Painting a pre-school centre APPL  |  Assam
The Research & Development Centre of Amalgamated Plantations Pvt Ltd undertook painting of the Kasturba Labour Welfare Centre. This is a centre under Kasturba Gandhi National Memorial Trust, Assam Branch and runs a pre-school activity centre for children and other handicraft activities for adults residing in the nearby locality.
The building was constructed in 2003. Since the construction no painting work was done. The volunteers painted the walls, window grills, wooden doors and windows of the building. After the painting work, the building looks bright and lively.
  Drawing competition for children CGPL   |  Gujarat
The volunteers of Coastal Gujarat Power Limited arranged a drawing competition for the children of the transient fishermen community at the Sagarshala harbor site. This competition enthused the little children. Volunteers along with the community leaders actively participated to encourage the children and bring out their hidden talent using bright colors.
  Blood Donation camp Tata Business Support Services   |  Pune
Generous donors from Tata BSS offices in Kalyani Nagar, Pune lined up to donate blood for those in need. One donation can help save the lives of up to three people; hence the 21 Tata BSS volunteers touched approximately 63 lives.
  Visit to an orphanage Tata Business Support Services   |  Pune
Tata BSS volunteers visited an orphanage home for special children and spent quality time with them. They also conducted various engaging games and donated stationery, edibles, indoor games etc.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Business Support Services   |  Hyderabad
VP, Tata BSS along with other Tata BSS volunteers undertook a cleanliness drive in 1 km area in & around Hyderabad township to make it clean, hygienic and safe for the citizens. The initiative had the support of 350 residents of the township and 20 enthusiastic volunteers.
  Donation drive Tata Business Support Services   |  Mohali
Tata BSS Mohali volunteering team visited Prabhaasra- home for destitute people and distributed clothes. The residents were happy to interact with the volunteers.
  Interaction with youth Tata Coffee  |  Tamilnadu
On 21st March, 2016, a group of volunteers from Instant Coffee Division of Tata Coffee Limited, Tamilnadu, visited the Govt SC/ST Boys Hostel located at Jayamangalam Village. They interacted with the residents of the hostel and discussed the necessity of cleanliness, and maintaining a health & hygiene standard. A wheat grinder was donated to the hostel in order to cater the students a healthy food option. 60 students benefitted from this program. The students, hostel manager and the cook of the hostel were delighted and expressed their gratitude.
  Pen-down dreams Tata Communications   |  Bangalore & Hyderabad
It was one of the most satisfying experiences for volunteers at Bangalore and Hyderabad to support children with the most precious tool of learning- ‘PEN’. Volunteers came together to make 800+ newspaper pens. They were gifted to teachers and children of Parikrama School in Bangalore and children from ‘Kadam Charitable trust’ at Hyderabad. Volunteers were excited to learn the basic rolling of newspaper pens. They created double pens, rocket pens, people pens and so on. Many volunteers hand painted the pens in bright cheerful colours and designs. Volunteers had a cheerful time with team mates on a non-work related engagement. For some, it worked as stress buster activity. This engagement encouraged volunteering among the office support staff as well apart from employees.
  ‘Liter of Light’ Tata Communications   |  Hyderabad
Volunteers, along with Bridge school students, participated in the "Liter of Light" workshop. After the NGO made the presentation and oriented volunteers on the day’s activity, they were divided into groups with few students in each group. With the help of "Liter of Light" team all the groups were able to make 8 day lights. Post lunch, the team gave a live demonstration on how to install these lights on the roof tops.
  Best out of waste Tata Communications   |  Delhi
Volunteers from Tata Communications, Tata Teleservices and TCS came together to celebrate the “Nurture Nature” theme by engaging into ‘Best out of Waste’ activity in Delhi on 19th March 2016. The volunteers attended a workshop where they were made aware of different ways of doing urban gardening by using waste material out of their garbage dumps. They planted 15 saplings into waste wine bottles, soda bottles, tyre tubes and safety shoes.
  Awareness through Flash Mob Tata Communications   |  Pune
‘Nurture Nature’ is an initiative of Tata Communication where different aspects of Reducing, Recycling and Reusing are being highlighted to create awareness amongst the volunteers. While multiple volunteering options were given to volunteers in Pune, one of the unique volunteering opportunities was to become the brand ambassador of the social volunteering campaign ‘Nurture nature’ in Pune. 25 volunteers formed the core team for a FLASH MOB performance, to create awareness about 3Rs in several locations of Pune on March 11, 2016 covering about 750 employees. It took 5 days of practice to put together an energetic, high frequency performance with support from a choreographer.
  Snakes & Ladders/ Dustbins from pet bottles Tata Communications   |  Mumbai & Pune
The children of Bopkhel School in Pune and Kamble Nagar children at Mumbai had a memorable day on 19th March owing to the volunteers who shared their knowledge and time with them. Volunteers from Tata Communications and Tata AIA took part in a recycled dustbin making activity in Pune and Mumbai. In Pune, the activity took place in Bopkhel school while in Mumbai it was organised in Kamble Nagar Community area of Worli Naka and was supported by NGO called ‘Bright Future’. The purpose of activity to create awareness among the community children on 3 R’s and promote a clean environment for future. It was a 3 hours activity and our enthusiastic volunteers left no stone unturned to make 6 recycled dustbins from used plastic bottles and painted them in vibrant colors. The dustbins were later distributed within the Community.
At Pune Volunteers also made and played the snakes and ladders game based on ‘Nurture Nature’ with the children, thus reinforcing the ideas of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Through this activity around 240 students were reached out to, with support from IDEA Foundation.
  Awareness through Drum circle and Quiz to “Nurture Nature” Tata Communications   |  Mumbai and Delhi
Nurture Nature is the campaign of Tata Communication towards 3Rs dedicated to Tata Volunteering Week 5. While multiple volunteering opportunities are offered to volunteers, the participation can only be assured if volunteers understand the importance of 3Rs. Hence a quiz session along with drumming session was organised in Mumbai and Delhi offices. The drumming was facilitated by ‘Taal Inc’ thereby getting more and more volunteers interested in understanding the value of 3Rs. The activity got more interesting as volunteers moved from drumming on djembe to recyclable paint buckets, thereby understanding the importance of Reduce-Reuse-Recycle. More than 50 volunteers participated in the drumming and quiz on ‘Nurture Nature’
  Teaching science experiments to children Tata Interactive Systems  |  Mumbai
As part of the Tata Volunteering Week 5, nine volunteers from Tata Interactive Systems, along with members of their families, visited the Jiddha Vishesh School — a Thane-based Municipal School for mentally and physically challenged children.
The volunteers conducted a demonstration of few everyday occurrences and the science behind them. This part of the session was an interactive one that encouraged the students to think about the science behind a flying balloon, the operation of magnets, the occurrence of eclipses, and the seven colors of white light. This was followed by a story-telling session that conveyed important toilet training habits. This part of the session was conducted with the help of a doll, a toilet set and a napkin. Essential toilet steps and habits were taught with the help of an action song.
This volunteering session with the children and teachers of the Jiddha school helped all volunteer participants open their eyes to many simple fortunes and gifts that are otherwise taken for granted.
  Awareness on safe drinking water Tata Projects  |  Secunderabad
The employees visited Ameenpur village, Medak Dist. to conduct an awareness program on safe drinking water and sanitation. They also conducted a door-to-door survey and took feedback from the villagers by interacting with the community. They conducted these awareness programs with the help of flip charts, leaflets and electrolyze demo to the villagers.
  Visit to a primary school Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
As part of TVW5, a team of employees from WRM JDC of Tata Steel visited the primary school of Bingburu. The team collected and distributed education charts, water filter, football, notebooks, pencil box, biscuits and chocolates to the children. All the children were happy to receive the gifts. The children and volunteers also sketched on the walls and wrote poetry on the board.
  Drawing class Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A drawing class was organised for the bustee children at Sonari centre. The volunteers gave tips on proper drawing and use of crayons and pencils.
  Games and quizzes for children Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
An interactive session with the small children of Bal Vikas class of Bagbera was undertaken. The volunteers taught through games and quizzes.
  Yoga session Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A yoga session for the employees and spouses was organised wherein the volunteers gave tips to them regarding Pranayam, Anulom Vilom, Kapal Bhaati, etc.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A cleanliness drive was initiated at the area near our community centre.
  Workshop on organic gardening Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A workshop for organic garden was organised at the centre. The volunteers gave tips on how to do organic garden in your home and also how to maintain the plants.
  Volleyball training Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A volleyball training was given by the volunteers to the youth of Namda bustee.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team of ex -employees visited an old age home and interacted with the inmates of old age home, distributed fruits and food stuffs.
  Solar lamp distribution Tata Technologies  |  Pune
While trekking with family & friends around Sahyadri mountains, a few employees realized that the people from Ratanwadi village are deprived of electricity and face electricity power cut very often. Hence, 9 volunteers visited Ratangad village near Bhandardhara dam and distributed solar lamps.
  Donation Drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata technologies organized a clothes donation drive in collaboration with Poona North Rotary Distance Club & Goonj. Employees from various locations took part in this drive & showed great enthusiasm by donating a total of 329 kgs of clothes in 13 boxes. This initiative was organised with the help of Admin and CSR Team.
  Environment Awareness Desk Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies in collaboration with Green Peace organized an Environment Awareness Desk in the Corporate Office. A team of 5 members from Green Peace interacted with employees on a one-on-one basis to create awareness about the increasing air pollution and energy demand. In addition, they disseminated information related to their projects on solar power and several campaigns to combat increasing air pollution in urban cities. Around 80 employees visited the awareness desk and many of them donated for the cause of greener environment.
  Wellness Awareness Program Tata Technologies  |  Bangalore
On the occasion of National Safety Week, Tata Technologies administration team organised a Wellness Awareness Program for employees at Bangalore location. Dr. Vidhyadhar from Manipal hospital was invited to speak about osteoporosis and lower back pain. 85 employees benefited from this highly informative wellness talk and learned about the healthy measures to be taken in daily work environment.
  Practical training for Underprivileged youth Trent  |  Mumbai
As part of Tata Volunteering Week – 5, volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Pvt Ltd- Star Bazaar Andheri organised practical training for underprivileged youth undergoing training on retail skills at Kotak Unnati NGO.
  Drawing Competition and Education Awareness session for Street Children Trent  |  Mumbai
Asha Kiran is an NGO which operates on a street of Andheri. The kids who study here are street children and children of construction workers. Star Bazaar Andheri team organised an awareness campaign for them on importance of education and also organised a drawing competition for them.
  Spending time with women Trent  |  Mumbai
As a part of Tata Volunteering Week – 5, volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Pvt Ltd- Star Bazaar Andheri visited Chaiim NGO. Chaiim works towards restoring lives of women who have been rescued from human trafficking. Volunteers spent quality time with them by organizing various activities like games followed by refreshments.
  Spending Quality time with Differently Abled kids Trent  |  Pune
As part of Tata Volunteering Week – 5, volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Pvt Ltd visited Snehalaya NGO and spent quality time with Differently Abled Kids in NGO.
  Blood donation camp Trent  |  Bangalore
As part of Tata Volunteering Week – 5, volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Pvt Ltd RR Nagar Store (Bangalore) organized Blood Donation Camp in association with Sankalp India Foundation
  Providing a nutritious meal to children Trent  |  Kolhapur
As part of Tata Volunteering Week – 5, volunteers of Trent Hypermarket-Star Bazaar Kolhapur team visited NGO - Helpers of Handicap. They spent quality time with all the differently-abled children there. They also served a meal which was prepared in the store kitchen to all those children.
  Visit to an orphanage Trent  |  Kolhapur
As part of Tata Volunteering Week – 5, volunteers of Trent Hypermarket Pvt Ltd Kolhapur store visited Dilipsinghraje Gahtge Balgram which works towards betterment of life of orphans. The volunteers celebrated a birthday, by organizing a cake cutting ceremony, followed by drawing competition, fun games for kids and last but not the least snacks and prize distribution.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.