Update No. 21      
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Pantnagar
A team of ten members stood up for a good cause and planted few trees in the nearby areas.
  Visit to an orphanage Ginger Hotels  |  Mysore
23 Volunteers at Team Ginger Mysore visited an orphanage - Sri Vasavi Shanthidhama. The organisation provides meals & shelter to them. The volunteers spent time with them while sharing their stories.
  Exhibition of NGO products Indian Hotels  |  Mumbai
Indian Hotels joined hands with the members of The Shraddha Charitable Trust to support their cause of rehabilitation and empowerment of youth suffering from Autism and Down’s syndrome. They had a small exhibition of their products at the office premises. They created awareness about this group and their cause, along with that also helped them raise funds by the sale of their products which would be used for the opening of their new facility. The event drew a huge response both from the guests as well as the staff.
  Blood donation drive Indian Hotels  |  Mumbai
The HR Department at Taj Wellington Mews took the lead in organising a Blood Donation Camp at the Hotel in association with Sir. J. J. Mahanagar Raktapedhi (Managed by: SBTC, Govt. of Maharashtra). Posters were put up at all the prominent locations of hotel to drive awareness and participation. The camp was organized in the LB Lounge and a team of about 8 people had come from the blood bank which included technicians and doctors. They ensured that each donor undergoes a medical check-up with the doctor before donating blood. All departments along with a team of senior HODs participated in this noble cause. The donors were given donor cards and certificates from the blood bank as a gesture of appreciation to the donors. The Donor card can be used at any Centre by Associates or their family to obtain blood at the time of need.
  Swachch at Swarnarekha Ghat JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO took the pledge of Swachch in thee Swarnarekha Ghat. Their cleaning campaign started with health and hygiene awareness to the residents in the surrounding areas and enlightened them about the preventive measures they should take in order to curb common diseases and ailments. Thereafter, the team joined hands with the residents to clean the ghat and contributed in their own way to make it a cleaner place.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Keeping Environment as a prime, Tata Technologies CS team always tries to organize collateral activities. A team of volunteers organized Swachch Bharat Abhiyan at Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park and supported the cause.
  Tetvac dose for vendor employees JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO continued their medical camp for the vendor employees and their family members which included a general health check-up for all. The doctors at the medical camp gave tetvac doses to all to prevent them from being affected by tetanus. The team also spread awareness on general health and hygiene.
  Dance workshop for children Tata Technologies  |  Pune
A group of volunteers from Tata Technologies visited Vikas Anath Ashram and conducted a Dance Workshop. Children from age 3 to 15 participated in this workshop. 2 hours of Dance workshop and 1 hour of interaction session was arranged. During the workshop volunteers taught dance steps on Bollywood songs.
  Distribution of daily essentials JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO decided to make a visit to the residents of Gandhi Ashram. The team members distributed daily essential kits which comprised of refined oil sugar, pulses, rice, tea leaves, salt, soaps and washing detergents for their daily needs. The team also spent quality time with all of them to end the day on a happy note.
  Donation drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
A group of volunteers from Tata Technologies Volvo and JLR MY20 Team went to village called Chander near Pune and distributed clothes, Shoes Stationery items. Villagers had great time with the volunteers.
  Educational tour for students JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers organized an educational tour for the students of Rajkiyakrit Oriya Madhya School. The team took them to Chandill Dam to enlighten the students on how conservation of water is done. The teachers along with the volunteers showed the students how the dam is constructed and how hydroelectricity is produced. The students were very happy when all of them were taken for a boat ride.
  Health & Hygiene awareness session JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO organized a medical camp for the residents of the Navjeevan Kusht Ashram which included a general check-up and distribution of supplements and medicines. This camp also included an awareness campaign where our team enlightened the residents about basic health, hygiene and sanitation. The team members also distributed sweets to all the children of the Ashram.
  Career counselling Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Mumbai
The Managing Director spoke to the students of Antarang Foundation at TCE Mumbai office. The students were invited for Mentoring sessions with senior leaders. Senior leaders of Group Companies as well as Senior Management from TCE, volunteered their time and engaged with the students on various fields and career prospects. The two mentoring sessions covered a gamut of careers ranging from skill building, finance, CA, retail sector, graphic designing, visualizing and more.
  Wall Painting Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Engineer Volunteers from Tata Technologies participated to paint a wall at Vikas Anath Ashram. They painted the walls with themes like- History, Cartoons, Warli Painting, Mathematics, Geography, Galaxy and many more. Painting together with the children was the most fulfilling part of the event.
  Trip to Aquarium with Special Needs Kids Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Mumbai
TCE volunteers came together to take about 70 kids from St. John's special school and their teachers along for a trip to the Aquarium in Mumbai. These kids rarely get the chance to go on a trip with their class much less see an aquarium. The kids had a wonderful time as they saw different kinds of fish, ate a meal together with the volunteers and shared their stories from school. TCE volunteers were humbled to be able to spread cheer and joy in the lives of these wonderful kids.
  Donation drive Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from LD#2 & SC participated with enthusiasm to visit Bal Vikas Kasidih. They distributed chairs for the students and interacted with the students where they spread some joy and hope among students.
  Donation drive Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team from Merchant Mill JDC visited Baridih Camp School “Masti Ki Pathshala”, where they interacted with the students and distributed school stationaries note books etc. and also donated sapling to the students for the plantation.
  Health awareness session Tata Steel  |  Joda
Volunteers from Joda along with TSRDS employees visited Banaspani Nodal School and organised a health, hygiene & safety awareness for school Children at Banaspani Nodal and also distributed dental kits. The volunteers also motivated them to maintain personal hygiene, cleanliness and how to be safe while walking on the road.
  Donation drive Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A volunteering team from SSTG visited the adopted Primary school in Patipani and distributed stationary and fruits. And since last one year of adoption the SSTG department provided a lot of support to the school like desk & benches, electricity and water connection to the school.
  Science park visit Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies volunteers took School children to PCMC Science Park. Children were divided in to groups and various activities such as Taramandal, 3D shows and Fun & Science, Scientific innovations were shown to them during this visit. Snacks were distributed by volunteers after the activity.
  Blood Donation Camp Indian Hotels  |  Nashik
The Gateway Hotel, Nashik organised a Blood Donation Camp. In this initiative total 26 donors contributed.
  Drawing and essay competition for children Tata Technologies  |  Lucknow
Tata Technologies Lucknow team organized Drawing and essay competition in a school at Ganeshpur. Preprinted drawing sheets were given to primary students and “My favorite festival” theme was given to secondary class students. Set of students were asked to write essay on “My Best Friend” in Hindi. Drawing books and sketch pens were distributed to students. Chocolates and chips were also distributed as token gift to all towards their participation. Prizes were given to students in every class.
  Digital Literacy program Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Volunteers from Tata Technologies organised Digital Literacy Programs at Lal bahadur Shastri School, Khadki and Lal bahadur Shastri Amba Temple Hall, Shivaji Nagar with community members. Tata Technologies in coordination with Pune City Connect and NASSCOMM Foundation running DLP with the motto of “Each One Teach Ten as its unique activity in which the team is trying to reach maximum number of community members”.
  Drawing competition for children Tata Technologies  |  Jamshedpur
The volunteers in Jamshedpur organised a drawing competition for the children and had a great time painting with them.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Technologies  |  Bangalore
5 members participated in a cleanliness drive at Sri Swanandashram, Kanakapura Road.
  Plantation drive Indian Hotels  |  Nashik
The volunteers organized a plantation activity. The activity was organized at main porch area where all the ladies of the team did the plantation along with General Manager. Total 13 ladies participated in this activity.
  Birthday celebration Tata Technologies  |  Pune
An employee from Tata Technologies celebrated his son’s birthday at Vikas Anath Ashram. Celebration started with cake cutting and he arranged a lunch for 50 children of the orphanage. He also spent lunch time interacting with children.
  Donation of LED light Indian Hotels  |  Nashik
The Gateway Hotel, Nashik celebrated Earth Hour. The event is held annually encouraging individuals, communities, households and businesses to turn off their non-essential lights for one hour, as a symbol for their commitment to the planet. The volunteers took a pledge in Staff dining room for saving our earth and played a video on earth hour. The event was followed o with the unique theme-we kept a sale of LED lights in hotel. Through this sale they helped the NGO also. The idea of this activity was to donate the LED lights to the NGO who needs this. They donated 13 LED lights to Pune Vidhyarthi Griha. This NGO provide progressive and value added education facilities for the deserving & poor students of the society. Many of associates came forward and contributed in this activity and purchased the LED lights for donation.
  Awareness on autism Indian Hotels  |  Coimbatore
Senior leaders along with this team took initiative by inviting Kaumaram Prashanthi Academy to create awareness about Autism. They organized painting competition and small games with balloons to differentiate the colors. They also gave lunch after the games with the small distribution of gifts.
  Blood donation drive Tata Realty and Infrastructure  |  Mumbai
Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited organised a Blood Donation Drive at the head office. Doctors from KEM Hospital attended to the donors. Employees from other companies too attended the camp to donate blood. In all 40 units of blood was collected during this drive.
  Visit to a school Tata Motors  |  Pune
A team of 53 volunteers from Tata Motors- Pune team visited Ganesh Vidya Mandir Primary School at Talegaon. They installed water storage tank with 1000 L capacity with necessary plumbing work at school washrooms. This was complemented by adding a Tata Swatch water purifier. They also organized a free medical check-up of all school children and guidance to improve the health by Doctor (a family member). They gifted books, bookshelf, and sports equipment. They organized many competitions and rewarded the winners with prizes, life skill workshops, celebrated birthday of the students and organized a tree plantation drive.
  Helping a school Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
The volunteers conducted a white washing of the walls and painted the doors and windows at Achabam Novojyoti Lower Primary School. RCC Slab 2 nos. were also made for the drain.
  Awareness program for women Tata Consultancy Services  |  Hyderabad
10 volunteers visited Rainbow Home to educate girls on biological aspect of menses. While they ensured that they educate them about biological aspect, they ensured that they discuss the social aspect of it and break the myths related to it. Girls opened up and asked their doubts freely and the volunteers cleared their doubts completely. While few of them were educating girls who started getting menses about biological and social aspect of menses, few of them engaged with girls who are yet to get their first period by playing games with them and by seeing their dance performances.
  Black pepper plantation program Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
The APPITI at Rowta Town trains around 250 Students ( Boys and Girls ) in a 2 year course from the state of Assam in Driving , Sewing Machine operators, Electricians, Motor Mechanics and Mechanical Fitters. This institution is run by the APPL Foundation. The team organized an awareness program on Black Pepper Plantation for livelihood enhancement among the villagers of Sat Basaria Gaon-Rowta.
  A Session on Power of Sub conscious Mind Rallis India  |  Dahej
A Session on Power of Sub Conscious Mind Was organised at Observation Home, Bharuch By Rallis India Limited - Dahej Volunteers. Children were given a Talk on Goal Setting, and how to use Sub - Conscious Mind for Goal achievement. 50 Students were addressed with the examples of setting goal and achieving methods.
  Awareness session on safe drinking water Tata Chemicals  |  Mumbai
Volunteers from the Tata Chemicals’ Water Purifier team organised an awareness session on “Safe Drinking Water” at Malwani (Malad) which is a big slum area of Mumbai. The participants were women and children from the slum area. The volunteers discussed on the available sources of drinking water, water borne related diseases, expenditure on health issues because of use of unsafe water and different options of water purification. The participants found the topic very relevant and important and the volunteers answered all the questions which they had related to use of safe drinking water. Sanmitra Trust (NGO) helped in organising the camp at Malwani.
  Health camp Rallis India  |  Mumbai
Rallis Volunteers have conducted Health camp for villagers at Kelcha Mal, Chirner near Uran. Under this camp, a team of doctors visited the village and conducted a routine check-up for villagers and children. The volunteers helped the team by filling basic information form for each and every person. Doctors distributed the tonics & other medicines to villagers based on their health condition. 70 villagers including children benefitted from this health camp.
  Spending time with children Tata Motors  |  Pune
A team of 76 volunteers Tata Motors, Pune team visited ‘Nirmal Bal Vikas Sanstha’ at Thakur Pimpri, Chakan. The team conducted a tree plantation drive, an electric pole installation & also donated needy items like Pedestal Fan, Mixer, Sandwich Maker, Iron, New cloths, playing kits, Stationary, Daily Grocery items, Fruits and distributed Sweets. The volunteers spent time with the children and engaged with various activities like playing cricket and singing.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.