Medical camp Tata Steel  |  Tarapur
Tata Steel CSR Council in association with TMRCT Thunga Hospital organised a medical camp at a village ‘Newale Bhaiyapada’. General medicines were provided during medical camp and a total of 140 patients were examined.
  Nature and Photo walk Tata Consultancy Services  |  Chennai
TCS Maitree Ecology club conducted a nature and photo walk at Guindy National Park. Guindy National Park is a 2.70 km² Protected area of Tamil Nadu, located in Chennai and the world smallest National Park and one of the very few national parks situated inside a city. It gives a description of the beauty and rich biodiversity that one can find inside. It gives you the time and the setting to observe the finer details about the plants, animals, butterflies and much more. 27 associates along with family members participated in the one hour evergreen dense forest walk located in the heart of the city.
  Visit to an orphanage Indian Hotels  |  Surajkund
Vivanta by Taj-Surajkund, NCR spent time at an orphanage called Karm Marg. Team members from different departments joined in and took initiative to educate the children in different areas. The security team trained the girls in self-defence, the chefs made all aware about importance of hygiene, the engineering educated about our environment; housekeeping gave awareness about importance of cleanliness, which was followed by quiz on hygiene, women safety, environment and sports. The hotel doctor was there for physical health check-up of children & gave prescription for required medications.
  Career counselling session Tata Steel  |  Sukinda
To provide more information on career choices as well as motivate them in studying well, employees organised a workshop of 2 hours for the periphery village students of Sukinda Chromite Mine, Tata Steel Ltd.
  Distribution drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Volunteers visited Dnyangangotri Residential School working with differently abled children to distribute items like yearly grocery, cloths, stove, blankets, sweaters, medical kits, sanitary items, bedsheets etc. Cash donation worth INR 20 thousand was made by team employees as a personal help. Employees distributed snacks and spent 4 hours with DnyanGangotri children.
  Teaching session Tata Interactive Systems  |  Mumbai
The volunteers taught students experiments centered around electro magnetism and how to develop their own pinhole camera and periscope. They also taught a bit of art, drawing portraits of scientists A P J Abdul Kalam and Albert Einstein on the board while also assisting students a bit as they did the portraits on the given paper sheets. Others taught them the basics of computing, the logic and elements that form the pillars of coding and programming.
  Road safety awareness Tata Steel  |  Tarapur
The CSR team organised an ‘Awareness on Road & Rail Safety, Child Abuse and Environment for Tarapur Vidya Mandir school’s students of standard 9 & 10. The Safety manager showed a presentation and shared a video to display importance of safety in life.
  Celebrating World Deaf Day Indian Hotels  |  Delhi
On World Deaf Day, the team at Taj Mahal visited the primary wing of the Noida Deaf Society. The team cut a cake along with the kids at the Centre, amongst the team was an associate, who had been trained at the same institute and got placed with Taj Mahal New Delhi in Housekeeping department. The kids were very keen to know about his journey from Noida Deaf society to Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi, and their eyes gleamed with aspiration looking up at him. He was such an inspiration for all the students at the institute. After the cake cutting, all the kids gathered to play the popular musical chair, the music was replaced by the circular movement of a handkerchief, on the stopping of the handkerchief the kids were directed to sit.
  Session on health and hygiene Tata Steel  |  Tarapur
CSR Team and HRM organised a session on health and hygiene for ST students of Z P School Gargaon. The team also organised a drawing competition on cleanliness and hygiene.
  Visit to a centre Indian Hotels  |  Chandigarh
The colleagues of Taj Chandigarh visited a special place to meet differently abled kids and spend some quality time with them. The team comprised of people whose birthdays were in September to cut the cake and have a small party with these kids. The day followed by an exquisite and pompous morning with the kids thus bringing a sense of euphoria in everyone’s eyes.
  Pledge on cleanliness Tata Steel  |  Jamshedpur
Employees of CSR Tata Steel took a pledge on Swachh Bharat campaign. All the employees took pledge that they will remain committed towards cleanliness and devote time for this noble cause.
  Blood donation camp Indian Hotels  |  Hyderabad
Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad organized a blood donation camp in association with Red Cross society, Hyderabad. The purpose of the camp was to invite donors donate blood for thalassemia children, a genetic disorder where the children get affected from their parents. In them, there is no formation of red cells from the bone marrow like us but need to be transfused with red cells every 21 days till their survival. A total of 26 associates voluntarily donated blood and contributed for the noble cause.
  Serving ayurvedic tea Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
TCL volunteers arranged ayurvedic herbs mixture from Jamnagar Ayurved hospital and prepared concoction and served this herbal tea to students, teachers, aged persons, youth and women in rural areas around Mithapur as a part of health initiative to prevent seasonal ailments like chikungunya, cold, flu and fever. Around 800 persons availed benefit of this program.
  Story telling session Indian Hotels  |  Mumbai
The volunteers visited the Premdan Garden School for a story telling session. The quartet from Vivanta by the Taj – President, was warmly greeted by the 70 odd children present on a lazy festive weekend. The volunteers told them the story of the “Honest Woodcutter” which brings home the moral of personal integrity in the face of temptation & greed. As it was the ninthday of Navratri, (the popular festivals of nine nights culminating on the tenth day in Dassera, symbolic of victory of good over evil) the children danced to the tune of the foot tapping Dandiya.
  Food distribution Titan  |  Delhi
The volunteers conducted a food distribution drive for around 1000 people with contributions from the staff.
  Plantation drive Indian Hotels  |  Surajkund
To go green and give something back to the environment, Vivanta by Taj- Surajkund took an initiative to plant the saplings. Several types of plants were planted in the hotel’s lawn. More 50 volunteers come together from different departments to join planting in lawn, they all dug a pit to plant, planted a sapling and watered them properly. They took a pledge to keep the environment healthy and keep planting.
  Linen donation Ginger Hotels  |  Indore
Ginger Hotel Indore conducted a linen donation drive at Mother Teresa Orphanage (Jyoti Niwas). A total of 18 volunteers participated in the activity.
  Inter-sports meet Tata Consultancy Services  |  Chennai
Inter Sports Meet was held at Thoraipakkam Corporation School ground. Students from 5 Maitree adopted schools from class 6th to 8th class took part in this event with the aim of winning trophies. The event was kicked off by a mini marathon by the participants. The event was highlighted with exciting activities including 50 mts, 100 mts, 200 mts and 400 mts relay. TCS volunteers coordinated and organized the sport event professionally and their contribution and effort was highly appreciated by the beneficiaries.
  Guest lecture on entrepreneurship Indian Hotels  |  Hyderabad
The security Manager from Taj Krishna-Hyderabad went for a guest lecture at the St. Francis College for woman. These students are aspiring to be entrepreneurs, mega mall managers & will start their own business. He spoke about the security scenarios to be considered while setting up an Infrastructure, current security challenges and what to expect in future. The girls were excited to ask questions & understand the entire scheme of things from the point of view of an industry expert.
  Road safety awareness Tata Consultancy Services  |  Chennai
160 TCSers volunteered to create awareness on safe driving and helmet campaign outside TCSers. Messages was displayed on placards, banners and safety caps. The team also interacted with the auto drivers and two wheelers and insisted on the importance of helmet usage while driving to avoid accidents. More than 300 commuters were benefitted.
  De-weeding at an orphanage Indian Hotels  |  Goa
Volunteers engaged themselves in de-weeding and pruning the entire landscaping of the orphanage which was wholly overgrown with weeds and bushes. The activity was conducted with an aim to beautify the landscape surroundings of the orphanage by de-weeding and pruning bushes and unwanted grass that was occupying space which could then be used for productive use as play-space for the orphan children.
  Sanitation awareness session Tata Chemicals  |  Babrala
TCSRD organized an awareness session on Sanitation at Primary School Nagalia Kazi. A team of volunteers spoke to the community on importance of sanitation, hygiene for human health & how they can reduce diseases by good sanitation practices.
  Cleanliness drive Indian Hotels  |  Goa
A cleaning drive was done with an aim to beautify the surroundings of the Benaulim beach and village periphery which in turn would benefit the whole of the local community having access to the beach. Around 65 associates led by their HODs actively engaged themselves for the beach and periphery cleaning drive by spruced up a stretch of 400 meters of the beach and 500 meters of village periphery area by clearing up all the unwanted refuse.
  Road safety awareness Ginger Hotels  |  Ahmedabad
A team of 21 members from Ginger S G Road conducted a road safety awareness drive to make people aware about road safety.
  Investment awareness session Indian Hotels  |  Goa
Volunteers engaged themselves in arranging the banquet hall set-up for the Investment Awareness Session and through fieldwork by reaching out to the local vendors and community members to generate awareness amongst them to attend the session. Partners and local community villagers have very limited knowledge on sound financial investments and tax saving benefits. Due to this lack of knowledge and time, they end up spending more and saving less. In a bid to generate awareness among these community members, the session on financial investment awareness was planned.
  Plantation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Delhi
The volunteers conducted a tree plantation drive to show their support towards a greener environment.
  Skill building session Indian Hotels  |  Bangalore
During the Global Sales Meet at Taj West End, Bangalore, a team consisting more than seventy associates with volunteers from different departments of Taj West End, at Bosco Yuvakendra and at Tata Strive Centre volunteers interacted and engaged with the students and shared their experiences and opportunities in the industry and Taj. The team made the session interesting by organizing some activities which was entertaining and helped students to enhance their skills.
  Joy of giving Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
As part of "Joy of Giving" program, TCL volunteers including employees, family members and retired employees visited the slums at Mithapur railway colony and at Arambda village and spent time with the less fortunate families. The volunteers interacted with children and their parents and gifted them biscuits and fruits. The Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidhyalaya, a residential school for girls, was also visited and fruits were gifted to the students.
  Blood donation camp Indian Hotels  |  Hyderabad
Taj Deccan Hyderabad in partnering with Red Cross Blood Bank Hyderabad organized blood donation camp at the hotel. 26 Associates along with other volunteers participated and donated blood.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
15 volunteers cleaned the surroundings area of the hotel. All the volunteers participated with full energy and motivation and received appreciation from local public.
  Influenza Awareness Vaccination Tata Technologies  |  Thailand
To create awareness for influenza flu, Tata Technologies Thailand team organised a vaccination and awareness session.
  Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti The Tinplate Company of India  |  Jamshedpur
On Gandhi Jayanti, a team of volunteers consisting of MD, ED, Chief (HRM & SS), Manager (CSR), Manager (Admin) and other executives & staff from the Tinplate Company of India Limited organised various events to hone the talent of children of Harijan Basti where 100% population are from Dalit Community. Senior office bearer from Golmuri Tinplate Workers Union also joined in this programme. The purpose behind organising this function was primarily to spend some time with Children & Dalits who are most deprived community of this society, spread the message that we are equal and we do not believe in untouchability. It was a wonderful experience & satisfaction for the members of management & Union Team of Tinplate Company to have spent sometimes with the members of this community.
  Celebrating World Deaf Day Rallis India  |  Pune
13 Volunteers from Rallis India Limited Pune participated in a World Deaf Day Rally. Rallis CSR Volunteers helped in managing Traffic/safety/distributing the awareness pamphlets and helping the students who are below six years old to walk in an orderly and safe manner on the road that walked for nearly for 60 minutes.
  Painting with the children Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata technologies CSR Team organized a painting activity at Shri Sai Seva Nivasi Matimand Mula-Mulinchi Nivasi Shaala”, Shivane, Pune (school for differently abled children) followed by birthday celebration by cutting cake. Children learned as well as enjoyed a lot.
  Donation drive Ginger Hotels  |  Mysore
Team Ginger Mysore visited the Nazarbad, Gayathripuram and Alanahalli areas at Mysore and collected the clothes and books from the public. Staff members also brought the items from their home. They were then donated to those in need.
  Dance session Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata technologies CSR Team organized a dance session at Shri Sai Seva Nivasi Matimand Mula-Mulinchi Nivasi Shaala”, Shivane, Pune where the volunteers involved all the children in the dance activity. Around 21 volunteers participated in this event. It was a fun filled activity where our volunteers taught different dance steps to these children and enjoyed their time with them.
  Protecting urban biodiversity Tata Chemicals  |  Mithapur
TCL volunteers at Mithapur have taken-up a drive for conservation and strengthening of coastal and marine ecosystems. In line with this drive, activities for protection of urban biodiversity in the Mithapur township were initiated and roadside trees in the township which provide refuge and nesting facilities to birds were identified and lime and brick paints were applied on tree trunks to protect them from termites and deter ants from going up and attacking the chick in nests.
  Celebrating a festival Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies team visited Nachiket Balgram and conducted group activities such as like puzzle games, quiz, balloon tapping, paper crafting, storytelling, singing. Volunteers guided all kids on several topics after a storytelling session. Some volunteers played the flute and mouth organ. Sweets were distributed by volunteers to all children. Importance of Dussehra was explained to all kids during the activity.
  Running a marathon Tata Technologies  |  Thailand
Volunteers from Tata Technologies Thailand office took part in the Run for mom mini marathon. 10 kilometres of energetic run made smiles on everyone’s face.
  Fundraising for a cause Tata Consultancy Services  |  Chennai
Art Fest was conducted by associates from British Telecom account which involved people making craft materials and selling to associates. The money collected will be contributed for educational purpose of needy students of Maitree adopted schools. 146 associates coordinated for organizing the event.
  Blood donation drive Tata Technologies  |  Thailand
Volunteers donated blood units to national centre of Red Cross Society Thailand.
  Cleanliness drive Tata Sponge Iron  |  Bileipada
Tata Sponge volunteers conducted a successful cleanliness drive in the local market area. In line with the Nation's mission towards cleanliness, a group of 40 employees & their family members headed by the Managing Director took to the streets to clean the garbage scattered around during the festive season. Areas covered were puja ground, market place & alongside nearby village road.
  Visit to an orphanage Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies Pune SEZ volunteers with Ananda Sangha conducted a meditation session for an orphanage at Nigadi. Importance of Yoga in daily lives was explained in brief by volunteers before the physical exercise. Basic Yoga Asanas which helps in keeping oneself active and improves concentration was taught. The students also learned some exercises and meditation techniques from Ananda Sangha Volunteers. The event ended with volunteers serving the students with midday meal.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.