors  |  Pune
Jogoba is a village which is situated in a hilly remote area near Panshet Dam in Velhe Taluka, approx. 70 km from Pune. The village does not have any drinking water facility and the villagers have to hire water tankers from Panshet for INR 1000 per trip to supply water. The road is this area is also not developed which makes transportation of water all the more difficult. The Chinchwad Foundry team decided to help this village by constructing a well. A team of 151 volunteers from Foundry is now helping in the excavation and construction of the well in the village. The team has collected INR 35,000/- towards the construction of well. 25 volunteers, led by senior leaders visited the area and handed over the amount collected. They also helped in the excavation work. The project is now under construction with the help of the volunteers who visit the village and help in the construction of the well in batches. The project will be completed by the second week of April 2017.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Motors  |  Pune
Team ERC E &E visited Patashibai Ratanchand Manav Kalyan Trust Blind School, Bhosari wherein 18 volunteers interacted with the children, gifted fruits & cleaned the surrounding space.
  Interaction with youth Tata Motors  |  Pune
Finishing School is a programme supported by Tata Motors, CII-Pune, ITI & Polytechnic colleges. Four employees volunteered to train and lecture final year students under this programme and 1 employee volunteered to train Tata Strive students.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Motors  |  Pune
A team of 10 Volunteers participated in cleanliness, watering trees & CCT (Continuous Contour Trenches) digging drive to help “Vrikhsha Mitra” Group, which is currently volunteering in Dattagad, Dighi. The group is planning to plant 2500 trees in 1st phase, which will help soil & ground water conservation. In the beginning of rainy season trees will be planted in this trenches to increase the green cover in Pune.
  Donation drive Tata Motors  |  Pune
The team of 67 volunteers participated in Tata Volunteering Week 7 activity. They visited 3 social institutions. A team of few volunteers visited “Snehadhar Sanstha”, Ambegaon.Team donated groceries, induction stove and interacted with them regarding their activities, problems and challenges faced, etc. Few volunteers visited “Snehwan Bal kalyan Ashram”, Bhosari, Team donated cupboard, sports equipment and plumbing material, as required by them. Another team visited “Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram” at Moshi. Team donated basic school kits (Notebooks, Drawing Books, pens, etc.) & sports equipment to them. The team also conducted different activities including drawing pictures, playing different games and involving in one to one communication with those kids.
  Theme Based Session at Vocational Training Centre Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Legal & Safety Groups of Tata Power-DDL, conducted sessions across all Vocational & Self-Help Group Training Centres. Legal sessions comprised of awareness of rights and laws, primarily related to women empowerment. Many members of the community benefitted from these sessions. Safety sessions ensured sensitization of extended employee family of TPDDL. Interaction was aimed at spreading awareness regarding safety and laws and government programs, promoting entrepreneurship and women’s rights.
  Interaction with children Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
On the occasion of World Autism Day, Team L&D made a visit to ‘Parivartan’- a school for special children suffering from autism. The school organized a drawing competition for the students. The team members volunteered for supporting the little artists and also judged the competition. Also, small goodies in form of drawing books and sketch pens were gifted to every student as a token of love and appreciation. It was one of the most cherished moments for the team to spread smiles on those little innocent and inspirational faces.
  Friendly cricket match Tata Power  |  Mumbai
Tata Power is actively engaged in Chembur and nearby areas working closely with Govt TB Control Dept, TISS and Global Fund to mitigate TB. In this context, a cricket match was played between Saksham Jan Urja Team (Local TB Survivors) and Tata Power (Volunteers & TB Survivor). The purpose was to address social stigma and spread awareness that TB can be treated and TB Survivors can lead a healthy life. It was graced by the Joint Commissioner-BMC, Dy Director-TISS, senior leaders from Tata Power and many other key stakeholders. It was a 12 overs a side match. Both team played with lot of enthusiasm amidst packed crowd at Trombay Colony Ground. Eventually Saksham Jan Urja got the better of Tata Power.
  Women’s day celebration Tata Power  |  Pune
Women’s Day Celebration and Gathering of Women and Adolescent Girls was organized by Tata Power Community Development Trust in association with Pratham Shikshan Mandal, BVDU Social Sciences Centre, Chaitanya foundation at Krishna Garden Karyalaya, A/P Male, Taluka Mulshi, District Pune. Small stage play was performed by girl students of Senapati Bapat Vidyalaya spreading the message and urging audiences not to perform pre-natal tests and female feticide. The performance of students was well appreciated by the audience. A small stage play was presented by the students of Zilla Parishad School from Pimpalgaon Kauda of Ahmednagar. Name of the play was “Hunda Nahi Danda”, as the name suggests play spreads anti dowry message to the spectators.
  Celebration of women’s day Tata Power  |  Raigad
Women’s Day Celebration and Gathering of Women was organized by Tata Power Community Development Trust at Tata Vidyalaya, Bhira, Taluka Mangaon, District Raigad. Officials of Tata Power Company Limited, Tata Power Community Development Trust, representatives of NGOs, educational institutions, office bearers of gram panchayats, social workers, women were present for this function. Various experiences were shared by the guests and exceptional women achievers were felicitated.
  Safety session for women Tata Steel  |  Joda
Volunteers form Khondbond Iron Mine visited the tribal village. About 50 ladies of the village were gathered on the occasion. Volunteers talked about various aspect of domestic safety. Firefighting team from Khondbond also took part in the volunteerism and talked about simple ways of controlling domestic fire and precautions to minimize the damages due to fire.
  Interaction with children Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team from Corporate Centre JDC visited Namda Community Centre and interacted with the sports beneficiaries. Coaches from Sports department of Tata Steel also interacted with beneficiaries and gave some useful tips on sports and also organised tug of war for the beneficiaries.
  Plantation drive Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Team of New Bar Mill JDC lead by senior leaders embarked on the journey of doing good to the environment by planting saplings. With the recent climatic changes leading to depletion of the ozone layer, planting trees is the need of the hour. The New Bar Mill JDC team of Tata Steel, Jamshedpur have pledged to care for the environment.
  Cleanliness Drive at school Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Jamshedpur
TSPDL volunteers, Jamshedpur organised cleanliness drive at M.S. Rajkiya Sarna School. The volunteers cleaned the entire area around the school to make it a cleaner and hygienic place. They spend time with children educating them the importance of cleanliness and also taught them to throw the wastes only in the dustbins.
  Counselling Session Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Kolkata
A team of volunteers from TSPDL visited one of the most remote slum area at Tangra, Kolkata. The volunteers conducted home visits with IICP representative inside the slum areas and counselled the distressed parents of the children suffering from cerebral palsy, mental and physical abnormalities. A pack of goodies which included some food items and stationeries were also distributed among the children.
  Interaction with children Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Pantnagar
Volunteers of TSPDL, Pantnagar, organised competition and events for children of National Association for Blind, Haldwani. The volunteers interacted with the children, talked with them about their families and career goals. Along with competitions, the event also in a way was a counselling session for children, especially those who will be completing intermediate in coming year.
  Visit to a school Tata Technologies  |  Lucknow
Tata Technologies Lucknow team visited Drishti Samajik Sansthan which is school and hostel for differently abled children. A team of 12 volunteers participated in the activity wherein they donated ceiling fans and household items to the institution and distributed snacks to the children. Few volunteers also donated used clothes, bedsheets, toys, etc. They spent quality time with the children.
  Personality development session Tata Teleservices  |  Mumbai
Two volunteers conducted multiple skill building sessions at Tata STRIVE for the students of their Retail, Sales & Assistant Electrician Course. The volunteers conducted the session using experiential aids (video clips and games /activity and discussion) to ensure optimum learning.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.