Feeding nutritious meals to children Tata Consultancy Services  |  USA
As a part of Tata Volunteering Week 5, TCS users and their families from across the Minneapolis Region took 2 hours of their weekend to help feed kids in Guatemala. Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) has worked to develop a food mixture that would be easy and safe to transport, simple to make with only boiling water, and culturally acceptable worldwide.
With the input of scientists from major food companies in the Twin Cities area—including Cargill and General Mills—FMSC developed MannaPackRice, a formula consisting of rice, extruded soy nuggets, vitamins, minerals and dehydrated vegetables for flavor and nutrition.
Packaged in small pouches, this easy-to-prepare food blend has won rave reviews all over the world. While the formula was designed to save the lives of severely malnourished and starving children, the ingredients also improve the health, growth and physical well-being of children who are no longer in immediate danger of starvation. A team of food scientists continues to monitor the FMSC formula to ensure that it meets nutritional needs of the world’s hungry children.
A single bag of food—which provides highly nutritious meals for six children—costs around $1.32 to produce, and 92 percent of all donations to FMSC goes directly toward the food program. As a result of volunteer’s efforts during TVW5, 106 kids will be fed for a year which is huge impact.
  Reading to the children Tata Steel   |  USA
The volunteers had a wonderful time reading to pre-schoolers (ages 4-5) in Ohio near the Tata Steel plant. About 17 volunteers spent time one-on-one with children reading and telling stories. Each of the children received 5 books to take home with them. Many of them might have received their first book they ever owned.
  Beach cleaning drive CGPL   |  Gujarat
The volunteers of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited in association with Partner agency Swadeep and Village Development and Advisory Committee organized a beach cleaning drive along with the children of migrant fishermen. All the children, along with the community, participated in the program wholeheartedly. They were able to clean up a lot of general waste, glass, and empty plastic bottles. The volunteering team spent quality time on the beach and were able to infuse awareness among the community and the children on the value and importance of cleanliness.
  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Ginger Hotels  |  Guwahati
Ginger Hotel Guwahati team cleaned the road adjacent to Hotel and also planted a tree to make the area free from pollution. It’s a small step taken by the team to clean the surrounding swamp area and provide the living beings a fresh breath. The team took an oath to do such type of activity every month and to conserve nature.
  Cleanliness drive JUSCO   |  Jamshedpur
Team JUSCO conducted a cleanliness drive at Bage Bhatta Basti, Marine Drive, Jamshepur. This “Swachh” campaign also helped in spreading awareness among the people of basti about the significance of sanitation, hygiene & healthy activity.
  Home safety awareness Rallis India  |  Lote
Rallis Lote unit volunteers organized a Home Safety Awareness Programme for the people of Budhwadi, Songaon village. There were 52 villagers present in the awareness programme. The Lady Sarpanch of Songaon and few key personnel of the village were also present in the programme.
  Painting of playground equipment for a children’s centre Tata Business Support Services  |  Hyderabad
33 membered volunteering team armed with paints and brushes painted all the playground equipment in Sadhna Institute for the mentally challenged in Nacharam, Hyderabad. The playground hadn’t been painted for over six years. The old paint was falling off and equipment was rusty. Post vigorous painting by the volunteers, the playground was visibly bright and the residents of the institute were happy with the facelift, as they like to spend their maximum time in there.
  Distribution of caps Tata Business Support Services  |  Hyderabad
The summers in Hyderabad mean scorching heat and harsh winds. With an aim to protect children from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, Tata BSS volunteers distributed over 50 caps.
  Sales training for street vendors Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Jamshedpur
The volunteers helped the vendors in selling their products. The aim was to teach them how to attract customers so that they could sell their products. The volunteers helped in selling roses, balloons, candy floss, puffed rice, chips and peanuts. The vendors were very happy and grateful to the volunteers as they sold all their products at a higher price giving them huge profits.
  Auto CAD training for youth Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Pune
The volunteers arranged an Advance Auto CAD Training for ITI Students from poorer sections of society. The training was to introduce the youth to Auto CAD and REVIT 2014 software. A practical session took place followed by some theoretical knowledge to make them confident. The session also included career guidance and interview preparation.
  Visit to an NGO- Rainbow Home Tata Elxsi  |  Bangalore
The volunteers visited Rainbow Home to interact with the children and engaged them through a series of "Ice Breaker" games. Relevant series of activities were conducted for all the children who were segregated into 3 categories based on their age. Ball passing, tug of war, book balancing, aiming the ball into bucket at a distance, Lagori, Dodge ball and bursting balloons were few of the various games played. Along with the fun, these games taught the importance of team spirit and co-operation. Tata Elxsi SAFE team, sponsored lunch for all the people of the NGO including the staff and the volunteers.
Post lunch, a series of knowledge imparting sessions were conducted. Guessing Game and videos related to Education, Basic etiquette and Patriotism were shown. The guessing game included a whole set of clues related to birds, animals and famous personalities to engage the different age groups. This session was very informative as it involved learning through visuals and videos.
  Visit to an NGO- Makkala Jeevodya Tata Elxsi  |  Bangalore
A group of ELXSIANS, visited an NGO named as "Makkala Jeevodaya" in Madivala to spend time with the children. They started with book balancing game as an ice breaker followed by Hula Hoop game in which they were pro. The volunteers taught them paper craft. The children showed a lot of creativity. Then a few animated videos were shown. The volunteers spent some more time with the children by playing outdoors games like Throw ball, Lagori and Musical Chairs.
  Medical checkup for children Tata Housing   |  Kolkata
The volunteers organized a medical checkup for underprivileged children in the village Patharghata, Nuton pukur primary school. They also distributed school bags and soft drinks to all the children.
  Awareness about birds for villagers Tata Motors  |  Jamshedpur
A two day exhibition-cum-Workshop was organized for nearby villagers with the support of the Forest Department and NGO ’Ummedo Ki Udaan’. 58 photographs of bird life were curated and around 100 slides on different types of birds were clicked in an around the district. The objective was to make people from the town and villages aware about bird life and sensitize them. The idea was also to select villagers who could be tour guides for the birders. The programme envisioned two basic impacts, first- augment the earnings of the villagers as they would be remunerated by the visiting birders and second- the villagers will be more sensitive towards the birds in their forests and their protection.
  Visit to a primary school Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Employees from Aviation, Lime Plant and Engineering & Projects department of Tata Steel visited Primary School of Bhadudih, Dushra and Burudih. The volunteers met the children and distributed bags, water bottles, benches and desks to these underprivileged children. They also conducted a practical session on personal hygiene and explained the importance of the same in daily life.
  Origami session for children Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
An origami session for the young kids was organised at Namda Centre. The volunteer gave tips to the children on re-usage of waste.
  Taekwondo session Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
An advanced Taekwondo session for the aspiring youth was organised by the volunteers.
  No plastic campaign Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A no-plastic campaign was organised in the market area by the volunteers.
  Commerce coaching for children Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A commerce coaching session for the intermediate students was organised at the centre. The volunteers gave tips on accounts and economics.
  Sewing training for women Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A special sewing training session for housewives was organised at the centre. The training would help these ladies to earn on their own. The volunteer gave useful tips on sewing techniques.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.