Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Ahmedabad
A team of 26 members from Ginger S G Road, conducted a cleanliness drive to maintain the neighbourhood. They started by cleaning the areas near the hotel including pathways and educated others about the importance of hygiene.
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Ahmedabad
A team of 33 staff members participated in a plantation drive near Indraprastha Society and were made aware of environmental responsibility & Importance of plantation.
  Visit to a non-profit TML Drivelines  |  Jamshedpur
The volunteers visited a non-profit that works with children from disadvantaged backgrounds. The UFHE children performed various extracurricular activities like singing and dancing. It was the perfect gift they could have given to their teachers. Adding further to their efforts, TML Drivelines felicitated the teachers with gifts and praise of honour. The event concluded by the distribution of food packets and chocolates by volunteers.
  Box of Science Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Volunteers from Tata Technologies SEZ location visited a school and conducted Box of Science activity. Every student loves to play with Chemistry. Keeping the same concept in mind, Box Of Science ChemLab activity based education was organized for 350 students which helped in boosting curiosity, creativity and imagination of those little curious minds.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
A team of volunteers from Tata Technologies organized a cleanliness drive to create awareness regarding cleanliness and hygiene in Keshav Nagar to Kalewadi Bridge in Pune. The volunteers created awareness amongst the community by maintaining clean and happy spots.
  River cleanliness Tata Technologies  |  Pune
After the immersion of Ganpati Idols during Anant Chaturdashi the rivers became too dirty. Keeping in spirit of cleanliness, group of employee volunteers from Tata Technologies Pune, voluntarily came forward and took part in a River Cleaning activity at Chinchwad Pawana River Ghat and helped clean the river.
  Career guidance session Tata Technologies  |  Pune
A motivational session was held on "Victory on mind is way to success" by Tata Technologies ltd. Hinjewadi Pune under "Tata Corporate Sustainability & School & Teaching Excellence Program.” The session included topics such as how each one has ability to be successful and what has to be done differently to find their own interest and capabilities & work accordingly to excel in it. The only way to conquer negative thoughts is by being optimistic. Students could use this program to setup a goal in life. They were also guided on time & diet management.
  Food distribution drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
A group of volunteers prepared food and went to slum on Sunday afternoon and distributed homemade food to street and slum children. Volunteers also shared Health, Hygiene and safety tips with these children and created awareness to their families. Children felt very happy during the program and some of them made dance performances with volunteers.
  Medical check-up camp Tata Steel  |  Joda
A team of eight members visited Khuntpani school and Bachchu hutting Angan wadi, Joda. The volunteers gave a talk on hygiene and good habits. The team from Joda Central hospital did a medical check-up of all the students and children who were found with ill health were referred for proper check-up at hospital.
  Visit to an orphanage Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
Volunteers visited an orphanage house in Tangla and spent the afternoon with the 26 odd children. The children displayed their skills in singing and dancing and the day ended with distribution of three days’ dry rations, fruits baskets and sweets. During the interaction, volunteers noticed skin problems and general weakness in some children, so a medical check-up of the children was organised the very next day where apart from check-up, free medicine was distributed as per requirement. The day ended with a donation of a football as per the earnest request of the children. The health assistant also personally donated a cricket bat & ball to the children.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Indore
A team of 21 Members organized a cleanliness Drive on service road near hotel. They picked up brooms and collected garbage to showcase the importance of cleanliness.
  Strengthening coastal and marine ecosystems Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
Volunteers at Tata Chemicals have been actively involved in programs and activities related to conservation and strengthening of coastal and marine ecosystems in the Mithapur region. The sustained efforts put in over the last few years have started yielding results and part of the coastal sand dune area has now started developing into a grassland - a habitat ideally suited for the endangered Houbara Bustard and the Harriers which are winter visitors to Mithapur. Work for removal of exotic weed regrowth from this grassland was organised as part of Tata Volunteering Week-8 and 30 volunteers including TCL employees, family members and retired employees volunteered for the same. Development of this coastal grassland is expected to attract other fauna species too and help further strengthen the biodiversity base at Mithapur.
  Awareness Program on swine flu and preventive measures Rallis India  |  Ankleshwar
Volunteers from Rallis India Limited Dahej Unit organised a session burning issue of Swine Flu. The EHS Department took initiative and arranged the session for the contract workers of the company. All the beneficiary belonged to poor economic background and they were given awareness on prevention and cautions to be taken in during cough and cold.
  Safety and firefighting session The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
A Safety and firefighting session was organized by the Security Department of TCIL for the Students of Tinplate Khalsa Middle School and VidyaJyoti Tinplate High School. The Head (Security Services) along with the other employees of TCIL conducted the session on how to remain safe and secure, both at school and home. The program was followed by the demonstration on the types and uses of Fire Extinguishers. Students also became aware about the precautions which need to be taken in case of emergency.
  Safety pledge Tata Business Support Services  |  Jamshedpur
Over 35 volunteers from Tata BSS Jamshedpur Sakchi & Kadma Centres took a Safety-first pledge. They pledged to keep they colleagues, friends, family & by standers safe by ensuring they follow standard safety measures in place. These safety-first champions will serve as model employees to those who take safety lightly. In turn, train others to follow protocols and prevent mishaps.
  Hand wash session Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A tippy-tap is a simple handwashing device made of locally available material and very easy to build. It is really an ingenious solution to the problem of hygienic handwashing where there is no pipe water. They are so simple to make that even children can do it. Under Tata Volunteering Week 8 a team from FAP Bamnipal installed tippy-tap for the student at Kushabhandra School Bamnipal.
  Career counselling session Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
A team from TSRDS Gomardih organised a career counselling for rural students at Gomardih. The volunteers aimed to ensure that rural students also receive exposure regarding education and career options.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) with its team of selfless volunteers came forward and organized cleanliness drives at Dimna Lake. Volunteers from TSAF joined hands to clean the roads in and around Dimna Lake. Tons of garbage was collected from the area.
  Conducting English and math session Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Employees of Corporate Audit of Tata Steel visited their adopted school at Lakhaidih. Two Chiefs of the Department leading from the front interacted with the children and taught them basic mathematics and English. The team also guided the young boys and girls on various career options and distributed some books and chocolates.
  Hygiene awareness Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Spreading the message that good hygiene habits leads to healthy living, employees of Tata Steel Training Centre, West Bokaro visited Birhore Basti of Durukasmar village and gave tips on now on wash hands properly before every meal.
  Blood donation drive Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Coke Plant JDC organised Blood Donation camp to kick start TVW8 for their Department. Employees came forward for this noble cause in numbers and approximately 60 units of blood was collected.
  Health awareness program The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
A female health awareness program was organized at Aastha C.D Centre. A doctor from Tinplate Hospital conducted the session for community girls & ladies. Basic health problems of ladies normally overlooked in the day to day activities were discussed and suggested remedies on how to handle them. Prevention is the better than cure was the ‘hallmark’ of the training program. Lady executives from MSD and Finance & Accounts Department of Tinplate company voluntarily engaged in the program to make the participants understand all the suggestions made by the Doctor.
  Visit to a zoo The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
TCIL Employees made a trip to Tata Zoological park along with the students of Pre-Nursery from Aastha C.D Centre. Nearly 50 students along with their parents and teachers visited the Zoo. The children were very happy to see the variety of flora and fauna. Volunteers from TCIL managed the entire trip and were very cautious about the safety and security of the toddlers.
  Computer literacy session Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Delhi
In line with Tata group’s mission of empowering people by helping them develop “Skills” to create a better tomorrow, TCE Delhi Delivery Centre undertook a ‘Computer Literacy Training program” for economically weaker school students. This program has been initiated on 6th Sept 2017 as part of TVW8 and will continue for five months with about 25 sessions in total. About 70 students from Class 8th to 10th of Yasodha Public School, Noida are undergoing this training program. During the first week of TVW8, two sessions were conducted by 10 volunteers from TCE Delhi Delivery Centre. Basic computer skills are being imparted to these students. Volunteers have prepared hand-outs of training materials and distributed to all the students.
  Exam preparedness session Rallis India  |  Dahej
Volunteers from Rallis India Limited Dahej Unit Organised a session on motivational Speech on Exam Preparation. 5 Volunteers explained different tactics on stress management, tips for easy preparation on the subject, etc. Students enjoyed the session and found it very useful.
  Health Camp at Sialijoda Primary School Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
A volunteering team of 4 members from company and Vidya Shakti Niyas (a charitable organization run by ladies of Tata Sponge township) visited a nearby village Sialijoda, Keonjhar, Odisha to conduct a free health camp at the Primary School. The doctors and paramedics staff conducted a health check-up of the students. Free medicines, as required, were distributed among the children. A total of 56 students were covered during the event.
  Visit to a school Tata Motors  |  Pune
A team of 42 volunteers from Tata Motors, Pune visited ‘Niraadhar Niraashrit Balakaashram’ Aalandi, Pune. The team interacted with children & donated needy items like Baalbharati books & notebook set for 45 children’s & also Installed RO plant.
  Road Safety Campaign Tata Sponge Iron  |  Odisha
Volunteers assembled at National Highway 215 at Bileipada to conduct a Road Safety Campaign among the drivers with special focus on bikers. Drivers found driving without crash helmets were intercepted. Counselling was provided on the need to use protection during driving a vehicle. Cars & other four wheelers were advised on usage of seat belt while driving. Road safety leaflets in local language were distributed among the travellers. A total of 25 volunteers participated in the program.
  English literacy development programme Rallis India  |  Lote
Rallis Volunteers organized a session on English Literacy Development Programme for the students of Z P School, Lotemal, Lote. The volunteers covered basic word formation from alphabets, find out the missing words from the given words, right pronunciation of words with its meaning and helped the students to write down the words in the board, checking the words in student’s books, helping them to make proper words, etc.
  Visit to an old age home Indian Hotels  |  Coimbatore
The volunteers visited an old age home to spend quality time with the senior citizens. They sang Tamil songs and played game with them. It was really a joyous experience for all the associates to visit the old age home and interact with the St Thomas Home residents.
  Coral health survey Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
Volunteers at Tata Chemicals undertook a survey to assess the health status of live corals at the Mithapur coral reef. Corals are an important component of the coastal marine ecology as they shelter a wide spectrum of marine biodiversity. Corals are also an indicator of the quality of the marine environment. Mithapur coast features a health coral reef which sustains a varied species of fin and shell fish, crustaceans, tubeworms, sea anemones, sea slugs, sea hare and other marinelife. More than 50 volunteers, including TCL employees, family members and retired employees participated in the survey. The purpose of the program was to create coral reef conservation awareness and train the volunteers in monitoring of coral reef health status to garner their regular support for conservation and strengthening of coastal and marine ecosystems in the Mithapur region.
  Health check-up Tata Chemicals  |  Babrala
A team of 8 volunteers participated in Community Health Centre – OPD at Village House area to help in patient registration, weight tracking, blood pressure measurement, medicines distribution & counselling of patients.
  Basic excel training to teachers Rallis India  |  Dahej
Rallis India Limited Dahej Unit organised a basic Microsoft Excel Training for the teachers of Atali Ashram School Dahej. Day 2 activity was more of practical demonstration and practice where teachers and 5 volunteers carried the session with practical understanding. The volunteers also had a discussion on how the teacher can make database of the school and use digital data for school data maintenance.
  Hygiene awareness session Tata Motors  |  Jamshedpur
A doctor from Tata Motors Hospital conducted a counselling session for the children of ABMP Rahargora school. Children were made aware regarding general health and hygiene followed by providing them counselling on psychological disorders and its prevention. Referring the negative aspects of social media, it was conveyed to be selective while using sites and other information sources. Children also asked questions pertaining to career in medical science and were given information by the doctor during this session.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.