Update No. 24      
  Food drive Tata Chemicals  |  North America
Tata Chemicals North America is running a food drive for the month of October to support a local food bank that distributes food to families with little or no income. The drive is just getting started this week, but already there’s great participation from Tata Chemicals employees.
  Visit to Nirmalya Hridalaya Tata Metaliks  |  Kharagpur
Nirmalya Hridalaya is run by Missionaries of Charity and provide shelter, food, medicine to the old age residents. The employee of Tata Metaliks meet them on a monthly basis. The employees collect donation for inmates. They played games and sang songs along with them.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Metaliks  |  Kharagpur
A sense of responsibility was evoked among the employees of Tata Metaliks through the Clean India Movement. Employees of Tata Metaliks organized an awareness rally on Swachch Bharat Abhiyan in two villages. Fifty employees has participated in the rally.
  Visit to a children's home Tata Metaliks  |  Kharagpur
Employees of Tata Metaliks on the eve of Durga Puja, collected donations from colleagues and purchased 100 t- shirts, fruits, biscuits, cakes & sweet for the residents of Brothers home, Missionaries of Charity and distributed among them in an attempt to bring smile on their faces.
  Grooming future hoteliers on safety Ginger Hotels  |  Bhubaneshwar
Ginger Hotel Bhubaneshwar team welcomed the future hoteliers from the Xavier Institute of Hotel Management, Cuttack and provided them with a skills training on Housekeeping, Safety and Fire Fighting, Food and Beverage Service. The group of 26 students were divided into 02 groups and complete hotel tour and orientation was provided. The Hotel Manager briefed the students on Sustainability and what hotels like Ginger and Taj Group are doing to save water and other depleting resources. The Hotel Safety Team displayed the several PPE that are used and also demonstrated Fire Fighting systems. The Restaurant Manager briefed the students on the F&B operations and also trained them on various Napkin folding. The Unit Sales Manager presented the students about the Ginger Hotels Brand Promise of SCB4 (Safety, Cleanliness, Bed, Bath, Breakfast and Broadband). The Students were also offered refreshments by the volunteers of Ginger Bhubaneshwar.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Motors  |  Lucknow
The volunteering initiative continued with active involvement of 50 employees of HR. The volunteers headed by GM (HR, ER & Admin) along with other employees conducted a cleanliness drive at the plant periphery area. Volunteers from HR departments, age groups and gender come to join hands in their cleaning gears during the early morning hours. The group divided themselves and picked up areas for clearing out the garbage on the roads.
  Door to door awareness on sanitation Tata Motors  |  Lucknow
The volunteers conducted door to door awareness in four villages of Barabanki District sensitizing people about the sanitation and cleanliness in order to protect dengue and other diseases. The volunteers along with the Village Pradhan counselled the villagers and children of the primary school on need of cleanliness and hygiene. They were also involved in the fogging drive aimed at dengue protection conducted in the village
  Making a loose boulder structure on a stream Rallis India  |  Lote
A group of 6 volunteers went to Gavthan village and made a Loose Boulder Structure on a stream coming from a waterfall with the help of few farmers of the same village. Recently Rallis has completed a Hydro Power Generation Project here. The purpose of making loose boulder structure is to store the natural rainwater in the same area so that this can be recharged to the ground and also be used for cultivation purpose of vegetables in the paddy field.
  Book donation drive Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Bangalore
Through book donation drive, nearly 150 books have been collected from employees and handed over to food4thought.com. It was a great initiative which gave everyone a chance to help the children.
  Visit to an orphanage Ginger Hotels  |  Pune
The volunteers donated a wheel chair for 43 physically disabled children's & women. They also celebrated the birthday of a child and distributed some sweets, the volunteers helped school with serving regular medicines to all physically disabled children and spent time with the residents of Prerna Bhavan (orphanage & Physically disabled school).
  Visit to a home for cancer patients Titan  |  Mumbai
Volunteers from the Regional Office and stores- Zoya and World of Titan, visited Shri Gadge Maharaj Mission Dharamshala Trust, Dadar - a home to underprivileged cancer patients who come from across India to Tata Cancer Research Hospital, Mumbai, for treatment. Volunteers spent some time interacting with the patients and their families and distributed clothes and biscuits.
  Awareness on how to improve school Tata Technologies  |  Bangalore
A volunteer with the help of resources from Tata Technologies conducted a Campaign and awareness program on "How to Improve Government Schools" 151 people attended along with many Government School Teachers, Heads of Institution, representatives from Education office. Mr Chiranjeevi Singh - Former IAS Officer attended the program and spoke about improvement of Government Schools.
  Walkathons for sensitization of common masses Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Cultural clubs of Tata Power DDL, Udaan & Abbhudaya organized walkathons on various themes of Safety, Climate Change, Electricity & Energy Conservation to sensitize common masses at Hudson Lane & Bawana. The CEO & MD, Tata Power – DDL motivated the volunteers with his presence and whole-hearted participation at Hudson Lane. The event was also attended by Senior Management Officials. In total 410 volunteers took part in these 2 walkathons where they carried banners/placards carrying messages along with slogans based on the themes through public address system.
  Blood donation drive Tata Technologies  |  Bangalore
A blood donation camp was organized at the office. 29 Units of blood was collected with the help of 52 volunteers during the event which was supported by Red Cross Society and People Health.
  Road safety awareness Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team from I Blast Furnace organised safety awareness on safe driving and road safety awareness campaign was an effort to engage the community and help change unsafe behaviour on the roads. The campaign encourages drivers to slow down, use helmets and not to use mobile phones while driving. People who travel in unprofessional way were requested to use road safety measures and follow traffic rules by giving them roses.
  Launch of School on Wheels program Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Pune
If children can’t come to school; we’ll get the classroom to them. Tata Consulting Engineers launched the School on Wheels program in association with NGO partner Door Step School. The interior of the bus is remodeled into a classroom, designed by TCE engineers, which will go to different areas in Pune to conduct classes. The bus is primarily for the kids of migrant workers who work on construction sites and often have to move from site to site, thus making it difficult for the children to get consistent education. The Managing Director along with the BU heads at Pune office, inaugurated the Bus in the office premises. The bus was then taken to a site, where the first class was conducted and the kids got to interact with the MD and other senior leaders. The employee volunteers distributed snacks and stationery kits to the children.
  Spending time with children Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Officers of Khondbond project visited a Primary School, Guruda village and spent some time with children and distributed Kitchen utensils. Team Noamundi visited a Primary School and sponsored the lunch to the students
  Conducting ‘Communication skills’ session for the youth Indian Hotels  |  Hyderabad
Volunteers from L&D and HR conducted a session on “Communication Skills”. They both explained the students about its importance and significance. To stay ahead in today’s competitive world one should develop his/her communication skills as it may be one of the most defining skills to set you apart from the rest of the world. To make them understand they conducted various activities such as JAM sessions, role plays etc. The students really enjoyed the session as it turned out to be an excellent opportunity for them to learn and enhance their skills.
  Visit to a zoo Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
I BF JDC organized an Educational Trip to Zoological Park for 55 students of Primary School, Hariyakocha, Boram (adopted by I BF). The children were very excited to see and know more about the wildlife. Despite the humid weather, children explored every nook and corner, in complete awe. Their first close encounter with the lions and tiger during the visit brought out roars of happiness. The visit was followed by a sumptuous lunch at Jubliee Park where children enjoyed eating together in the garden with their friends. The outing with the children was filled with joy, excitement and will be cherished forever by the children as well as the volunteers.
  Health check-up camp Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team from West Bokaro visited the village and organised ante-natal check-up camp & awareness on proper disposal of domestic waste for the villagers.
  Visit to a children's home Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team from Mechanical Maintenance JDC visited Shishu Bhawan interacted with the children and spent some time. They also distributed daily use items. A team from LD#1 visited Bal Vikas Baridih and interacted with the students. Under Joy of Giving, the team distributed school stationaries to the children.
  Plantation drive Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A tree plantation drive was organised by the CRM Bara team at CRM Bara Complex.
  Joy of giving Tata Business Support Services  |  Hyderabad
25 Tata BSS volunteers visited Mother India Orphans home in Secunderabad. They donated a double bed cot along with several mattress to the institute. The volunteers conducted several games, quizzes and danced along with the kids. Before leaving they distributed floor mats, food items, clothes & stationary to the kids.
  Helping the visually impaired Tata Business Support Services  |  Mumbai
‘Help Blind’ group in Mumbai organizes a camp every Amavasya (no moon day), where around 1500 visually impaired from Mumbai and other states gather in this camp. Volunteers helped the residents with food, groceries and clothing. The family members of the VP volunteered to help the group. On the day of camp, meals were organized. The volunteers spent the day in the camp for service, prepared food for them and donated valuables to them.
  Wish tree for children Ginger Hotels  |  Mumbai
A wish tree was placed at the office for Sarthak Foundation. This foundation takes care of visually-impaired, hearing-impaired & speech-impaired children between 7 years to 20 years of age and few adults. This tree had unfulfilled wishes of these children written down on a slip of chart paper tied with a thread to it. Each one had to pluck a chart paper slip and buy what is mentioned on it or may offer an equivalent amount. There was a collection box kept next to the tree and all the gifts would be collected in it the next day.
  Donating wheelchairs Tata Consultancy Services  |  Kochi
A TCS team at Kochi donated four wheel chairs to Karunalayam, Home for the Aged, Destitute and Infirm at Thrikkakara, on the outskirts of Kochi, The International Day of Older Persons. Karunalayam has more than 40 residents.
  School supplies drive Tata Chemicals  |  North America
Tata Chemicals donated to the Child Developmental Center, Sweetwater County School District #1 and #2, Uinta County School District #4 and #6. In all, the volunteers donated nearly $2000 worth of school supplies to these 5 area school districts. They were all very grateful and all mentioned that this has already been a difficult year for some of the kids and these supplies will help many.
  Visit to a children’s home Indian Hotels  |  Andhra Pradesh
The Gateway Hotel, Vijayawada team led by the General Manager and the Heads of the Department along with the volunteering associates, served lunch for the underprivileged children from Chiguru children's village, a project for children for care and protection. They will provide primary education and vocational training center for boy and girl who are not able to continue their education. 15 volunteers from the hotel team distributed food among the children and staff.
  Promoting overall development of tribal children Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
The volunteers interacted with the students in UGME School at Birikala most of them are from tribal communities. The volunteers motivated these students to pursue education and also to focus on co-curricular activities for their all-round development. Also, these students were encouraged to identify the children are engaged in labour in their villages and try to bring this issue to the knowledge for their teachers, PRI members and Parents for their enrolment in schools. Moreover, the teachers were encouraged to sustain their great effort for the betterment of these children from the underprivileged communities.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
The women group of Tata Sponge Township gathered to remember the contribution of Gandhiji towards the Clean & Green India. Thereafter, they undertook a cleanness drive within the township.
  Awareness on Child Friendly Police and Child Protection Issues Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
Police Station In-charge of Joda along with the volunteers from Tata Sponge coordinated the topic on, “Child Friendly Police and Child Protection Issues” for more than 150 students from Govt. High School and Saraswati Sishu Mandir situated at Bileipada. The Police Officer explained the students on the critical role that has been played by the Police to protect the children and civil society from various crisis. Students were made aware on various aspects of Child protection issues those arises at home, community, street, school and elsewhere. Moreover, they were empowered to discuss these issues with their parents and other duty-bearers with whom they feel comfortable to decimate their crisis, rather holding those with them for long and becoming complicated. This was a first ever kind of programme conducted by Tata Company in this block, according to the Police department, Teachers and other local leaders, present there.
  Training hotel management students Ginger Hotels  |  Nashik
Team Ginger Nashik visited TLM VTC Nashik to offer soft training in Hospitality, Safety and hygiene. They interacted with more than 100 students in different segments. Computer section briefed them about soft training of hospitality & others departments. They also arranged safety and hygiene training (Motor mechanic, Diesel mechanic, Printing, Electric etc). TLM VTC is providing training to the leprosy affected, BPL & EWP children since 1980 under NCVT and Maharashtra Govt courses.
  Plantation drive TML Drivelines  |  Jamshedpur
Flora Horticulture supported the event by providing varieties of plant saplings & digging the pockets. This event witnessed participation from 40+ volunteers belonging to different departments who gathered to plant more than 350 saplings. The Mfg. Head along with senior executives inaugurated the drive by planting a sapling; which was followed by volunteers taking up shovels & watering hose to fill the earth pockets with saplings. On this occasion, volunteers also took an oath to protect the environment.
  Session on health and hygiene Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
The program was conducted at Sardar Patel School, Ankleshwar by volunteers of Rallis India Limited, Ankleshwar. More than 100 students and their teachers participated in this session. Health, personal hygiene, safe drinking water, use of toilets and how to keep it clean were the topics dealt with during the sessions. At the end of the session children were asked to recollect what they have learnt. The participants were encouraged to disseminate the information to their families and peers in their locality and the schools where they study.
  Plantation drive Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
“Let’s Grow Our Own Oxygen”, an idea that was discussed, planned and executed. It’s never as easy as it sounds to organize an event to plant 50 saplings. The volunteers started digging pits, some collected manure and some started planting, water it, more importantly to spread the awareness- the main focus of the green events.
  Conducting a yoga session Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
Yoga is more than a simple workout session. It’s a spiritual journey to self-discovery and to the present moment- the only moment that truly exists. 5 volunteers from Rallis Ankleshwar thought to spread the awareness of Yoga. They organized a Yoga session at Kanya Shala, Andada, Ankleshwar. There are more than 50 girl students participated in this event.
  Making seva sandwiches Tata Communications  |  Mumbai
Tata Communications, Mumbai employees volunteered to celebrate "Joy of Giving Week" by making sandwiches, an initiative of compassion. The event began with employees peeling, slicing and dicing vegetables, spreading butter and jam on bread slices and packing the finished product nicely in aluminium foils. The enthusiasm and excitement that rose among volunteers was palpable. 53 volunteers prepared 321 sandwiches within 3 hours. These sandwiches were distributed in the community of Maharashtra Nagar (BKC). The event ended up bringing smiles to the beneficiaries and volunteers went home receiving twice the number of smiles!
  Blood donation camp Tata Communications  |  Pune
Tata Communications, Dighi, Pune employees, guided by the principle of community welfare, organized a blood donation camp to mark the Joy of Giving Week. The donors went through a series of medical check-ups before donating blood and were given refreshments, a memento and a certificate of appreciation for this service to humanity. The event was a great success with 228 employees turning up for the cause.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Bangalore
37 Volunteers from Ginger unit and RSO team carried out this cleanliness drive. They cleaned the public main road and surroundings of the hotel premises.
  Science Intervention Class Rallis India  |  Gujarat
A guest lecture by a consultant was organised by Rallis India Ltd Dahej Unit in schools having practical experiments of the science subject for STD 6th to 8th. The Consultant took lectures in Ambhetha Primary School, Atali Ashram School and all children took active participation in the activity. The activity mainly focused on understanding principles behind the science experiments. Each of the student got chance to do practical shown by the consultant.
  Traffic Awareness Day Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies in association with Hinjawadi Industrial Association and Pune Traffic Police organised a support #HumanChain4Traffic for discipline drive for Pune employees. This initiative was organised in the occasion of Traffic Awareness Day. President Coo-north America Kick started the program and more than 380 employees came on ground and participated and supported the drive. This activity was held in support with Pune Traffic Police department where the entire Hinjawadi Traffic police department joined us to form a Human Chain of more than 2 lakh people across the city. Employees took a pledge to follow traffic rules strictly after the program. Police department Head conveyed thank you message to Tata Technologies employees after the drive.
  Drawing competition for children Rallis India  |  Gujarat
Dahej Unit organised a drawing competition on save environment at Lakhigam Primary School. A session on importance of burning issue like environment was held. More than 200 Students even children participated in the activity very actively.
  Sports Kit Donation Tata Technologies  |  Jamshedpur
Tata technologies Jamshedpur Team undertook TVW6 activity at Government School and distributed Sports Kit which included Badminton rackets, Badminton Cork, Badminton Corks, Badminton Cork, Skipping Ropes, Tug of War Ropes, Ring Rounds, Dari Sets for Yoga. Kudos to Team Jamshedpur.
  Tree plantation drive Rallis India  |  Akola
Rallis Akola volunteers visited Z.P.School at Malkapur – Khadan and conducted a tree plantation drive for nature conservation. 6 volunteers participated and the school management shown keen interest for protecting the plants towards their contribution
  Blood group check-up Rallis India  |  Akola
Blood donation is a very important in our social life. To have a data bank ready with us for any emergency requirement, the Rallis Akola volunteers organised a blood group check-up camp at factory for the contract workers. The total 7 volunteers participated in the activity and around 150 workers taken the benefit of the activity. The list will be provided the local blood bank for any emergency requirements.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Cape Town
Employees and their families scattered along the beaches of Sea Point and Mouille Point Cape town to pick up the litter that is overlooked and harmful to the marine animals and marine life.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Chennai
Volunteers at Vivanta by Taj – Fisherman’s Cove, Chennai joined hands with all Taj Properties of Chennai to conduct a cleanliness drive at Marina Beach, Chennai.
  Career counselling session Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Jamshedpur
TCE Jamshedpur Office team visited Kerala Public School, Kadma for a career counselling session for students of Class 12. The aim was to apprise the students about the importance of choosing the right career path. This was followed by anecdotes by the young engineers - volunteers who shared their personal experience with the students. The kids were also informed about the myriad of career options that they could choose from, after completing their school. The volunteers felt that such guidance would help the young generation choose the right career as per their interest.
  Visit to a children’s home Tata Elxsi  |  Bangalore
A group of fourteen volunteers from Tata Elxsi Bangalore visited Rainbow Home. The centre now has 89 kids. They played indoor and outdoor games with them after dividing the kids into different age groups. Children enjoyed the painting and craft competitions. Tug-of-war was a hilarious one as usual. The volunteers served lunch for the kids and also had lunch with them. Post lunch, the volunteers screened inspirational videos on Mahatma Gandhi and conducted a quiz on Gandhiji. The day ended with high tea. They day-long interaction provided good experience to both sides along with lots of fun and sweet memories.
  Career counselling session Tata Motors   |  Jamshedpur
Employee Volunteers from Central Planning, HR & PS and other Divisions went to the Government Primary School at Kero village and spent time by engaging with the children and teachers. They interacted and took an interactive and educational session on 'Value Education' with the children. Then they walked through the village, visiting houses and conducted a campaign on 'I Refuse Plastics'. The village is predominantly inhabited by communities belonging to the Affirmative Action section.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Motors   |  Jamshedpur
Employee Volunteers from Vehicle Factory went and interacted with the residents of the Antyodaya Bhavan, the Old Age Home being run by Tata Motors and spent emotional moments to extend solidarity to them. The residents are mostly advanced in age, both male and female. The volunteers spread cheers amongst the residents and distributed fruits, sweets and bed sheets to all the residents.
  Career counselling Tata Motors   |  Pantnagar
The volunteers from different departments conducted the counselling and mentoring session for the government girls students enrolled to special coaching classes being run at government girl’s high schools. The mentor explained the journey/ladder of higher studies with an objective to understand the level of challenges and constraint in each stage. The girls were highly inspired to have a coaching facilities in the remote rural area. The volunteers also donated greens books for the library, where students will have familiarities about the biodiversity through greens books.
  Road safety awareness Tata Motors   |  Pantnagar
Tata Motors Pantnagar trained DDT trainer conducted a driving training for the novice drivers coming from the slum area of the district. The trainees were from diverse group and showed deep interest in safe driving.
  Interaction with school students Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
The volunteers from Tata Power Solar visited the Government primary school - Gollahalli – Bangalore and imparted knowledge on the importance of the education. The team also conducted a quiz programme on important topics which included- health, environment protection and safety to help ignite the students mind. The volunteers donated diary books to all the 180 Students in the school.
  Awareness on health Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
Volunteers of Tata Power solar visited Govt Primary School at Dodda Nagamangala along with the company doctor & imparted health talk, awareness about the dengue and malaria. Knowledge of rain water harvesting was also imparted. A detailed question & answer session was addressed by the volunteers & doctor. The team also visited the entire campus of the school & supported the school authorities by a cleaning campaign with the students. The school authorities have requested for a need of computer lab for the students which Tata Power Solar has agreed to provide shortly.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
The volunteers from Tata Power Solar visited the Government primary school - Parappan Agrahara – Bangalore and conducted a cleanliness campaign at the school premises. 180 students participated. The team also conducted a quiz programme on important topics which included- health, environment protection, safety and the winners were suitably recognized by rewards. Also awareness related to physical fitness, health & hygiene was conducted
  Road safety awareness Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
The volunteers from Tata Power Solar conducted a road safety awareness at a busy traffic junction – Hosa road junction – Bangalore. The safety team designed a pocket tip card about road safety, do’s & don’ts, statistics of road accidents, pedestrian safety, speed limits. The volunteers also distributed driving safety rules. This whole activity was done in consultation and the advice of the Traffic police department – 400 people were reached with the road safety awareness campaign which included the two wheelers, 4 wheelers and truck drivers.
  Health awareness campaign Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
Volunteers of Tata Power Solar visited – Ambedkar Colony – Near Electronic City – Bangalore and conducted a road show and health awareness campaign to the slum dwellers. Awareness on how to prevent dengue, malaria & other communicable disease was imparted. The need for healthy eating was also conveyed. The importance of drinking pure water was one of the important subject discussed. The volunteers distributed fruits & essentials for the people.
  Driving safety campaign Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
The volunteers from Tata Power Solar conducted a road safety awareness at a busy traffic junction – Toll Plaza Electronic City – Bangalore, the safety team designed a pocket tip card about road safety, do’s & don'ts, statistics of road accidents, pedestrian safety and speed limits. This whole activity was done in consultation and the advice of the Traffic police department – 600 people were reached with the road safety awareness campaign which included the two wheelers, 4 wheelers and truck drivers.
  Environment protection drive Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
The Volunteers from TATA Power Solar conducted an Environment protection drive at a Residential colony in Mylasandra Bangalore. The team campaigned on the subject like forest restoration, bio diversity and rain harvesting methods and its benefits to the environment. Water usage, saving & conservation was also discussed. Quiz programme was conducted on the above topics for awareness creation. The volunteers planted over 200 saplings along with the residential colony which involves all age group form children to elders.
  Awareness session on health Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
The volunteers of Tata Power Solar visited Govt Primary School at Mysoorammana Doddi in Bangalore and conducted many community development initiatives & health, hygiene & sanitation awareness. The team donated safe drinking water purifier to the school. The volunteers conducted a cleanathon exercise which included painting of the walls, swachch abhiyaan and tree sapling plantation. Quiz program on the above subject was conducted and all the participants were suitably rewarded.
  Energy conservation awareness Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
Volunteers of Tata Power solar visited Govt Primary School at Mylasandra and conducted an energy conservation awareness session to the students. The topic covered were disadvantages of fossil fuels, advantages of using renewable energy including solar energy. The volunteers conducted quiz on the energy conservation and the winners were awarded.
  Awareness session on health Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
The volunteers of Tata Power Solar visited Govt Primary School at Thimmarayana Doddi in Bangalore and conducted many community development initiatives & health, hygiene & sanitation awareness. The team donated safe drinking water purifier to the school. The team offered mid-day meal to the students for the day
  Environment and bio-diversity campaign Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
The volunteers of Tata Power Solar visited a residential community – Sai Paradise layout and conducted an environment & bio diversity campaign to the residents of all age from children to the adults. Water conservation and Rain water harvesting awareness session was conducted, simple techniques of rain water harvesting were demonstrated. Quiz for the children was conducted related to the above subject to ignite & inculcate young minds towards environment & bio diversity. Tree saplings were distributed to the community encouraging them to convert their residential to green spaces.
  Health awareness Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
Volunteers of Tata Power Solar visited Vimochana Nagaraj near Electronic City – Bangalore and conducted a road show and health awareness campaign to the slum dwellers. Awareness on how to prevent dengue, malaria & other communicable disease was imparted. The need for healthy eating was also conveyed. The volunteers distributed fruits & essentials for the people
  Blood donation camp Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
Tata Power Solar conducted a Blood donation camp at the manufacturing plant in Electronic City Bangalore. People from all segment of work volunteered for donating the blood which include Permanent Employees, Trainees and Contract Workmen. In this blood donation camp TATA Power solar could manage to donate 52 units of blood to Swami Vivekananda Blood Bank. The donors were congratulated for their contribution by the senior management
  Yoga session Tata Power Solar  |  Bangalore
Volunteers of Tata Power Solar conducted a yoga awareness camp at Sree Vinayak Samskruthika Prathistana – HSR Layout - Bangalore. The benefits of Yoga was communicated and the important asanas were taught to the participants
  Blood donation drive Tata Realty and Infrastructure   |  Mumbai
Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited organised a Blood Donation Drive at the Infinity IT Park, Dindoshi, Malad (East) office with doctors from Arpan blood bank, a 'Not-For-Profit' organization attending to the donors. Arpan blood bank provides free blood to ‘Arpan thalassemia care center', Vile Parle & Nashik, where on an average everyday 6 to 8 children receive blood transfusion. About 92 units of blood was collected during this drive.
  Awareness on cervical cancer Tata Realty and Infrastructure   |  Mumbai
Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited partnered with Cancer Patients Aid Association (CPAA) to conduct a workshop on spreading awareness and screening of Cervical and Prostate Cancer at Backbay Sarvajanik Ganeshostav Mandal at Churchgate. CPAA doctors and volunteers attended to the people and provided them with advice on the ill-effects of tobacco, etc. Investigation reports to be sent in due course.
  Blood donation camp Tata Realty and Infrastructure   |  Mumbai
Tata Realty and Infrastructure Limited conducted a Blood Donation Camp at Backbay Sarvajanik Ganeshostav Mandal, Opp. Samrat Hotel, Churchgate with doctors from KEM Hospital attending to the donors, collecting about 20 units of blood.
  Visit to a non-profit Tata Technologies   |  Pune
Tata Technologies SAP Team Leads visited the Punarutthan Samarasta Gurukulam to understand the requirement of the school for donation drive. Team of volunteers are planning to provide financial help to the NGO for Tata Volunteering and Joy of Giving Week.
  Visit to an Old Age home Tata Technologies   |  Pune
Volunteers visited Matoshree, an Old Age Home at Karve Nagar to spend fruitful time with the group of senior citizens. Families and friends of the volunteers also visited the old age home along with them. An IT Application Support executive at Tata Technologies, Pune planned and organized this event
  Donation of dental kit and soap Tata Technologies   |  Pune
Tata Technologies volunteers along with family members distributed 350 Tooth Paste, tooth brush and Soap Kits to underprivileged school children. Employees also celebrated their birthdays by donating utility kits.
  Diya making workshop for school children Tata Technologies   |  Pune
Tata Technologies volunteers along with few family members conducted a diya making workshop for school children. Volunteers also spread awareness related to eco-friendly Diwali and safe practices while celebrating the festival.
  Road safety awareness The Tinplate Company of India   |  Jamshedpur
An awareness program on fire and domestic safety was organized for the community girls and ladies. The Head (Security Services) along with 5 employees from Tinplate Company conducted the session for this awareness program. This program was specially designed for home-makers and girls to know various precautions and remedial measures to prevent fire at home especially in the kitchen and also how to control the situation if there is a fire incidence at home. 30 ladies and community girls attended the program and understood the importance of fire and domestic safety.
  Blood donation camp Voltas   |  Jamshedpur
Voltas Limited, Jamshedpur organised a blood donation camp where NH Brahmananda Narayan Hospital's Blood Bank Division had been requested to collect the blood. The program was a huge success as more than 60 employees came forward to donate blood. However after the medical test 41 employees were allowed to donate blood.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.