Update No. 5      
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Ahmedabad
A team of 8 members from Ginger Ahmedabad took up cleanliness and upkeep of neighborhood by cleaning the areas near the hotel including pathways. The three hours long activity was a demonstration of complete dedication to serve for good environment.
  Visit to a center for cancer patients Ginger Hotels  |  Bangalore
A group of 11 associates from Ginger Hotels Bangalore Whitefield actively engaged in supporting Karunashraya Pain & Palliative care for Cancer patients and spend some quality time with them. Collection of lost & found clothes, reusable towels and bed linen from sorted discarded linen were gifted to the patients. Apart from the visit by hotel associates, hotel laundry vendor supported by getting these linen and clothes laundered and packed, travel desk vendor supported by transportation to the palliative care. The time spent was a great relief to 76 inmates and the hotel team decided to continue supporting them in future too.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels   |  Faridabad
12 volunteers of Ginger Faridabad took the initiative to clean the neighbourhood area which is used by general public/ guests
  Blood donation camp Ginger Hotels  |  Indore
Employees of Ginger Hotel Indore participated in a blood donation camp. The blood donation camp was conducted in association with CHL Apollo Hospital. Total 15 volunteers and 11 units of blood were donated by end of the camp. All donors were recognized with the certificates.
  Tree plantation and cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Pune
The volunteers arranged for a tree plantation program and cleanliness drive at “Jilha parishad prathamik shala Pune” School. They explained to the children how adding trees to school is the great way to make campus more welcoming and connected the same with the benefits of the trees and foster environmental stewardship.
  Conducting drawing competition for children Ginger Hotels  |  Pune
A team of 16 members organized a skill building training in a School “Jilha parishad prathamik shala”. This is a school of 200 children which is situated in Hinjewadi Phase- III Pune. They conducted a drawing contest on Environment and also distributed prizes to the winners. They also engaged the children in different activates to motivate them for their future.
  Blood donation camp Ginger Hotels  |  Mumbai
The volunteers conducted a blood donation drive to support Sarthak Foundation which supports kids suffering from Thalassemia syndrome. Sarthak helps these children with treatment at less cost or no cost. The volunteers donated blood to these 140 children with this disease who cannot afford the treatment. These children require blood transfusion every 15-20 days in which Sarthak plays a significant role.
  Visit to a center Indian Hotels  |  Pune
The volunteers visited “Sahara Aalhad” which is a NGO who supports HIV Positive Patients. They served lunch to 60 patients and distributed gifts to the children in the NGO. They also showed a movie to the patients which was enjoyed by all.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Aurangabad
The volunteers cleaned heritage places near the hotel - “Nahr-e-Ambari“ and Salim Ali Sarovar lake. Nahr-e-Ambari was created by Malik Ambar who founded the town under the name Khadki and was later expanded by Aurangzeb in order to facilitate the military activity that became prevalent under Mughal rule during the 17th century. Salim Ali Talab also contains a small bird Sanctuary and the area around the lake is good for Bird watching in winter when a number of migratory birds arrive for nesting.
This heritage was fully covered with overgrown grass, plastic etc. The volunteers took initiative and cleared all waste from heritage place. This drive spread awareness among general people.
  Health Camp for the fishermen Coastal Gujarat Power  |  Mundra
The health camp was organized in the Tragadi Bunder which is very close to the sea coast where the families of the transient fishermen stay for 9 months. The volunteers visited the bunder to reach out to the families of the fishermen. The volunteers were very happy to assist in conducting the health camp for them. They returned back with big smile of satisfaction and happiness.
  Educational Tour for girls Coastal Gujarat Power  |  Mundra
CGPL organized an educational tour for students of Classes 11 and 12 from Shri Sahajanand Kanya Vidhyalaya School from Kodaypul village. A total of 52 girls attended the tour along with their teachers. The aim of this tour was to educate the young girls and give them a brief idea on how a Thermal Power Plant functions.
The educational tour began with an introductory speech by the Head of Community Relation who explained to the students the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility within an industry and how the CSR Department of CGPL has worked for the development of the village communities in the neighborhood.
This was followed by a presentation on Visitor Safety Induction by the Safety Department Head who emphasized on the need for safety measures within an industry and covered various topics such as Visitors Safety Instructions, the Health and Safety Policy importance of PPEs' and Emergency Evacuation Procedures.
CHP department volunteer presented a slideshow in which he explained the operation of the Thermal Power Plant. A volunteer of MIS Department interacted with the young girls and stressed on the importance of education and choosing a career based on their passion and overcoming the hurdles through hard work and determination.
The students were then taken on a site tour to gain practical knowledge. The teachers and the students enjoyed their visit.
  School Health Camp Coastal Gujarat Power  |  Mundra
CGPL organized a School Health camps in the nearby school. The medical team comprised of skilled General Physician along with the pharmacist and Social mobilizer at the school in a Mobile Medical Unit along with the enthusiastic CGPL volunteers. CGPL is already running Mobile Medical Unit in the village and catering the health need of the community and the program is being implemented is partnership with HELPAGE.
A total of 298 students ranging from classes 1 to 8 were given a free medical check-up conducted and provided them with medicines, if necessary. CGPL volunteers assisted the health professionals. The volunteers tested the students' eye sight. The volunteers also interacted with the students, teachers and the school principal and further briefed the children on Health and Hygiene. The Volunteers has gathered feedback on the initiative in order to understand how the project can work to improve on the existing facilities provided to the School.
  Diary distribution Tata Business Support Services  |  Hyderabad
More than 400 diaries were distributed to school children in Telangana Social Welfare Residential School in Dilshuknagar, Hyderabad. The volunteers spend quality time with the children, asked them about their studies & career plans. They motivated them to study hard & dream big.
  Immunization Drive Tata Business Support Services  |  Jamshedpur
6 Tata BSS volunteers conducted an Immunization drive in Tata BSS supported school in Jamshedpur. Over 100 students were given measles, mumps & rubella (mmr) vaccines. The camp was organized in collaboration with Steria & Max India foundation.
  Programme on Prevention of Suicide Tata Motors  |  Jamshedpur
A programme on Prevention on Suicide was organized for the Principal and Teachers of Vidya Bharati Chinmaya Vidyalaya, a school supported by CSR, Tata Motors. The programme was attended by the Head –Jamshedpur Plant along with Senior Executives and Team CSR. The objective of the programme was to orient the faculty to identify early symptoms of depression, desperation and hopelessness amongst school children and arrange the necessary counselling and treatment on time.
  Programme on First Aid Tata Motors  |  Jamshedpur
A programme on First Aid was organized at the Management Training Centre for Principals and Teachers from both Tata Motors supported schools and village schools as well as for the Yuvak Dal volunteers coached by CSR by Parivar Kalyan Sansthan.
  Visit to an orphanage Tata Projects  |  Secunderabad
Tata Projects organized a visit to orphanage and sponsored breakfast at orphanage for all the children. As an endeavor to be part of the global event, a small step has been taken at the project. Clothes for girls residing at the orphanage were also distributed.
  Tree plantation drive Tata Projects  |  Secunderabad
Tata Projects employees actively participated in tree plantation with an aim to contribute to the environment and provide a green coverage. They planted various types of Plants along with the NGO, partner Harithon who taught volunteers the technics on plantation. They informed different things about the plants and their usages.
  Awareness camp Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
A group of volunteers of Tata Sponge visited a “Munda tribe” village surrounded by the hills and forests namely, Balita in Joda block of Keonjhar district in Odisha. An awareness meeting was organizing for the especially for the women group in the “Model Anganwadi Center” constructed by Tata Sponge in this village to promote preschool education. The volunteers explained the villagers about the progress of medicines and available government services for the unreached villages. The ASHA worker and ICDS Govt. staff have joined the volunteers in explaining the villagers to opt for the medical facilities available at their doorstep to PHC & CHC in the vicinity. Women volunteers motivated the villagers to ensure complete immunization for pregnant women and children under 5 years.
  Health awareness camp Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
A group of officers, union leaders and associates visited Bhagalpur hutment setup by Tata Sponge, in Joda block of Keonjhar district in Odisha. The inhabitants are landless farmers migrated from various part of Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. These inhabitants were solely dependent on casual labour in the railway siding of Tata Sponge and do other odd jobs available in the locality. They held an awareness meeting on health, hygiene and sanitation practices. During the discussion emphasize was given on to promote gender equality and anti-alcoholism. Mosquito nets were provided to the families living here.
  Interaction with tribals Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
The volunteers discussed on age-old rich tribal tradition and how the assimilation of culture can take place. Volunteers motivated, the community to uplift the social status of tribal women ensuring their holistic participation in decision making process at home and community fronts. They also encouraged more number of women need to be actively involved in the “Phenyl making unit”, so that more number of families can avail economic benefits.
  Say no to plastic Tata Steel   |  Jamshedpur
Tata Steel volunteers organised an awareness campaign about non-use of plastic among bustee people & children. Volunteers committed for better environment through this campaign.
  Conducting needs assessment Tata Steel   |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers of Electrical Department, Tata Steel were going to Camp school Pipla for need assessment. The team visited the school, interacted with the students. They also distributed some chocolates and sweets to all children.
  Health camp Tata Steel   |  Jamshedpur
A special talk on DOTs was organised for bustee people. Special volunteers gave many valuable tips to the people about TB and DOTs.
  Fire safety program Tata Steel   |  Jamshedpur
A special awareness camp on safety from fire was organised by employees of Tata Steel. Specialist from fire safety department generated awareness to bustee people specially to housewives.
  Celebrating World literacy day Tata Steel   |  Jamshedpur
Under Tata Volunteering 6 Lime Plant celebrated World Literacy Day. A programme was organised for the contract workers of Lime Plant.
  Visit to a centre Tata Steel Processing Distribution  |  Kolkata
The volunteers divided into teams and were assigned responsibilities like catering & cooking, printing activities, primary school teaching, computer laboratory etc. Baking of cakes & cookies, making of envelopes & paper bags, teaching the primary students and conducting e-learning classes to the beneficiaries are a few out of many activities which took place for 2 days.
  Blood Donation Drive Tata Technologies   |  Pune
Third Blood donation Drive in the series was held at Technologies SEZ location. Total 180 employees participated in the drive in which 156 Blood Units were collected. The objective of the donation drive was to support victims of road accidents and others.
  Flint Donation Initiative Tata Technologies  |  North America
Tata Technologies North America conducted a food drive which provided an estimated 800 Flint families with a mixture of fresh and frozen foods rich in iron, vitamin C, and calcium – nutrients that can help the body combat lead poisoning by reducing absorption. Tata Technologies employees volunteered with their family and friends to distribute the food.
  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Tata Technologies   |  Pune
The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was kick stared by Chief Transformation Officer along with other employees of Tata Technologies Corporate office. This initiative was held to create awareness regarding environmental issues, particularly about waste disposal and waste recycle. Volunteers collected dry garbage and plastic from the area around corporate office and spread the message across all the shopkeepers to keep the nearby area clean & tidy.
  Basic Computer & Communication training Tata Tinplate  |  Jamshedpur
A training was organised for students of underprivileged community. It has been felt that despite acquiring computer knowledge, students are not able to get engaged at various establishments due to poor communication. Keeping in view the above facts in mind, the volunteers focussed on improving their communication skills. The Manager, CSR has started taking regular classes voluntarily for two hours, so that their communication skills can improve.
  Craft making Tata Tinplate  |  Jamshedpur
A Craft making program was conducted for the community girls. The Asst. Officer CSR conducted a 2 hour workshop where 40 girls and ladies were taught how to utilize the Best out of waste in their household items like Door mat, Bathroom wall hanger, Apron and other Home decorative items from waste materials.
  Energy conservation talk Tata Tinplate  |  Jamshedpur
Two volunteers took a session for the community ladies and the girls from vocational training classes on how to save the valuable resources of energy. Nearly 60 participants were benefited from this awareness session. The prime focus of the talk was on how to save water and electricity which is a grave area of attention for the society today.
  Health awareness program Tata Tinplate  |  Jamshedpur
A renowned Gynecologist of Tinplate Hospital conducted a training for community girls & ladies on basic health problems of ladies normally overlooked in the day to day activities. She also suggested remedies on how to handle them. Ten lady executives from Tinplate company voluntarily engaged in the program to make the participants understand all the suggestions made by the Doctors.
  Cleanliness drive TML Drivelines  |  Jamshedpur
TML Drivelines employees ranging from operative grade to senior executives set out on shop floor with brooms & mopping cloths to clean their workplace. The shop-floor wasn’t the only place where all efforts had converged. This one hour was also utilized to sanitize and paint otherwise neglected areas, do away with old manuals, documents, racks; and some major rearrangements too.
  Best out of waste activity for children Tata Steel   |  Jamshedpur
A Best out of waste programme was organised by Aviation department volunteers organised a competition for the parents of students of Bal Vikash Classes for making the usable thing out of waste materials. Volunteer from aviation department gave some wonderful ideas that how to use best out of waste materials.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.