Update No. 25      
  Visit to the retail store Trent   |  Mumbai
Volunteers from the Corporate office earlier visited BMC Schools to take students of 9th through a presentation/ or an interaction activities on “Retail as a Career”. The children visited the Retail Head Office and the Westside Retail Stores. The volunteers gave them an overview of the retail sector and answered their queries. A total of 150 children visited and 40 employees volunteered.
  Distribution of study material Tata Tinplate  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from Tinplate Company visited the village remedial class at Mundatola Village. This remedial class has 60 children wherein most of them are from underprivileged section of the society and are dropouts. These children need coaching, handholding & motivation to pursue their education. Since their parents are illiterate, they do not give much importance to education. The volunteers regularly interact with these children & encourage them to pursue study. This has yielded excellent results. Children have now taking keen interest in study and have started going to schools. The volunteers distributed study materials like Notebook, Pen, Pencil, Eraser, Chalk and Biscuit Packet, etc. to the students.
  Installing water pitchers for commuters Voltas   |  Pantnagar
Employees of UCPL factory volunteered and installed 2 water pitchers (Ghada) outside company gate for the passer-by’s. These volunteers are particularly from the security, gardening and house-keeping departments. They will maintain this facility of serving clean cold water to the passer-by’s.
  Waste collection drive Tata Technologies   |  Bangalore
Tata Technologies at Bangalore facility carried out Dry Solid and E Waste collection drive in coordination with an NGO - Samarthanam Trust for Blind. Employees actively participated in the activity and contributed their waste belongings. They also managed to collect around 5 big bags of shredded paper. In total there was around 180kgs of waste collection which was then handed over to the NGO representatives.
  Visit to an NGO Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies, Pune volunteers visited Dnyangangotri, a school for differently abled children at Vadgaon, Dhayari. This school has around 40 children. The team supported the school by providing funds for good quality of milk to every resident.
  Donation of ECG Machine Tata Technologies  |  Shirdi
Volunteers donated ECG Machin, Haemoglobin Analyser and 8 Blood Pressure checking machines to Sainath Hospital at Shirdi. The team made cash donation worth INR 1 Lakh along with Blanket and utility kit donations to local Shirdi families.
  Clothes Donation Drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
A clothes donation drive was organised under the Joy of Giving Week wherein employees brought their reusable clothes from their homes which were then collected and donated to the people living in slums by Tata Technologies volunteers.
  HIV awareness Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Employees from IBMD, Environment Cell, Horticulture & Security Dept., Tata Steel, WB organised an Awareness Program on Health (HIV/AIDS), Environment & Safety standards for Truckers at Rest Shelter.
  Visit to an Orphanage Tata Technologies  |  Thane
A team of volunteers from Tata Technologies Thane visited Maa Niketan to donate school Kit and drawing sets to underprivileged children. A total of 100 sets were distributed to the school children. Senior leaders took part in the program and motivated all the fellow volunteers.
  Eco Friendly Navratri Celebration Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies Pune HR team organised Eco Friendly Navratri Celebration at its Pune office. Senior leaders spread the awareness and importance of Eco Friendly Navratri celebration to employees. They also encouraged employees to buy handmade products and articles and support the deprived community by purchasing handmade divas this Diwali.
  Exhibition & Stall NGO Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies, SEZ Pune team organised Exhibition and Stall of handmade articles by Drishti- an NGO supporting impaired and partially blind children. A total of INR 4,800 were generated from the sale.
  Arranging events for children Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Pantnagar
At Doodhiya Baba Chhatravaas, a daylong event was organised where girls of Banwasi Kanya Chhatravaas and Doodhiya Baba Chhatravaas participated in various sports and cultural events. The members of Chhatravaas coordinated the events, along with the volunteers from TSPDL. 27 members of TSPDL family spent their day with kids, encouraged the children to participate, cheered them and talked to them about their future aspirations. All the girls participated in the events with full energy and enthusiasm.
  Visit to a school Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team from WRM visited to Primary School Changira. The team interacted with the children and teacher. Chief WRM played cricket with the students and given some useful tips on cricket. They also organised drawing competition and in & out games for girls. Under Joy of Giving team distributed school stationaries, chocolates and fruits to the students. A team of CRM visited Primary School Hatnabera. They interacted with the school and under Joy of Giving team distributed water filter, school stationaries, chocolates and fruits to the students.
  Sessions on English speaking Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A session on English speaking and leadership development was organised by JRDTTI, Tata Steel, OMQ. The volunteers conducted a 3 hour session that focused on developing and aligning the English speaking skills for the young students.
  Spending time with the children Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Six employees of Administration department, Tata Steel, Noamundi went to the Care & Share School which is run by Prerana Mahila Samiti, Noamundi and spent time with the children. During interaction with the students, emphasis was given on moral education and ethical behaviour.
  Health check-up camp Tata Steel  |  Joda
A team from Joda visited a High School and conducted a health check-up camp for all the children. Health, hygiene and safety awareness was also done among the children.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
A group of volunteers in an attempt to move towards a clean India continued to clean ATMs, roads and periphery of the TSIL Township and village roads. They also sensitized the local villagers and others to keep the surrounding clean to lead a heathy life.
  Promoting citizenship amongst vendors Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
The volunteers undertook long discussions to sensitize small daily vendors in Bieleipada market on market cleanliness, anti-alcoholism and savings of money in nationalized banks or in post offices. Same time, they were made aware to prioritize the education of their children to ensure better future for them.
  Promoting education amongst children from tribal communities Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
The volunteers motivated the students in Silaijoda Primary school to pursue their education, not to be school dropouts, avoid absenteeism, etc. They also sensitized the teachers to promote quality teaching in these tribal dominated schools through joyful learning & teaching.
  Energy Sensitization Sessions Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
31 Volunteers from Meter Management Group, Commercial, Revenue Management, Social Innovation Group, Zonal & District Offices conducted awareness sessions in 9 different schools of North & North-West Delhi. Theme of the sessions was “Energy Conservation, Water Conservation, Climate Change, Importance of Safety while handling Electrical Appliances & Know Your Meter”. More than 5000 students benefitted from these sessions.
  Mobile Dispensary visit to clusters Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Throughout the Tata Volunteering Week – 6, 3 Mobile Dispensaries made visits to 241 J J Clusters of North & North-West Delhi. Mobile Dispensaries are equipped with Doctor, pharmacist, a bed & medicines. The purpose of visits was to cater to the health issues of the under-privileged ones, at their door-step. Special drives on Dengue, Chickengunia were also carried out at 53 locations. More than 8000 beneficiaries benefitted from these visits. 400 volunteers extended their full support for the visits.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
21 Volunteers from Corporate Taxation Dept. of Tata Power-DDL made a visit to Nirmal Hridey (Old-Age Home). The group spent quality time with the residents of the old-age home. They also carried some gifts & items of basic necessities.
  Health Awareness Sessions Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Tata Power DDL organized theme based health awareness session at its 3 vocational training cum tutorial center at different locations of North & North West of Delhi. The mobile dispensary team sensitized beneficiaries about Chickengunia, Hazards of tobacco, Dental hygiene, Nutrition & health, Hygiene etc. More than 250 beneficiaries were sensitized through these awareness sessions by 28 volunteers.
  Spreading Smiles Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Volunteers from Social Innovation Group visited the Child Home at Badli, New Delhi. The group gifted stationery 3 bicycles, stationery & food items to the children. They also played games with the children. Volunteers were happy to spread smiles across the innocent faces. 10 Volunteers from BD Implementation, BD Acquisition & Regulatory Department visited the Holy Cross Social Service Center. The group gifted goodies pack to the children. A team of 6 volunteers from Enforcement Assessment Cell visited Blind School, Braille Bhawan in Rohini, New Delhi. The group spent quality time with the students.
  Enrollment at Vocational Training Centers Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
3 Volunteers from Meter Management Group, took an initiative to enroll the wards of Business Associate Employees of Tata Power-DDL in different trades being taught at Vocational Training Centers. 7 Admissions were done in courses of computer & retail management.
  Lighting up Lives Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Consumer Service & Key Consumer Group, volunteered in donating LED bulbs in Govt. Aided school; R B Ram Roop Vidya Mandir School, Shakti Nagar. The classrooms in school were running at very low illumination, creating difficulty for students and teachers to read and write. 66 volunteers provided their support for lighting up the classrooms by replacing old fluorescent bulbs.
  Drug de-addiction camp Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Tata Power DDL, in association with Prajapita Brahm Kumari, organized 3 drug de-addiction camps at different locations of North & North West of Delhi where individuals suffering from various addictions were given counseling and free homeopathic medicine. 15 volunteers contributed in mobilizing the communities, assisted in counseling & medicine distribution during the camp.
  Theme Based Sessions at Vocational and SHG Training Centers Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Throughout the Tata Volunteering Week – 6, different departments organized knowledge sessions for the beneficiaries of Vocational Training Centers. Topics like Importance of Safety while driving, using electrical appliances, on road etc., Basics of Financial Literacy - Basics of finance, savings, loaning, budget vs. expenditure, money management, Legal Awareness - “Basic Understanding of Laws & Rights”, Learning & Development - self-motivation, building self-confidence, communication and interview skills, Business Development Group, Ethics & Values were discussed.
  Visit to an orphanage Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
The senior leaders of the Tata Motors Pantnagar Plant donated quilts to 64 orphanage children residing in the Vanbasi Kalyan Kendra at jagatpura, Rudrapur. The volunteers at regular intervals also interact with children and guide them for better education. The orphanage girls at these moments shared their thoughts an enjoyed the company of the volunteers.
  Visit to a blind school Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
“Joy of Giving” day was celebrated at the Blind school, Golapar, Kathgodam, where more than 35 volunteers across office area participated and spread joy among the children. A series of games event, talent show and moral buildup story set the context of the function. The blind students sung the song, shared poem and asked many useful relevant question about the automobile and vehicles that Tata Motors manufacture. The volunteers also donated 100 blankets and INR 11000-/- to the school
  Encouraging Tribal Women Artists Tata Motors   |  Jamshedpur
Senior Executives, Retired Employees and their Family Members of Tata Motors and Associate Companies living at the River View Enclave encouraged tribal women artists by inviting them to decorate their residential area with 'Sohrai' painting. The 'Sohrai' is an ancient art form of the region where ladies in the villages decorate the mud walls of their houses to commemorate the harvest of their crops. Unfortunately the art form is vanishing with influences of rural -urban continuum and upcoming of concrete houses at the villages. The artists would be remunerated by the residents of the Enclave.
  Supporting Old Age Home Tata Motors   |  Jamshedpur
Employee Volunteers from Finance, ERC, Foundry, Auto Tools, QA and Materials Purchase & Service and Vehicle Factory went to the old age home and encouraged the residents of the Centre which is being run by the Brahma Kumaris. They spent time with each of the residents and made generous contributions like table fan, stand fan, mixer, grinder, juicer, fruits, biscuits and chocolates.
  Supporting Government Primary School Tata Motors   |  Jamshedpur
Employee Volunteers from PP & Service Purchase after assessing the needs of Government Primary School at Kudada village went and encouraged the school children, teachers and the village Pradhan. They planted fruit plants with the school children and explained them about the importance of planting trees for protection of the environment. They gave the most needed school bags, stationaries, tiffin boxes and colour pencils, erasers, drawing books and stickers to the children. They also distributed biscuits, chocolates, sweets and wafers to them. The children were explained about road safety, hygiene, how to introduce themselves and given lessons on general knowledge.
  Awareness on sexual harassment Tata Green Battery  |  Pune
The volunteers visited “Kareshware School”, Shirur, Pune to sensitize school teachers about “Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013. The session mainly aimed at creating awareness about the power of the Harassment Act. Some of the teachers came forward to share their experiences & how they have dealt with it. The session also shed light on Child Harassment. The volunteers also handed over a user friendly handbook which will be useful for the actual implementation of the act.
  Donating books to children Tata Green Battery  |  Pune
The volunteers visited "Kareshsware School"-Karegaon, Shirur, Pune along with the management team members & employees. They distributed 600 school books which includes class room books, inspirational books & holiday homework books to children & school teachers. The books were earlier inspected, sorted and classified by the CSR Team as per their age group. The young children were strongly encouraged to complete the assignments in the donated books.
  Health check-up camp Tata Green Battery  |  Pune
The volunteers organized a health check-up camp for the Safai Karmachari & Rag pickers of society at Srinagar Main Garden, Indore. The doctor addressed them about health & precaution. Award/Trophy was given to the top three best Environment Assistant. Gifts were given to all safai karamchari & rag pickers. Lunch pack was distributed to all attendees.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Green Battery  |  Pune
The volunteers undertook an on-ground cleanliness drive. This was jointly carried out by plant & sales employees of TGY. The employees cleaned up the areas outside the plant mainly MIDC roads. The initiatives had not just aimed at promoting cleanliness & sensitising people about their reasonability towards cleaning their own wastage but also aimed at inspiring nearby companies to join hands for such novel cause in the future.
  Blood donation camp Tata Elxsi  |  Bangalore
The volunteers conducted a Blood Donation Camp. 180 volunteers donated blood. With this, Tata Elxsi volunteers donated a total of 578 units of blood including rare blood groups within this calendar year. This is about 12 times the national blood donation average, which is about 1%. The blood donated by the Elxsians has the potential of saving 1734 lives.
  Teaching tribal women how to make papads Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Pune
TCE conducted a program for teaching tribal women to make Nachni Pappad. The women enjoyed the session and discussed how they could use this skill to generate income.
  Cleanliness drive TAL Manufacturing  |  Pune
TAL Volunteering Team executed Cleanliness drive at Krantiveer Chapekar Madhyamik Vidyalaya at Chinchwad. They also distributed sweets to students.
  children safety session Rallis India  |  Pune
Volunteers from Rallis India, Pune (Jalgaon ASO) conducted a training on children’s safety & healthy habits at Z P Primary School, Adarsh Gaon Rajwad to promote understanding among common people about importance of this topic.
  Donation drive Rallis India  |  Pune
The volunteers had a discussion about challenges faced by the children, their daily routine, their requirements and support from the volunteers. Before donating they asked for their requirements and as per requirement one month grocery was donated as they were facing a problem with grocery requirements.
  De-addiction awareness Rallis India  |  Lote
Rallis Lote Unit organized a “De-addiction Awareness” Programme at Budhwadi, Gavtan village, Peer Lote. This de-addiction session was conducted by Brahmakumaris. They spoke about good family life, adjustment in family life, concentration of one’s mind, importance of yoga, human values, how to behave with others, use of alcohol, tobacco items etc. and its bad impact on human body and brain with many examples. There were 24 villagers present in the awareness programme.
  Joy of giving Rallis India  |  Pune
9 Volunteers from Rallis India Limited Pune visited Emmanuel Public School, Kondwa, Pune. The volunteers interacted with the teachers/students and donated rice/biscuits for the students.
  English literacy test for students Rallis India  |  Lote
Rallis Volunteers organized a session on English Literacy Test Programme for the students of Z P School, Lotemal, Lote. The volunteers covered basic word formation from Alphabets, find out the missing words from the given words, right pronunciation of words with its meaning and helped the students to write down the words on the board, checking the words in student’s books, helping them to make proper words etc.
  Health awareness session Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
Senior leaders along with 5 volunteers from Rallis India Limited, Ankleshwar organised a session on Health & Hygiene at Nirmal Miryam School, Ankleshwar for AA community students. More than 300 students participated in this event. Speakers highlighted the importance of health and hygiene and cleanliness in daily life. They highlighted importance of washing hands before eating meals, daily bath, brushing teeth and cleaning drinking water by boiling it to not only improve children's physical health but also plays a vital role in their cognitive development.
  Science Intervention Class and Drawing competition Rallis India  |  Dahej
A guest lecture by a consultant was organised by Rallis India Ltd Dahej Unit in school to conduct practical experiments of the science subject for STD 6th to 8th. The Consultant took a lecture at Atali Ashram School and all children participated in the activity. This activity mainly focused on understanding principles behind the science experiments. Each of the student got chance to do it practically shown by the consultant. Along with Science Intervention all the volunteers took Drawing competition of the students and explained the importance of protecting environment.
  Drawing competition for children Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
The volunteers from Rallis Ankleshwar organized a drawing competition at Gadhkhol Prathmik School, Ankleshwar. There were around 150 students & 10 volunteers participated in this event. The topic of the competition was "Save Environment" which is need of an hour. The competition was constructive and enjoyable.
  Science intervention sessions Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
Volunteers from Rallis Ankleshwar organized a science intervention class at Sardar Patel School & Gadhkhol School, Ankleshwar. The aim of the program was to increase the knowledge of the students in the field of science. The program aims to cultivate the love for science in children and encourage them to solve real world problems through practical learning of the subject.
  Visit to a school Rallis India  |  Akola
Rallis India volunteers visited Saraswati Primary School for conducting “Role-Model” – Motivation from great leaders programme for students. The volunteers arranged the exhibition on the information & great work carried out by the great leaders of India. Around 145 students took the benefit of the exhibition.
  Cleanliness drive Rallis India  |  Akola
The Rallis Akola volunteers undertook a cleaning drive along with the Blue Lotus Convent at Shivani area. The students were given awareness on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene in one’s life. All the teachers participated in the drive along with the volunteers of Rallis Akola.
  Introducing farmers to safe farm practices Rallis India   |  Akola
The volunteers created awareness amongst farmers about various ways in which spraying could be harmful and the toxic levels of various chemical formulations. They were advised on proper measures that could be taken while mixing formulations, spraying them etc. They were also advised to use hand gloves, masks, shoes while handling farm chemicals.
  Spending time with children Rallis India  |  Nashik
The volunteers discussed about tree plantation and importance of cleanliness at home and school. They also encouraged them to read the newspaper. The team also donated pens & biscuits.
  Cleanliness drive JCAPCPL  |  Jamshedpur
A ground that had the potential of becoming a beautiful park was chosen for the cleaning activity. Employees and family members gathered in huge numbers and cleaned the park with full enthusiasm and vigour. The park is worth a visit.
  Donate a meal JCAPCPL  |  Jamshedpur
Employees of JCAPCPL donated a number of meals for the under-privileged. Three members then bought grains and donated these at XLRI on the occasion of Joy of Giving Week.
  Training on using Microsoft Excel JCAPCPL  |  Jamshedpur
A training on using Microsoft Excel was conducted for students of Prem Jyoti Prangan. This was done to make them aware of some of the tools used in Professional report preparation.
  Old newspaper donation infiniti retail  |  Aurangabad
The volunteers from the Croma store, Aurangabad visited the Arham Yuva Seva group to donate old newspapers. From the sale proceeds of these old newspapers, a celebration on the occasion of Dusshera will be organised at the Bhagwan Baba Orphanage for Girls.
  Blood donation drive Indian Hotels  |  Surat
35 employees enthusiastically participated & donated their blood to Surat Raktadan Kendra. At the end of the activity volunteers were served refreshments and certificate of appreciation.
  Donating old clothes Infiniti Retail  |  Pune
Swach is India’s first wholly-owned cooperative of self-employed waste pickers / waste collectors and other urban poor. It is an autonomous enterprise that provides front-end waste management services to the citizens of Pune. 4 volunteers from Infiniti Retail Ltd. and 1 volunteer from Tata Technologies visited the NGO and donated old clothes.
  Visit to an old age home Indian Hotels  |  Surat
A team of 20 volunteers of The Gateway Hotel Surat, visited an old age home called Nirmalaben Pranjivan Bhagat Prerit Vridhdhashram, Surat. It is home of 65 elderly between the age group of 60 to 75 yrs. A special lunch was served to them. All were very happy to share their experience with the volunteers.
  A session on personal hygiene Indian Hotels  |  Gurgaon
The Gateway Resort, Gurgaon visited Haryana Tourism SARAS. The volunteers spoke to each staff member and heard their experiences. The volunteers were extremely delighted to spend time with them and teach them about Personal Hygiene and Grooming
  Spending time with the youth Indian Hotels  |  Gurgaon
The Gateway Resort volunteers visited a local village in Haryana. The volunteers spoke to the gathering about importance of cleaning and their personal hygiene. The volunteers spent time with them.
  Session on environment safety Indian Hotels  |  Gurgaon
The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake, Gurgaon Team organized a session at Local Government High School Abhaypur. They gave knowledge on environment safety. Three volunteers participated in this activity for 2 hours.
  Visit to a school Indian Hotels  |  Chennai
The volunteer conducted a Road Safety session for Faculty of Venkataramana Memorial Trust School, Kovalam. This was followed by a session on Nutrition & Health Management.
  Conducting a session in a school Indian Hotels  |  Gurgaon
The Gateway Resort Damdama Lake, Gurgaon Team organized a session at Local Government Middle School. They conducted a session on hygiene.
  NGO stall Indian Hotels   |  Bangalore
Ashwini Charitable Trust works towards empowering underprivileged children. The items made by these children were put on sale in the associate corridor at VBT MG Road. The items on display included colourful baskets, handmade cards, bookmarks, earrings and neck pieces which are handcrafted by the students of the trust. The stall attracted many of the associates who bought them.
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Noida
Team Noida participated in a plantation drive near the hotel area and were made aware of environmental responsibility & Importance of plantation.
  Wishing wall ceremony Indian Hotels  |  Bangalore
The children of Ashwini Charitable Trust were asked to give a list of wishes that they wanted fulfilled and it was then the turn of the volunteers from VBT MG Road to choose a child whose wish they would like to fulfil. The Wishing Wall ceremony was conducted at VBT MG road where the children were invited for a hi-tea party where they were given their gifts by the volunteers.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Gurgaon
20 volunteers from The Gateway Resort Damdama lake Gurgaon turned up for the cleaning campaign and were able to collect lot of general waste, glass, empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans etc. at the Haryana tourism spot – SARAS.
  Joy of giving Ginger Hotels   |  Mysore
11 Enthusiastic volunteers from Team Ginger Mysore visited Sri Chayadevi Anathashrama Trust Mysore & interacted with the orphans and spent some time with them. Hotel discarded linen was washed and donated to the orphanage.
  Cleanliness and plantation drive Indian Hotels  |  Nashik
The Gateway Hotel, Nashik organised a cleanliness drive and Plantation activity in Public Garden. The General Manager of the Hotel & all HODs along with their team worked towards the maintenance and cleanliness of the public garden. They also planted trees. 119 associates participated enthusiastically and planted around 100 plants. About 45 kgs waste was collected.
  Multiple initiatives across plantations Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
The volunteers conducted a white washing of Debrapara Grant LP School from both inside and outside. A water filter of stainless steel was donated to the school. They also made school children aware on not to use plastic and save the environment. They also conducted a cleanliness drive and planted lemon saplings and trees inside the school campus. A Medical check-up was conducted by the Estate SMO of school children. The volunteers distributed biscuits to the children.
  Setting up a library Rallis India  |  Akola
Under the initiative of “Joy of Giving”, the Rallis Akola volunteers started collecting the books from all the contract workers and employees for setting up a library at different schools. The students were provided with the knowledgeable books for their references. Total 120 students were benefited and 8 volunteers took up the initiative which will be extended to other schools also.
  Donation of computers Tata Africa Services  |  Nigeria
Tata Africa Services (Nigeria) Limited donated 4 sets of computer systems and a Printer to Festac Girls Junior Secondary School. The company’s IT personnel also volunteered to be trainers for the students to train the girl child on Information Technology and also ensured that they benefit tremendously from it.
  Cleanliness drive Amalgamated Plantations Private Limited   |  Assam
The volunteers cleaned the surrounding of the club. They also did the white washing and painting of door and window of the club.
  Donation drive Tata Zambia  |  Zambia
Tata Ndola team in Zambia went to Cicetekelo Youth Project which is based on the outskirts of Ndola called Misundu. The Cicikelo Youth Project is one of the largest organizations in Zambia founded by Stefano Maradini almost 10 years ago. The organisation currently supports more than 300 people under the guidance of Pope John XXIII. The organization equips incapacitated individuals with practical skills and knowledge for survival and it also assists homeless individuals who have obtained their grade 10 and 11 with practical training skills in mechanics, farming, poultry, sports etc. The Tata Ndola team donated; mattresses, mosquito nets, toiletries, blankets, and many other basics the organization needs for daily use. The children danced with joy as the Team brought the items into the hall.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.