Connect with Rural women CGPL   |  Gujarat
The volunteers of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited ( Tata Power) planned the activity titled “ Connect with the Rural Women” through an meaningful approached which can be helpful to all in enhancing their skill base and untimely can also lead to Income Generation. Consultations and Research was carried out to identify the specific requirement and then the program was chalked out. During the event, the venue was their village; and the discussion on Entrepreneurship was held and their well being was also discussed in detail. The participants were all praise for CGPL and their volunteers. This specific program is the part of the series of the programs on “Connect with Rural women”
  Tree Plantation Indian Hotels   |  Cape Town
Taj associates took a trip to Mimosa primary school in Bonteheuwel. Taj previously visited the primary school last year where a vegetable garden was planted for the children as part of the Amy Biehl Greening Project.
We were given a warm welcome by all the children who were happy to see us! Once the tree was planted Taj associates tidied up the vegetable garden that had previously been planted. More beetroot and carrots were added to the arrangement of vegetables that were already growing.
Once the gardening was done the children put on a dancing show which they had specially choreographed for our visit. When the show was done we handed out chocolate cupcakes and juice boxes which delighted the children to no end.
  Cape Town Cycle Tour 2016 Indian Hotels   |  Cape Town
Taj associates showed their support in the Cape Town Cycle Tour that took place on Sunday the 06th of March 2016. The Cape Town cycle tour is the largest timed cycle tour in the world which allows cyclists to follow 109km route around the beautiful city. This year it celebrated its 38th year where 38 000 cyclists lined up to take part.
The cyclists took part as the Amy Biehl group. The Amy Biehl Foundation is a non-profit organisation that offers programmes to develop and empower youth. It is one of the foundations that Taj Cape Town has worked closely with over the years.
All the proceeds from the tour went towards giving children of the Western Cape the opportunity to learn essential skills that will assist them with their future as well as giving them a chance to express their creativity which they would not ordinarily have the opportunity to do. The children also receive a meal a day.
Overall Taj Cape Town donated R15 000 to the charity. We would like to say well done to everyone that participated.
  Awareness session Rallis India   |  Lote
On 9th March, 2016, Rallis Volunteers along with our Science Intervention Consultant conducted an awareness session on Energy Conservation, especially on Solar Energy and Solar Lighting System at Nutan Vidyalaya, Lote for their 9th standard students. In this school we have recently installed a Solar Lighting System. There were 145 students present in the session. At the end of the programme all the students expressed their commitment towards Energy saving. The programme was well accepted by all the participants and our volunteers too.
  Conservation of endangered Gugal plant Tata Chemicals   |  Mithapur
Conservation of endangered Gugal (Commiphora wightii) plant has been continuing at Mithapur since the 4th instant. Employees, family members and retired employees have been volunteering on daily basis in the evening hours for removal of the wild growth of an exotic weed from the proposed site. This site development work shall continue through the month and the plot shall be made ready for the plantation of the endangered Gugal as also few other indigenous flora species which will help improve the coastal biodiversity at Mithapur". A rapid assessment exercise was also undertaken on the 5th instant with involvement of students for collection of data on birdlife in the immediate surrounds.
  Medical Checkup and Health Awareness Programme for school children Tata Hitachi   |  Jamshedpur
In continuation of Tata Volunteering Week -5, on 4th March 2016Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery Company Private Ltd Jamshedpur Volunteers organized a Medical Checkup and Health Awareness Programme for Students of Sidhu Kanu memorial High School in Kedo Village. 227 students were examined and provided medicines. Health Awareness programme was mainly focused on Adolescent Health. A team of 12 THCM volunteers along with 3 Doctors & 2 Pharmacist participated in this programme.
  Blood donation camp Tata Metaliks   |  Jamshedpur
Blood donation was organized in the plant premises. 90 employee which included villager and women of community. 17 volunteers along with factory medical team put their hard labour to make this camp a grand success. Every year, Tata Metaliks organize blood donation for the community. The senior management team always donate blood and take active part for organizing the camp. The plant Dispensary provides 24 hours service for the community in arranging blood for any patient of the community from the blood bank.
The senior management team always donate blood and take active part for organizing the camp. The plant Dispensary provides 24 hours service for the community in arranging blood for any patient of the community from the blood bank.
  Visit to a school Tata Motors   |  Jamshedpur
Employee volunteers from HR & PS and MACH & EQPT SP went to the Government School at village Tupudang and took sessions on career counselling and value education. They interacted with the children studying in the senior classes and had very engaging sessions with them. The children were urged to develop aspirations for what they would like to become as they come of age and were told about various career options available. The session on value education was highly appreciated by the teachers.
  Kiosk at the office Tata Technologies   |  Pune
Tata Technologies has been and continue to support Education as a priority area through its CSR programs. We have supported for education to girl students who are academically bright and financially deserving. On the occasion of TVW5 we invited Care India, an NGO that believes in Education as the key to empower women and girls, and thus bring about social equality. All employees were invited to visit Kiosk by Care India to understand their work & support them to uplift the underprivileged and to further mentor and develop leadership skills in capable women. More than 150 volunteers visited their kiosk and supported for the cause. Care India received a tremendous response from this campaign and collected more than Rs. 45,000.
  Blood donation Ginger Hotels   |  Mumbai
The entire team has taken an initiative to support 138 underprivileged children with Thalassemia Major/Minor. The drive was organized in coordination with Samarpan Trust. These children require 400 bottles of blood every month for transfusion which is supported by Samarpan. The employees enthusiastically supported the cause
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.