Organic waste collection for composting Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
The coastal wilderness at Mithapur shelters a multitude of birds, reptiles and animals including the endangered Pangolin and the Star Tortoise. The undulating sand dunes provide habitat for the endangered Houbara Bustard which is a passage migrant and the Mithapur beach features nesting sites of the endangered Olive Ridley and the Green Turtles. These habitats need to be protected from spread of an exotic weed "Propopis juliflora”, seeds of which are propagated by the Neelgai (Indian Blue Bull) through their droppings. Volunteers at Tata Chemicals have initiated a drive for collection of Neelgai droppings and other organic waste from coastal wilderness. These would be used for composting and the organic manure so produced will be utilized for expansion of grasslands in the coastal sand dunes. CEO, Trent Hyper Market, and senior officers from Tata Chemicals visited the site and had an interaction with the volunteers. They were also taken around the coastal grassland which has been developed by TCL employees, family members and retired employees as part of the volunteering programs over the last three years.
  Literacy rally Tata ClassEdge  |  Mumbai
5 employees from Tata ClassEdge assisted DoorStep staff to create Posters for a Literacy Rally and later went for the rally along with 200 DoorStep school children and staff, through the slums of Maharashtra Nagar. Tata ClassEdge regularly engages with DoorStep to conduct various activities in these schools, such as reading and writing workshops, storytelling workshops.
  Visit to Cheshire home JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
JUSCO, EPC and DE & TP volunteers made a visit to the Cheshire Home at Sundarnangar and spent a lot of time with the differently abled residents there. The team gave away essentials like rice, sugar, toiletries, biscuit packets which were of utmost necessity for them.
  Competency building session JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from JUSCO, Corp Com. & Water mgt. dept. and Admin & Security dept. organized a Competency Building session at SS+2 High School and Balika Uchh Vidhyalaya. They enlightened the students about the different career prospects, stress management and conducted interactive sessions which highly motivated the students. This workshop was also followed by distribution of pens to all students.
  Road Safety Awareness Session JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
JUSCO, Safety dept. volunteers organized a safety awareness session at SS+2 High School XI, XII students. They spoke about road safety measures and other general safety measures. Moreover, they showed a visual presentation on ‘Road Safety Awareness, portraying different steps taken to be taken up to make cities a safe place’.
  Distribution of Educational Kits JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
JUSCO, EPC & CSR dept. Volunteers visited the “Change India Foundation” Project School, Babudih. Volunteers gave away cursive writing and drawing books, along with pencil box sets, colour pencils, sketch pens and crayons. They had also arranged for jalebi & kachori party for children and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.
  Swachh Awareness Session JUSCO  |  Jamshedpur
JUSCO Legal & Rotary dept. Volunteers organized a Swachh Awareness Sessions at Balika Uchh Vidhyalaya, Sakchi. An Essay, slogan and drawing competition was held and the winners were distributed prizes. The volunteers talked about the objectives of Bal Swachhata Abhiyan, and personal health & hygiene rules. At the end of the session all pledged to work collectively towards keeping our surrounding clean.
  Visit to an orphanage Tata Motors  |  Jamshedpur
16 volunteers from Central Maintenance visited Nirmal Hriday orphanage and spent time with the children and team members. The volunteers organized fun activities with children. As a humble gesture on the part of volunteers they contributed money to buy baby food, diapers and other consumables for the children.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Kerala
The Gateway Hotel Varkala team took the responsibility of cleaning the major tourist spot area in Varkala for an hour. Around 22 volunteers participated lead by the General Manager. The travelers appreciated the initiative which made this event a remarkable success.
  Community Health Awareness Drive Tata Motors  |  Pantnagar
Volunteers from the BIW 1C, Paint Shop, SCM, Power Train participated in a community health services drive in the slum area of the Rampura. Volunteers in coordination with ICDS staff conducted door to door survey for the malnourished children. ICDS staff & NGO team conducted session for the volunteers over the community health projects. Volunteers were very enthusiastic to conduct door to door survey of the community and understand the gaps and opportunity for betterment of the community
  Drawing competition Rallis India  |  Lote
A group of volunteers from Rallis India Lote Unit visited Z P School, Ghanekunt -2, Lote. They organized a drawing and colouring competition on nature for the students.
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Pantnagar
A team of ten members planted few plants in areas near the hotel. The public appreciated the effort made by the volunteers.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Surajkund
Vivanta by Taj –Surajkund, NCR organised a cleaning drive with a motive of Go Clean!! Go Green. The periphery of the hotel was cleaned with help of brooms, broom and dustpan, garbage bag, gloves and mask. 60 volunteers were from various departments got collected at the receiving area and moved down to the periphery for cleaning.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Teleservices  |  Gujarat
The Gujarat Geography Head with 25 volunteers visited 2 old age homes, Sri Maheshwari Vrudashram and Sri Matruchaya charitable trust in Rajkot area. The volunteers spent time with the senior citizens and handed over gift hampers consisting of necessities like soaps, oil and shampoos, etc.
  Alcohol Addiction Awareness Session Tata Steel  |  Tarapur
Volunteers from CSR council and HRM in association with 'Brahma Kumari' (OM Shanti) Pasthal organized an “Alcohol Addiction Awareness Session” for residents of the village – Dhamatnepada Khaniwade.
  Health check-up camp Tata Steel  |  Tarapur
8 volunteers from CSR council in association with TMRCT Thunga Hospital, conducted a Free Health Check-up Camp for the residents of village Newale, Patilpada.
  Health awareness session Tata Steel  |  Tarapur
8 volunteers from CSR council organized a Health Awareness Session on the topic of Women Hygiene and sanitation at a Residential Ashram school – Shigaon. A gynaecologist interacted with girls age group 12 and above and answered their queries.
  Hygiene session Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Proper hand-washing techniques can reduce the incidence of diarrheal disease by 42-47 percent. However, lack of access to both pipe water supply and soap, especially in schools, is a barrier to hand-washing in the developing world. “Tippy Taps” is a simple and economical hand-washing station, made with commonly available materials and not dependent on a pipe water supply. Head FAP Bamnipal and team installed ‘Tippy tap’ at Panganala Primary School of Tangiriapal.
  Visit to a zoo Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team of volunteers from HRM Jamshedpur organised a visit to the zoo for the students of Bagbera school. The volunteers spent time with the 150 students and took them around the zoo.
  Blood donation camp Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Sinter Plant JDC organised a Blood Donation camp for their Department. Employees came forward for this noble cause in numbers and approximately 60 units of blood were collected.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Metaliks  |  Kharagpur
Tata Metaliks organized a rally on Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and conducted a cleanliness drive in the village Narayanpur Kulapatna & their Primary School. Employees along with villagers participated in this activity.
  Orientation programme Tata Metaliks  |  Midnapore
As part of TMSDC curriculum TML CSR department organized an orientation programme for the students of TMSDC 4th batch at Vidyasagar Hall, Midnapore. The objective of the orientation program was to make students and faculties of TMSDC aware about Tata Metaliks and the values in Tata group. Around 200 students of TMSDC Batch IV attended the program along with all the faculty members.
  PRI Orientation Meeting Tata Sponge Iron  |  Bileipada
A group of 8 volunteers organised a PRI Orientation Meeting at Learning & Development Centre, Tata Sponge township. 24 persons from the community including Sarpanch’s, PS Members, Jila Parishad, village leaders & others from nearby villages attended the program.
  Dental check-up camp The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
A Dental Checkup program for students of Kg to STD V of Tinplate Andhra Middle School was organized. An ex dental surgeon from CMC Vellore examined all students. Dental health conditions of 150 students were captured which would subsequently be sent to their parents to seek medical attention of those children having severe dental problem. Three Graduate Trainees along with CSR team participated in the program by providing support service and explaining students about good dental health practices & oral hygiene. A set of Dental Kit was provided to each student free of cost.
  Quiz competition Tata Metaliks  |  Kharagpur
Tata Metaliks organized a quiz competition in Narayanpur Kulapatna Primary School. 140 students participated in the programme. Tata Metaliks renovated this school in the year 2016-17 and runs library projects with help of local young boys and girls of the community.
  Career Counselling session The Tinplate Company of India  |  Ranchi
A career counselling session was organized for the students of Tinplate Union Mahila Inter college. Four lady executives along with the CSR team volunteered to guide the students of STD XI and XII for their prospects. 100 students from Arts and Science Department along with their professor in charges attended the program. It was an interactive session where the students had lot of queries with respect to different Jobs.
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Manesar
A team of 18 Volunteers from Ginger Hotel Manesar organised a Plantation drive in the Hotel premises and Mall Area of Raheja Square in which they planted saplings.
  Drawing competition The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
Volunteers from TCIL organized a drawing competition for students of community schools. Nearly 200 students from different schools participated in the competition. The theme of the competition “Swachh Bharat” was kept with a motive to create a sense of belongingness towards the environment among the students.The winners of the competition were recognized to keep these students motivated nurture their talents.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Jodhpur
Umaid Bhawan Palace organized a cleaning drive at Heritage lake wherein the associates cleaned a lake. The main objective of choosing this place was to provide a healthy environment to the society and as well as to keep the area clean. All the garbage near the lake was collected and taken away. The nearby rocky area was cleaned with the help of broomsticks and cleaning equipment.
  Blood donation drive Infiniti Retail  |  Pune
Infiniti Retail Limited organized a Blood Donation Drive with Poona Blood Bank. It was conducted at four of the Croma stores in Pune - Aundh, Krome, Phoenix Market City and Wakad with 52 volunteers participating in the drive.
  Road safety awareness Infiniti Retail  |  Mumbai
A Road Safety Awareness drive was conducted in Mumbai by employees of Infiniti Retail Limited primarily in Navi Mumbai & Thane areas.
  Drawing competition Infiniti Retail  |  Delhi & Gurgaon
Infiniti Retail employees from Delhi & Gurgaon locations visited the NGO - Buniyad. A drawing competition was organized and stationery was distributed amongst the kids of the NGO.
  Visit to an old age home Infiniti Retail  |  Delhi
The employees visited an Old Age Home, Recreation Centre for Senior Citizens in Delhi. The visit comprised of a discussion on diverse topics, fun activities and birthday celebrations.
  Plantation drive Infiniti Retail  |  Ghaziabad, Noida & Chandigarh
Infiniti Retail employees from Ghaziabad, Noida & Chandigarh Croma stores conducted a sapling plantation drive.
  Awareness session Infiniti Retail  |  Delhi
An awareness session on the importance of safe disposal and recycling of electronic waste (e-waste) was conducted by Infiniti Retail employees from the Croma Rohini Metrowalk store, Delhi. The session addressed the students at the Auto Cad Institute where they were informed about the impact of e-waste on the environment if not disposed in the right manner.
  Visit to a centre TML Drivelines  |  Jamshedpur
The volunteers visited ‘UDAAN VIKLAANG’, wherein they train people with special abilities to use their creativity to make diyas, papads and other treats. The main aim of the event was to expand their marketplace, by aiding them to collaborate with schools and other corporate organisations like Siksha Niketan(Telco) to let them set their stalls during festive occasions of Durga Puja & Diwali. Thirty volunteers from various departments of TML Drivelines along with organisation's members actively participated (in groups) in candle making competition.
  Tree plantation drive Rallis India  |  Lote
A group of five volunteers of Rallis India Lote Unit organized a Tree Plantation drive at Z P School, Matwadi, Songaon, Lote. The volunteers explained the importance of plantation and its protection. They also conducted a session on climate change. They distributed 200 Nos. various plants to the students. They along with students and teachers planted trees in school premises.
  Computer literacy session Rallis India  |  Lote
Volunteers from Rallis India Lote Unit visited Z P School, Matwadi, Songaon. They organized an awareness session on Computer Literacy for the students. The IT Consultant and volunteers made a power point presentation on computer literacy and explained the importance of computer usage in the modern world. A question answer session was also arranged on Computer and internet.
  Visit to a zoo The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
TCIL Employees made a trip to Tata Zoological park along with the students of Pre-Nursery from No. 10 C.D Centre. Nearly 50 students along with their parents and teachers visited the Zoo. The Children were very happy to see the variety of flora and fauna. Volunteers from TCIL Managed the entire trip and were very cautious about the Safety and Security of the Toddlers.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Pantnagar
A team of 10 volunteers from Ginger Pantnagar conducted a cleanliness drive at the Sanjay Van (Forest Area) a famous picnic point in Rudrapur. Volunteers ranging across departments, came together to join hands in their cleaning gears. The group divided themselves and picked up areas for clearing out the garbage on the roads and lawns.
  Sale of handicrafts Indian Hotels  |  Hyderabad
A sale of kondapalli handicrafts was organized in the hotel. The associates bought these handmade toys and handicrafts.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
14 volunteers cleaned the roadside area adjacent to the Hotel premises. All the volunteers participated with full energy and motivation and also received appreciation from local public.
  Blood donation drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies Employee in The SEZ IT9 Blue Ride. A total of 170 employees participated in the drive in which 145 Blood Units were collected.
  Visit to a home Tata Motors  |  Pune
A team of 25 volunteers visited “Apang Vidyarthi Sanstha”, Yamunanagar, Nigdi-Pradhikaran. The team interacted with the students and distributed biscuits & chocolates to them. They also donated 15 kgs sunflower oil, 60 kgs wheat, 30 kgs Jawar & Pulses.
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
14 volunteers planted 19 plants near to hotel premises. All the volunteers participated with full energy and motivation and received appreciation from local public.
  Ozone day celebration at a village school Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
TCL volunteers celebrated the Ozone Day with the students and teachers at the Arambda village primary school near Mithapur. An awareness session on the depleting Ozone layer and the challenges arising due to climate change was conducted by TCL employees. Family members and retired employees also volunteered. Tree plantation was carried out within the school premises following the awareness session with participation by teachers and students.
  Coastal clean-up day Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
A beach cleaning program was organised to mark the International Coastal Clean-up Day celebration at Tata Chemicals, Mithapur. More than 50 volunteers including TCL employees, family members and retired employees participated to clean-up the Mithapur beach which is also a nesting site for the marine turtles. A team of 20 Indian Navy personnel from the INS Dwarka Naval Base also joined the program. Plastic trash and remains of idols which had got washed ashore were cleared from the beach.
  Visit to an old age home Tata Motors  |  Lucknow
The volunteers visited an old age home. The young volunteers with their guitar became the centre of attraction and all the residents enjoyed the music. The event ended with a small tree plantation activity.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.