Update No. 1      
  Cleaning and painting a girl’s school Amalgamated Plantations  |  Assam
Employees from Amalgamated Plantations at Assam volunteered to clean the surrounding of the Girl’s M.E. School at Hattigor, which was established in 1989. They also undertook the painting of the school’s walls, doors and windows. A school teacher also joined hands with the volunteers in the activity. After the activity, refreshments were provided to all of them.
  Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
22 Team members of Ginger Hotel Agartala volunteered in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. They cleaned the neighbourhood and the surrounding area next to Industries Department. All team members were enthusiastic during the drive. The surrounding thereafter looked clean and beautiful.
  Skill development training for students Ginger Hotels  |  Agartala
Members of Ginger Hotel Agartala conducted a skills development training for students. The employees invited students from Orion Edutech under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) and educated them about hotel industry & its various departments. Volunteers shared their experience and trained the students specifically about F&B, HK, FO operations etc. The students interacted with all members and benefited from this event.
  Cleanliness Drive Ginger Hotels  |  Bangalore
The employees of Ginger Hotels at Bangalore teamed up to organize a cleanliness drive. The drive included cleaning of the bus stop and the general walk way that was used by all commuters. The activity lasted for an hour.
  Blood Donation Drive Ginger Hotels  |  Bhubaneshwar
The employees at Ginger Hotels Bhubaneshwar organized a blood donation camp in partnership with the Indian Red Cross Society at Odisha. A total of 25 people volunteered for the activity which lasted for 5 hours.
  Cleanliness Drive Ginger Hotels  |  Bangalore
Employees from Ginger Hotel Bangalore organised a cleanliness drive near Qualcomm and at the pathways which mainly the office public uses. The activity lasted for an hour and received a good response.
  Blood Donation Drive Ginger Hotels  |  Nashik
Ginger Hotels at Nashik organized a blood donation camp for their employees. A total of 17 employees participated in the drive.
  Cleanliness Drive Ginger Hotels  |  Chennai
A team of 15 employees from Ginger Hotels, Chennai organised a cleanliness drive. The employees volunteered to clean the area outside the hotel as well as the neighbourhood.
  Blood Donation Drive Ginger Hotels  |  Vizag
A team of employees and their family members from Ginger Hotels at Vizag volunteered to participate in the blood donation camp which was conducted in association with the Rotary Club of Vizag. The camp saw a turnout of 21 volunteers and 25 units of blood were donated by the end of the camp. The volunteers were recognized with certificates and gift tokens for their participation. The Public Relations Officer from the Rotary club appreciated all the donors and thanked the hotel management for organizing the activity.
  Cleanliness drive Ginger Hotels   |  Mangalore
Volunteers from Ginger Hotels, Mangalore organized a cleanliness drive adjacent to the hotel. A team of 34 employees participated in the activity. The drive lasted for 2 hours and the volunteers undertook cleaning of the footpath, water sewage and the public road.
  Spending time with children Infiniti Retail  |  Mumbai
The employees of Infiniti Retail at Mumbai visited Snehasadan – an NGO that provides shelter to the homeless street children. The children are rescued from the streets and allocated a home. The homes provide them a shelter, food, family and education, thus giving them hope and an opportunity to carve a future. A total of four volunteers from the Support Office of Infiniti Retail interacted with the children. Snacks were distributed and along with that provisions like soaps, detergent, disinfectants, biscuits, and dry snacks were given. This contribution was voluntarily made by some of the employees from the organisation.
  Swachh Bharata Abhiyan Ginger Hotels  |  Mysore
A clean environment is a happy environment. A Swachh Bharat Abhiyan cleanliness campaign was conducted by the Staff and Vendor/ Partners of Ginger Hotel Mysore on the Vasanth Mahal Road. The staff decided to clean the walking pavements which were filled with garbage such as waste paper, plastic, bottles, cigarette packets, etc.
  Preserving heritage Indian Hotels  |  Chennai
Connemara Public Library at Egmore in Chennai, Tamil Nadu is one of the four National Depository Libraries which receive a copy of all books, newspapers and periodicals published in India. Established in 1890, the library is a repository of centuries-old publications, wherein lie some of the most respected works and collections in the country. It also serves as a depository library for the UN. Under the theme of Preserving Heritage Monuments, it was decided to assist in upkeep of the library. To kick start TVW 7, associates across all departments enthusiastically participated in the first activity viz Cool to be Clean. This activity comprised of shifting, arranging and indexing of books in one section of the Connemara Public Library.
  Cleanliness Drive Indian Hotels  |  TamilNadu
The Nilgiris Library, Ooty is a Heritage Site which houses books pertaining to the British Era and dates back to 1867 AD. This building is located in the heart of the town a place which needed maintenance and upkeep in and around its surroundings. The lawns in front had over grown shrubs in the front of the entrance and needed uplift in terms of its beautification. Around 20 volunteers from Taj Savoy at Ooty took up to this spot for a cleanliness drive. These volunteers removed around five bags of garbage which comprised of bottles thrown all around the library periphery and cleared all the dry leaves, plastics and garbage lying around the premises. This was a first phase of the cleanliness drive to spruce up its entrance and the project way forward was also plant a few flowering plants in front of the library to give its entrance a welcoming appearance. The garbage that was collected was safely disposed. The Library authorities complimented the efforts taken by Management and the Staff of Taj Savoy, Ooty team and appreciated their work in showing a concern towards the society and living up to the Tata values by giving it back double fold to the society as driven by their pioneers.
  Founder’s Day Celebration Rallis India  |  Akola
Rallis Akola volunteers inaugurated the TVW-7 campaign with celebration of 178th birthday anniversary of our founder Sir Jamsetji Tata. The activity was conducted at Blue Lotus English School. The students remembered our founder by their speech and committed to follow the values and ethics of Tata’s.
  Science intervention programme Rallis India  |  Lote
Rallis Lote Volunteers along with a Science Intervention Consultant arranged a science subject projects session at Z P School, Matwadi, Songaon. In the session 6 group of students presented their projects like Longitudinal Waves & transfers waves, Conduction of Heat & Absorption of Heat, model of string telephone and Chromatography colour separation method. A total of 28 students participated in the session.
  Safety Awareness Rallis India  |  Akola
Rallis Akola celebrated National Safety Day. A total of 12 employees volunteered in a programme wherein they communicated health and safety tips to all their workers. The participants also took a safety oath on the day.
  English literacy development programme Rallis India  |  Lote
Rallis Lote Unit Volunteers along with an English Literacy Development Teacher organized a session on English Literacy Development Programme at Nutan Vidyalaya, Lote for their 6th Standard students. The volunteers covered topics like basic word formation, its meaning in Marathi, correct pronunciation of words with its meaning and helped the students to write down the words on the board. The volunteers also actively participated in the session by checking the words in student’s books, helping them to make proper words, to read and write the words in the board etc.
  #TataPledge Campaign Tata Consultancy Services  |  London
This year, Tata Consultancy Services, London is running a #TataPledge campaign, wherein they are encouraging employees to participate by sharing their plans to do something good, e.g. "I will volunteer in the community #TataPledge", "I want to learn CPR and teach my family as well #TataPledge", or "This year, I will exercise more and log my efforts in Fit4Life #TataPledge".
  Blood Donation drive Tata Consulting Engineers  |  Mumbai
120 volunteers donated blood at the Blood Donation Camp organised by TCE in association with the Blood Bank of Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai. This is the 10th year of the camp and this is organised every year on the occasion of Founder’s Day. Volunteers included TCE employees along with family and ex-employees.
  Safe Drinking Water awareness Tata Motors   |  Jamshedpur
TVW 7 was ceremoniously launched with Senior Leaders, Employees and Union Office Bearers paying floral homage to the statue of Founder. The day saw inauguration of a RO Plant commissioned at village Hurlung with funding support by AIWC (Golmuri Club Branch), a social organization that carries out myriad philanthropic initiatives, managed solely by wives of Senior Executives who are the members. Head- Jamshedpur Plant, Senior Executives and members of AIWC had an interaction with the beneficiaries of the safe and portable drinking water which constituted village ladies, gents, Mukhia, Pradhan and children. In the evening three types of scholarships were given to students studying in schools, colleges and professional institutes, majority of who belong to Affirmative Action communities and Alankar Awards were given to individuals, teams and social organizations for their outstanding contributions in various fields like social work, academics, promotion of agriculture & allied practices amongst farmers, creative art & literature, sports, music and others. Beautiful dance and singing performances enthralled the audience at the evening’s cultural programme by special children of Asha Kiran School, children from Little Flower School and in-house and professional singers.
  Blood Donation Drive Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
TPDDL, in association with Indian Red Cross Society, organized a blood donation camp at the Training Centre. The camp had a registration of 162 motivated and enthusiastic employees of which 104 units of blood were collected. TPDDL is a corporate donor of Indian Red Cross Society and have been recognized regularly for the contributions made by the employee volunteers in saving lives in distress.
  Celebrating 46th National Safety Week Tata Power Delhi Distribution  |  Delhi
Safety Department of TPDDL, organized the inaugural ceremony for 46th National Safety Week, at DU Grid Sub-Station, Hudson Lane. Being a power company, safety is of utmost importance. The aim was to disseminate information regarding importance of safety, at all times, whether at work, on road or even at home. The event witnessed an active participation of 200+ volunteers.
  Awareness programme on Right to Education and Cleanliness Drive Tata Sponge Iron   |  Odisha
A group of volunteers from Tata Sponge conducted an awareness program on “Right to Education” and undertook cleaning of UGME School & Annagnwadi premises at Bileipada, where more than 70% students are from Schedule Tribe and Schedule Caste communities. In this process the Head Master, teachers, ICDS Supervisor and Anganwadi workers also joined in the mission. The students were motivated to attend classes regularly, enjoy their study, motivate and bring other dropout children in the neighborhood to attend school, practice hygiene and keeping their surrounding clean.
  Theme Based Session at Vocational Training Centre Tata Power Delhi Distribution   |  Delhi
A session was organized on Importance of Ethics & Values at Vocational Training Centre – Lal Bagh, Model Town. 30+ beneficiaries benefitted from the valuable knowledge shared by 3 volunteers. The session also witnessed an experience sharing dialogue, from daily life, both from the volunteers and the beneficiaries.
  A visit to the hospital and blood donation Tata Steel Processing and Distribution  |  Kolkata
TSPDL volunteers visited the Tata Medical Centre, a hospital whose mission is to promote the prevention and cure of cancer patients and provide rehabilitation and palliative care to them. A special emphasis is given to children suffering from cancer. The volunteers of TSPDL organised various programs for the children which included showing of cartoon film, drawing activity, origami, magic tricks, singing songs etc. The volunteers also donated blood at the hospital. The program was concluded by distributing goodies to the children and their parents.
  Launch of volunteering week Tata Technologies  |  Pune
On the occasion of JRD’s birth anniversary, Tata Technologies Team launched Tata Volunteering Week 7 in the presence of senior colleagues who also shared their personal experiences with the employees.
  Blood Donation Drive Tata Technologies  |  Pune
Tata Technologies, Pune organized a blood donation drive at their corporate office. The objective of the camp was to raise awareness about road safety. About 150 employees donated blood to support the cause.
  Launch of TVW7 TML Drivelines  |  Jamshedpur
The Volunteering Week was launched at the Transmission (Unit - B), TML Drivelines, Jamshedpur, on the auspicious occasion of Founder's day. Senior leaders and over 300 employees of TML DRIVELINES were present. The event embarked on by paying homage to the Founder and lighting of lamps. It was followed by proliferation of Chairman's message on TVW 7, which enlightened the pathway for achieving the next level of volunteering. All the dignitaries shared their views on the subject and pledged to do their part for the cause. Also, a video which rewound all the activities that were done in TVW 6 was played, beautifully collating the concept of "Count me in" to "Chase the Change". Last, but not the least, all the employees vowed to support and do their part to make this edition a mega success.
  *This update covers only some of the activities undertaken by companies.